Tuesday, October 30

Cycle 5 Opening video + 5th Challenge

Hey guys!
I have good news, the Cycle 5 opening video is finished. I already wanted to post this yesterday but I couldn't get to my computer (long story, don't want to waste time by telling you this).
So, for the opener I decided to do something different - namely to feature everybody of the Top 12 (even the eliminated ones). Oh and I also decided to change the theme song. Cycle 5's new theme song is "Move In The Right Direction" by Gossip. Hope you'll like it! :)

Alright ladies, only one more month until the Finale show. 8 contestants are left and it's time for the next challenge. This time, you'll have to do two tasks. The first one will be a photoshoot, the second one a catwalk task. Oh my, I can't believe we haven't done a catwalk task yet!! O.e

This week is all about crazy. We want to see your crazy side, your creativity and of course amazing outfits and looks. Okay, this is what you have to do...

Circus Photoshoot - Yeah, this week we're doing an editorial photoshoot in the circus manege. Remember the theme song of Cycle 4? That was Britney Spears - Circus. I don't know if you've ever seen the music video but this is what the photoshoot is based on, though there aren't any rules what the photo should contain. You could be the only person in the spotlight, you could be an artist on the trapeze or you could be surrounded by a big crew and animals. Just let your creativity flow and think of something amazing, something sexy, something crazy! Maybe these pictures are an inspiration for you:

Crazy Couture catwalk - Okay, now you might think that I am crazy because the first catwalk task in this cycle is already such a big challenge. But first let me explain it...

High fashion - on the one hand we've got Haute Couture, gorgeous elegant dresses that you could die for; on the other hand there are also extreme and complicated dresses, if you can even call them dresses which you would never wear out on the streets. Those dresses are more like costumes, they are mainly used for editorial photoshoots and not meant for common sale. Couture shows are always a pompously staged as they represent the designer's creativity, talent and style.
And that's what will be your task! First you have to create an impressive outfit. Don't forget about the make-up because on every couture fashion show the models have an extravagant make-up. And then you have to present that outfit on the catwalk. Don't be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and try some daring poses. These images might inspire you...


If you have any questions, then please ask me. Good luck!
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, October 28

4th Elimination Ceremony

Hey guys!
It's time for the next elimination ceremony and I can tell you that it was a really really tough decision for me though the decision was quite clear this time (at least to the others, not to me).
Maria sadly couldn't judge this time due to a busy schedule, but Marie, Jasmin and I made a decision which I will tell you now...

First things first, Alana aka ask510 decided to leave the competition as she's very busy in real life at the moment. We can understand this, of course, and we wish you all the best for your future!
So let's have a look at the photos and give some feed-back.


Wow, what a great photo! You've created a lovely graphic and your entry is truly one of the best this week. The outfit is very sexy and we do get a scary feeling. I know that it's very hard to show emotions on a doll face but I think that you've managed to look like scared and full of fear. Very well done, you are in the next round!


I don't really like this one. Sorry but I just don't see any other expressions than "sexy". The background isn't really what I wanted and it all looks very childish. All judges said that you were on of the worst 3 contestants this time! But I really have to admit that you look very hot! Oh dear...
BUT, we decided to give you another chance because the photo still looks quite nice though you've missed the theme. I really hope you can convince us next time!!


To be honest, this isn't my cup of tea either. You don't look very scared and it turned out quite average this time, plus the quality of this picture isn't very clear. Despina, I gave you second chance so that you can prove your talent, but you didn't really convince me... Well, Marie and Jasmin said that they still like your entry because it looks dark and misterious and they quite liked your idea. This means that you've passed this round. I hope you can do better next time!


Uhm... Clara?? What happened? If you really got lost in a dark forest like this, would you REALLY just stand there and pose? "Oh I'm so scared, but look how sexy I'm dressed". I know it's meant to be a photoshoot, but at a real photoshoot you have to show emotions and pretend the situation was real in order to get a good picture. Okay, the background looks foggy and dark and your outfit is quite sexy, but that's it. No expressions, no emotions, you've just missed the theme. Marie said that she only liked the background and Jasmin didn't like it at all! And I'm not happy either. I'm very sorry to tell you but you have to wait a bit... You're in the bottom 2.


Finally a good photo again! I mean you are posing, too. But we see expressions in the doll face and everything is very misterious and scary. Not to forget about your gorgeous costume! Everything looks very sexy, edgy but also dark and dangerous. Well done, you've created and awesome picture. Congratulations, you are in the next round!


Oh là là, this is fabulous! I love the idea, I love the background and oh, what's that...

Emotions! Exactly how I wanted it! Everything matches the theme very well - you look stunning but also very frightened and full of fear. The quality of the picture isn't the best, but it looks very good all in one. Congratulations, you've done an awesome job and therefore you reach the next challenge!


