Tuesday, October 23

New Deadline for Task 4!

Alana and Manda asked me for some more time to complete the task, and Inessa and Jody are still missing. So I decided to give you two more days. Please be sure to be ready by Thursday evening!! (October 25th)
xxx Rafael


Jody_Cailin said...

Thank you so much. I was busy the last days, but tomorrow i am free =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rafel, I am so sad and sorry, but I must drop out of the competetion due to the busying ness with my life, I will not be on Stardoll very much, and I have more important stuff in my life right now. I am very sad, but I do hope you understand. ~Alana/ask510

Rafi101 said...

Dear Alana!
Thanks for informing me. It's very sad that you have to drop out but I understand that and I wish you all the best!! Thanks for being part of RNTM, you've been a great contestant :)

Manda said...

Here's my entry:


While she went to visit a Halloween Party she got lost in a dark forest.
She knows something is behind here... something is hunting here.
It's cold and dark, she's running and running...

Jody_Cailin said...

Here is my entry: http://i.imgur.com/NVxVh.png

My Photoshoot is inspired by the vampires from "the vampire diaries"(When their turn into vampires they are getting red eyes and you can see blood vessels beneath the eyes). She fed on human, but it was a vapire hunter and she tried to run away from the hunter and fell down on the forest ground as the stake hit her. Now she is lying there facing death. she already accepted her faith seeing all the pretty memories of her life in her mind.