Friday, October 28

The Big Finale - Cycle 3 Winner! (3/3)

Finally, we reached the last part of the finals. After one whole week of waiting after the deadline, our contestants were very nervous and excited. They couldn't wait to find out who it will be - Cindy or Maria? And now, the time has come...
In this exciting week of the finale we've seen how wonderful our three finalists are. They fighted for over 15 weeks to reach the big Finale. Sadly, Alessandra had to leave us after the elimination ceremony. But now we see two stunning girls, each one has her special talents and both DO have that special something to become a Topmodel.

But only one of you can win this cycle. Only one will win 200 stardollars, will win a contract with Spice Couture and Sparkle Model Management. Only one will see her scenery on Topmodels.Club and will appear on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine. And only one will be "Rafael's Next Top Model".
Now it's time to take a deep breath, for the last time you will walk over the catwalk, together with the eliminated girls of this cycle.
In order of appearance, here are the models of RNTM Cycle 3 at the great Top 13 Live-Walk!!!

Watch in full screen if you like!

You all were gorgeous. A big thank you to all the models, and especially to Alessandra, Maria and Cindy.
And now, for my Top 2, we finally reached the moment of truth. Now I will announce the winner of this cycle...

Backround Music for the announcement!

My dear girls, it's time. We reached the most exciting and thrilling part of the big finale... I will finally announce the girl who won Cycle 3. It's that one moment you've been waiting for 15 weeks. 15 weeks of waiting for this one moment. The moment you've been waiting for, no, we ALL have been waiting for. The moment where you stand in the finals, standing here together and waiting for your name... starring on the wall with the big silhouette. And you don't know what will happen right now. You just hope that it will be you, and keep waiting and think "Please come to an end, I wanna know it". And then, when the silhouette will transform, it might be you and you just can't stand it, you just wanna know it. Girls, I can tell you, you don't have to wait any longer. Finally, you 2 lucky girls will find out who has won this cycle.

Now I just want to add these last words: It was an awesome journey with you, and everybody had their good and bad days. After fighting for 15 weeks, we decided for one winner. Will it be Cindy? Cindy, you are such a strong and confident girl, you always proved that you have such a huge talent. And I am soo glad you were a contestant. You WILL be succesful in everything you do. Or will it be you, Maria? Maria, you made such a big transformation on this journey. At first I didn't really notice you, you were shy and average. But now look at you. You are so talented and beautiful. You are changeable and outstanding. And if you win or not, I am soo proud of you. And so you can! Thank you for being part of RNTM!

And now, the moment is here. I will announce the winner. Will it be Cindy or will it be Maria? Who is the winner of RNTM? Who is the winner of RNTM?!


__mariah__ said...

Jasy, Marie, Rafael,
thank you so much for choosing me as RNTM Cycle 3.
I cannot believe it, that I'm really the lucky one, who has been chosen. I thought Cindy would win, cause of her big talent.

Rafael - your graphics are amazing, but your video really thrilled me. That were the 50 hardest seconds ever!

Love, Maria

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Well... Congratulations Maria! :) You deserve it!♥

Honestly, I did knew i wouldnt win Maria had the biggest talent of all of us! :)

Thank you Rafael,Jasy,Marie for judging me, Maria and others these weeks. Im really grateful that you did that us to us, to rase our talents. Im very pleased of what I have earned in these weeks and thank you for that, i love you all so much.

Much, much love to all of the contestants, Judges.♥

Cincerely, Cindy.

Kaisa :3 said...


4EverUrGirl said...

Congratulations to Maria....!!! well deserved!
and rafael i love ur graphic designs...!!! :) i loved the top 13-live was amazing! i hope this is not the last time i see all of u! i LOVE this Cycle 3

xoxo: Alessandra :D

Ladygagahope said...

Congratulations Maria! :)
i am waiting for cycle 4!:)

Evaki_11 said...

she's ugly!

MaryChristmas11 said...

congratulation... very pretty

Rafi101 said...

@evaki_11: I think she's lovely and th judges were sure she has a big talent.

Thanks to all for your comments :)