OMG! That's what I first thought when I saw this photo! It's just amazing - the background, the outfit, the idea... I especially love how you really managed to show emotions. This photo tells us a story of a scared (good-looking) girl running for her life. Marie loved it too, although she mentioned that the outfit isn't her "cup of tea". Anyway, you were one of the best and that's why you deserved to pass this elimination ceremony! Congratulations :)


Well I'm not very delighted to see this. I know you could have done soooo much better and that's why I'm so disappointed. Okay, your idea was in fact very creative, but the result didn't convince any of the judges. There isn't a clear scheme in this photo and you still look very 'happy' in this rather scary location. I'm sorry to tell you that you are in the bottom 2!


Honestly? I don't get it, I mean I just don't understand what you wanted to tell us. But maybe that's the good thing about the photo - we don't know if the man who injured and in fact killed you just didn't know that you are dressed up or are you really a vampire?
Anyway, it's really scary and misterious and I love the expression on your doll's face. Marie likes your photo very much, I like it too, and therefore you are in the next round. Congratulations!

Bottom 2
Clara and Cat

You know, this wasn't easy for me. I mean, I like you both. Both of you are an individual personality, both of you have an amazing style and both of you tried very hard to get here. Marie, Jasmin and I made a decision...
I'm sorry but this time you couldn't keep up with the others. I'm very very very sorry to tell you that you are eliminated.  I hope you've enjoyed being a contestant in Cycle 5 and we all wish you all the best for your future! But don't worry, we'll see us again for the Top 12 Catwalk in the Finale.
Clara, this means you are in the next round. Congratulations! I hope you'll do better next time.

That's all folks. I will post the next challenge as well as the Cycle 5 Opener tomorrow! Oh, and I'll announce the winner of the week tomorrow, too. Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael

Tuesday, October 23

New Deadline for Task 4!

Alana and Manda asked me for some more time to complete the task, and Inessa and Jody are still missing. So I decided to give you two more days. Please be sure to be ready by Thursday evening!! (October 25th)
xxx Rafael

Thursday, October 18

4th Challenge

Hey dollies!
Before I give you the instructions for the next task, I'd like to announce the winner of the previous task. In my opinion, the 5 best contestants this time were PrettiestWoman, MandaMichalka, claragoosmann19, Daddysgurrl and ExtravaganceSD. So, the winner of the week is ................
MANDA! Congratulations, you are the winner of the week. Your photo will be added to the new "Winners of the week" page. And this will be your prize: You will be featured in the new RNTM Backstage Magazine issue which will be released in the end of October!

Well, for this week I thought we should do something different. I want you to come out of your comfort zone. That's why this week we'll do a...
Horror Photoshoot!

For this picture you are allowed to use graphic programs again. The photoshoot will either take place in a dark, misterious forest or in the canalization. Your doll should wear a sexy outfit (short dress, leather jacket, black heels, etc.) and a dark make-up such as smokey eyes. So the look will be more of a sexy vamp. Imagine you are going to a party. It's a dark evening and on your way you get lost ... in a foggy forest / in the dark canalization. How would you as the good-looking girl feel in such a situation?
That's what I want you to express on the photos - fear, insecurity, panic! Get inspired by these pictures:

(GNTM did a similar photoshoot in Cycle 6)

in the dark forest picture and wallpaper

(I do not own these pictures, so credit goes to the owners)

Deadline: Tuesday, October 23

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me. :)
Good luck!!!
xoxo Rafael

Wednesday, October 17

3rd Elimination Ceremony

Toujours en retard... -.-

Finally it's going on. Unfortunately I didn't get a respond from the other judges and as I couldn't wait any longer, I decided to do the judging alone. I really really hope that at the next task everyone will be punctual (including me). But I know from the past cycles that everyone is going on very quickly towards the end. It only can get better now :)

Oh by the way, have you already noticed our latest page "Get Advertised"? I think you really should check it out..

Anyway, let's have a look at the photos.


Basically I love the idea of this campaign, it looks very elegant and your doll looks sooo beautiful with this make-up. The only thing I don't like about this photo is the pose, it's kind of ... irritating. It's also a bit lacking in quality, but all in one this is a very fine jewelry campaign. Well done, let's see how your next task will turn out. Congratulations!


Wow, you've improved a lot since the last task! Alana, I'm really impressed by what you have created. It may not be the best graphic, but the photo looks pretty good and the jewelry is well-advertised - I especially like the idea of the bracelett that is worn on the ankle. I also like the hair. But I somehow wanted to see you wearing red lipstick instead of this pink one. Well done, you're in the next round!


I just love this! I love the pose, the dress, the hair, the clutch, the logo, the slogan... It's almost perfect! Everything looks so fancy and precious. This is high fashion, my dear! The jewelry and the logo really catch my attention, if I was a woman I would die to wear these accessories. This is something that I would definitely like to see on the Stardoll homepage. Manda, you've done a flawless job! Well done ;)


Firstly I have to say that the watermark is a bit irritating, but I can understand you. It's really better to watermark a graphic because there are a few copycats out there... 
This time you've done a muuuuch better job than last week. I really like the pose, the clothes and the color scheme (and the nail polish is quite eye-catching by the way). I see some sparkling jewelry that really matches the campaign. Just love it! Congratulations, you're in the next round.


