Thursday, July 21

1st Elimination

How do you like my new banner? ^.^

Welcome at our first elimination ceremony! First of all, I am really upset about blogger, because when I clicked on "Publish Post", they logged me out and didn't save the post. Now I have to rewrite it -.-

Anyway, before I start the elimination, I want to talk about something...
I saw some really amazing sceneries with awesome backrounds and good poses. But there was something I didn't like... some of them didn't wear yellow bikinis! I know it's hard to find a yellow swimsuit on Stardoll, but when I tell you to wear YELLOW, you gotta wear yellow, not just anything!!
Okay, let's forget about it, it's not so important at the beginning, as long as you stand out of the crowd with stunning sceneries. Please keep in mind that it's important to do what the task says. Read twice before you begin! ;)
Now to the positive aspects: What I really like is that you all were punctual. :D
We had that problem in the last 2 cycles. It was really exhausting when somebody didn't make the task by the due date. I understand when you are on vacation or something like that, as long as you inform me. But I don't like it when somebody is just lazy. I'm not better, but I do everything to be punctual,. I'm not lazy, these are just kind of accidents (don't know how to write it on English).
Keep going, it's one of the qualifications a Topmodel gotta have - to be punctual. *thumbs up for you!*

Now to the elimination...
There are 2 girls who didn't do the tasks, namely vintage94 and Maddie_Fashion. They didn't even answer my guestbook entries although they were online. I hear that Maddie_Fashion will leave (or already left?) Stardoll, but vintage94 just didn't answer. In that case, both are eliminated. That doesn't make me feel good 'cause I wanted everybody to have a fair chance. Oh well, it's not my fault.
Then there were 3 people who were average. You know average models in this contest are out! But in 2 of them I saw a little more talent. The girl who is eliminated is... JennyLovesUS5! I'm really sorry to already eliminate one of the Wildcard winners. Maybe next time, Jenny :)

That's everything for now. The next challenge will be posted tomorrow!! Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafi101


MissAlrashdan said...

Thank you so much for letting me stay! I'm so excited to try to do Task 2! :) Thank you!

miley4live96 said...

The Banner is awesome !!:D
Can't wait to see your results ;D

Anonymous said...

Love your new banner.

Cant wait for the next task! (:


Kristenxx said...