Sunday, July 3

SSD + Last Chance for Applications!

Hey Dollywood!
This is your last chance to apply for Cycle 3!!! The deadline is already on Saturday, so hurry up!
There are ~30 applications, and I think there could be some more. Try it, maybe you'll be in the Top 20. I must say I already decided for about 15, this means there are still free places. Come on, apply! ^.^

Now some news about a new blog: Stardoll's Secret Diamons (SSD)
It's an english/german blog, they inform you about new stores and clothes in Starplaza, the latest fashion, and they also do make-overs. If you are interested, visit them by clicking here.

Have you already noticed our latest tab? It's called "Past Winners", check it out if you like. Okay fellows, it's time for me to go, I have much like creating the Opener for Cycle 3, a new banner, the new playlist, the preview for the Finale and so on...
Cycle 3 will officially start on July 12. There I will announce the Top 20 and the first task for the Callbacks. See ya! :-*


Anonymous said...

Haii.. I have seen it to late, but I hope, that I can be part of this competion, too...

Love, __mariah__ (Maria)

Anonymous said...

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