Sorry for the bad quality. Click on it to view it in full size & better quality!

Gosh, I love it! It's very high fashion and I love the simplicity of your result. The pose and the dress are amazing and I like the look of your doll - the hair-do and the make-up really fit into the photo. The jewelry is decent but it's still eye-catching. Why? The first thing I noticed beside that lovely dress were the sparkling earrings. Especially the ring with its intense green is outstanding. I only cannot understand which shop you are advertising. And what does "FREE" mean. Is this the 'shop', like maybe the free stuff you get on Stardoll?? I don't know, maybe you can tell me later. But you've done a good job. Welcome in the next round!


I see you've tried to do a graphic. Well, I can't really say that the quality is very high nor that it's a good graphic. But hey, this contest isn't all about the graphics anyway. It's more than that, it's also about creativity, originality and style. And that's what you showed in this photo! I really love the idea, it looks classy and and it completely differs from the other entries. The jewelry really pops into my eyes. Flora, this is in fact a very very veeeery crappy graphic. But it seems like you've put a lot of effort into this photo and I think that should be rewarded. Congratulations, you're in the next round!


What can I say? Well, basically I'd say that it's quite okay. I like the pose and the idea of the color scheme. I love the contrast of the green jewelry/top and the red lips. But comparing to the others I can't really say that it's one of the best photos... 
I'm sorry to tell you but you're in the Bottom Two!


Oooh, very nice! I love the color scheme, this would be a perfect campaign for a fall collection. The background seems a bit childish, but everything else looks very glamorous. Though it's not one of the best entries, you've done an excellent job, Inessa! I hope to see more of your beauty at the next task.


WOW! I'd definitely taske this photo as an ad campaign on Stardoll. Cat this looks amazing, I love the 60's look and how you advertise the jewelry. And I really love your hair-do. Very classy, very elegant, very high fashion. Well done, keep up the good work at then next task! ;)


I'm not very convinced. It doesn't really look like an high fashion campaign, more like a commercial. I like the idea and how the accessories are catching my attention, but it's not really what I wanted to see. (And I don't like the pink lips!)
Oh my, looks like we've got the second person of the Bottom Two. I'm very sorry for you, Anika.


Oh là là! This photo is probably one of my favorite! I love the logo, the slogan and I really love how you played with the accessories and how it is advertised. Everything looks very elegant and I can't really say more about it, it's simply stunning. Congratulations, you're in the next round!

Bottom Two

Despina vs Anika
It was a tough decision for me, but I had to make a choice. Despina, your task turned out quite good, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. Anika, you've created an eye-catching campaign which is too commercial. I can't tell who was better, sorry but I really can't. So I kept looking your dolls, their looks and kept thinking, until I made my decision. I somehow feel that one of you has such a strong look and an editorial face which I could imagine to see in fashion magazines such as HAUTE, Splendid, PBE and even VOGUE. And that person is... Despina. Congratulations, you made it! Anika, I'm sooooooo sorry for you, but you have to leave us. Please don't be sad, you are a wonderful person, please continue modeling. Best of luck one your way!

Guys, that's it for now. The winner of the week as well as the new task will be announced tomorrow (Thursday). See ya folks!
xoxo Rafael

Monday, October 15


Hey guys!
Sorry that I kept you waiting for so long, I'm very sorry about that but recently I'm a bit stressed out and don't find a lot time for Stardoll. Anyway, I'm here to inform you about the elimination ceremony...
First of all, Danika_19 is eliminated due to not doing the task. I'm very sorry about that, but those are the rules. Also, there will be one more person who will have to leave us. The 3rd elimination ceremony will be posted tomorrow! See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, October 2

3rd Challenge!

Hey guys!
It's time for another challenge! I wanted to post this earlier, but I had no time because I wasn't at home that much. Anyway, this task will be more about your creativity, posing skills and beauty, so this is no scenery task this time.

We're doing an high fashion ad campaign for jewelry. The background should be simple, your doll has to wear a glamorous dress plus a gorgeous hair-do. Your doll should also have a simple make-up, like only mascara and eyeliner, therefore intensive red lipstick (Retro/60's look) and of course lots of sparkling jewelry. You MUST include a pose!!!
The photo should look like a campaign that could be seen on the Stardoll homepage. The ad should be about any Stardoll jewelry shop like Mawi, Glam'rus or Epiphany (except Sunny Bunny because it isn't very high fashion).
IMPORTANT: You'll need a slogan for your campaign! But it shouldn't sound too commercial, a short phrase and/or a name of a collection will do it. Play around with the font and the colors, try to create something outstanding and eye-catching.
By the way, remember that you mustn't create your own accessories as you are advertising something Stardoll related, so remember that it shouldn't be a complete graphic. I just wanted to repeat that in order to avoid missunderstandings. ;)

Deadline: Tuesday, October 9

If you need help or have a question, do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck!!
xoxo Rafael