Sunday, July 31

2nd Elimination + 3rd Challenge

Hi there! So, since I haven't posted the elimination yesterday, I will hold the elimination ceremony today and then announce the new task.


Well, this time it's rather simple because there are some people who left RNTM.
Bunny_Loveless is going on vacation for 4 weeks, so she can't participate any longer. Of course, she'll get a Wildcard for Cycle 4! Then there are 2 other contestants who also wanted to leave which are lolly_baby_gurl and doll2005. They said that they don't have enough time. They might try it at the next cycle, who knows...
And now we are coming to JennyLovesUS5. I must say I was really sorry when I saw her message that she's leaving RNTM, especially the way how she wrote it (but I won't tell anything as this is a private case). But she's preparing for her secondary-school examinations, and she's right, the real life goes first! Jenny, I wish you all the best for school and your way. :*
So they all are eliminated, we might see some of them again in Cycle 4.

By the way I wanna say that you all did a fantastic job on the scenery!! Some of them should really practice like __mariah__ or JuicyC2890. But who really did an excellent job was QeenGoldBabe, your scenery was truly the best of all! With that much talent I'm sure you'll do it far, so you are going to be the first Runner-Up of the week. Congrats!

3rd Challenge:

 For the third task I want you to create an elegant outfit! It must be made of:
A dress (if possible, maxi dress), High Heels, Accesories & a bag or a purse! Your outfits must be based on the colors blue, purple or red. Take a screenshot and upload it on Tinypic/Imgur/Photobucket or something like this and send us the link in a comment!! Don't forget to write your SD Username! :-]

Deadline: Sunday, August 7

Okay, this is everything for now. Stay tuned!
xoxox Rafael

Friday, July 22

2nd Challenge!!

Hey guys! So it's a new day, it's Friday... no wait it's already SATURDAY (damn midnight!). It's time for a new task. :)

Before I start, I wanna say something... Maddie_Fashion told me that she hasn't got time because she is leaving Stardoll or something and she said "I beg you to give another person my place", so I thought I will keep JennyLovesUS5 in the competition as I'm not that cruel, and if this is her wish, I accept it ;D
So welcome back Jenny, this is your second & last chance to show me what you can do!
We never had this situation in RNTM, did we? I can assure you this will get into RNTM history! (and of course the in the August-issue of our Backstage Magazine)

Okay, your new task is a commercial. The theme of your task is "Some people go crazy for shoes".
I really wanna see your creativity!! You should create a scenery, if you want you can edit it with photoshop or another graphic program (for ex. gimp). The main thing is that it needs to advertise the shoe.
I wanna see you go crazy for that one shoe you wanna buy, like hitting somebody, breaking things down, laugh or even be paranoid. We need to see that you would do everything to get the shoe.
Remember, the shoe is the main thing!
I know it is a very hard task, but I really wanna see your creativity, but also your commercial side!

Deadline: Friday, July 29!

Please sign my guestbook when you are ready or send me the tinypic/imgur/photobucket link of your task in a comment!! Good Luck, stay tuned :)
xoxox Rafael

Thursday, July 21

1st Elimination

How do you like my new banner? ^.^

Welcome at our first elimination ceremony! First of all, I am really upset about blogger, because when I clicked on "Publish Post", they logged me out and didn't save the post. Now I have to rewrite it -.-

Anyway, before I start the elimination, I want to talk about something...
I saw some really amazing sceneries with awesome backrounds and good poses. But there was something I didn't like... some of them didn't wear yellow bikinis! I know it's hard to find a yellow swimsuit on Stardoll, but when I tell you to wear YELLOW, you gotta wear yellow, not just anything!!
Okay, let's forget about it, it's not so important at the beginning, as long as you stand out of the crowd with stunning sceneries. Please keep in mind that it's important to do what the task says. Read twice before you begin! ;)
Now to the positive aspects: What I really like is that you all were punctual. :D
We had that problem in the last 2 cycles. It was really exhausting when somebody didn't make the task by the due date. I understand when you are on vacation or something like that, as long as you inform me. But I don't like it when somebody is just lazy. I'm not better, but I do everything to be punctual,. I'm not lazy, these are just kind of accidents (don't know how to write it on English).
Keep going, it's one of the qualifications a Topmodel gotta have - to be punctual. *thumbs up for you!*

Now to the elimination...
There are 2 girls who didn't do the tasks, namely vintage94 and Maddie_Fashion. They didn't even answer my guestbook entries although they were online. I hear that Maddie_Fashion will leave (or already left?) Stardoll, but vintage94 just didn't answer. In that case, both are eliminated. That doesn't make me feel good 'cause I wanted everybody to have a fair chance. Oh well, it's not my fault.
Then there were 3 people who were average. You know average models in this contest are out! But in 2 of them I saw a little more talent. The girl who is eliminated is... JennyLovesUS5! I'm really sorry to already eliminate one of the Wildcard winners. Maybe next time, Jenny :)

That's everything for now. The next challenge will be posted tomorrow!! Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafi101

Tuesday, July 12

Cycle 3 - Welcome in the Callbacks (1st Task)

Hello there and welcome to a new cycle of RNTM!
I know that I may be late and I am sorry, but I had some problems with the playlist and especially with the Opener & it was very late when I gave up to fix it, so the third season of RNTM officially starts today, on the 13th of July! :D
 You can watch the Opener under the tab "Cycle 3 Opener".
I don't wanna waste any more time. I will now announce the lucky Top 20 of Cycle 3 (in no certain order)...
  • Bunny_Loveless (Wildcard winner)
  • JennyLovesUS5 (Wildcard winner)
  • JuicyC2890
  • TottalyCool68
  • ladygagaHope
  • Maddie_fashion
  • .Anti.Dot.
  • LoveGossip4life
  • Sweet-Lips112
  • vintage94
  • sparklewand12
  • megan20012
  • QeenGoldBabe
  • Ylim30
  • Missalrashdan
  • doll2005
  • 4EverUrGirl
  • BellaCullen4210
  •  lolly_baby_gurl
  • __mariah__
Congratulations! You are the ones who really did stand out of the crowd. It wasn't easy to decide, after all everybody wanted a chance. A huge thanks to everybody who applied, please don't give up and try it in the next cycle again. :)

Your First Task:
Let's begin with the big casting! Your first challenge is:
Create a scenery at the beach. You must wear a swimsiut or a bikini, and don't forget about the accessoires!
There should be one main color in your outfit: yellow, because yellow is the color of Summer 2011.
Include a pose if you can, but you need not. To avoid glitches, you can also upload it on tinypic and post the link in the comments! Give your best 'cause there will be 3 people eliminated!
Due Date: Wednesday, July 20!!

Alright, and now we are coming to today's most exciting thing: THE SPOILER OF THE FINALE!!!

xoxo Rafael

Sunday, July 3

SSD + Last Chance for Applications!

Hey Dollywood!
This is your last chance to apply for Cycle 3!!! The deadline is already on Saturday, so hurry up!
There are ~30 applications, and I think there could be some more. Try it, maybe you'll be in the Top 20. I must say I already decided for about 15, this means there are still free places. Come on, apply! ^.^

Now some news about a new blog: Stardoll's Secret Diamons (SSD)
It's an english/german blog, they inform you about new stores and clothes in Starplaza, the latest fashion, and they also do make-overs. If you are interested, visit them by clicking here.

Have you already noticed our latest tab? It's called "Past Winners", check it out if you like. Okay fellows, it's time for me to go, I have much like creating the Opener for Cycle 3, a new banner, the new playlist, the preview for the Finale and so on...
Cycle 3 will officially start on July 12. There I will announce the Top 20 and the first task for the Callbacks. See ya! :-*