Sunday, June 30

4th Elimination Ceremony + 5th Challenge

Hey everyone!
So basically I'm completely disappointed. I mean, I gave the others almost one more week to do their tasks, but still everyone happened to drop out. I'm really really pissed off because I put my heart and soul into this competition, yet nobody seems to care!! I think it's just rude, they could have at least told me earlier. Especially KatyPerrydu56, who didn't talk to me at all and never told me anything if she could make it on time or not. Well, if you can't do the task, then tell me immediately, but it's definitely not better to wait until one month has passed by. It's just disrespectful.

Oh well, at least we have 6 contestants left that sent in their tasks. I'm very thankful for doing your duties and I hope nobody else will withdraw in the further course of time.
Anyway, the show must go on. So here are the results of the 6 remaining contestants ...


Alexandra, I have to say that I'm not very satiesfied this week. The sports photoshoot is pretty good, I like the pose and the outfit, especially the detailed shoes. But your hairstyle and the background is too childish. Sorry, but you look like a 10-year-old tween to be quite frank. I absolutely dislike your runway task. Sorry, but this is nothing! The proportions aren't right (the head is too small) and the shading isn't well done, too. Your skin shading rather looks like a dark outline and there are no highlights, and I better not start talking about the hair. I also don't like the outfit because it's just a generic dress which has no shading at all. Also, you look kinda crooked, like you could lose your balance and fall down any second.
Your sports photoshoot is quite good graphicwise, but it was much too childish, especially with the haircut, your face and the background. You look like a small child, not like a model.
Your runway shoot is quite boring since you just wear a plain red dress and the runway is a simple grey background. I like the shoes, but the rest didn't convince me. 
But what I'd like to mention is that, as a model, you shouldn't change your face as often as you do, it's important to have a recognisable face!
Yes, Cathy, I totally agree with you on your last comment! Alex, now I notice that you actually changed your face in every task. As Cathy said, it's important that people can recognize your face!
I see that you've tried hard, but the result isn't very pleasing. Let's start with the sports shoot. Because of the hairstyle and the expression (and also because of the outfit), your photo looks like a mother took a photo of her child that was doing exercises outside. The childish background emphasizes this, too.
The runway shoot is also very disappointing as I can't see any shading on the dress and on the face. As Rafael said, the proportions aren't right (look at the head).
I'm very sorry Alexandra but you are in the Bottom 2!


Giselle, I really like your photo. It looks sporty, energetic and fresh. I especially love the gloves! My only concern would be the hairstyle which looks messed up. Also, work on your shading because it could be darker in some parts, especially on the skin.
In my opinion, the runway shoot isn't as good as the sports photo. I'm not a big fan of your shading technique on this outfit, and the hair looks very furry, like a cat that is sitting on your head. I also don't really like the pose and to be honest, I got a little pet peeve about flat shoes. I don't know, I rather want to see a woman in high heels. To my mind, a girl shouldn't wear any other flat shoes than sneakers or ballerinas (I know that sounds crazy, but I simply love women in high heels).
You've improved compared to the last task, I like both of your photoshoots but you can still improve. Try to do a more exciting runway pose, work on your hair and skin shading and you'll have good chances to get further.
This week you actually surprised me in a positive way. I like the sports shoot very much, although you should definitely work on your shading. You need more depth in your graphics, which means you should shade more/darker! The pose and the outfit are great and they definitely represent sportiness! However, the hair is awful :(
The runway shoot is a pleasant surprise, I totally love the outfit. Although the shading in this picture is somehow strange, I like the overall result. The pose is casual and it reflects prêt-à-porter very well! The hairstyle, however, looks very strange and it reminds me of a foxtail.
Giselle, you should still work on your shading skills, nevertheless it was a great performance overall this week, that's why you are the first one to go into the next round. Congratulations!


I think the idea for the sports photoshoot is a great idea, I also like the slogan. The shading isn't my cup of tea, and please, PLEASE, work on your hair shading. It actually looks like plasticine!! You should have a look how other graphic designers (for example me *cough*) shade their hair.
The runway shoot is just super! I like the runway, the pose and the outfit. And the shading is a lot better than in your first shoot!
Your sports photoshoot is very powerful and I like its idea. But you can still work on the skin shading, it doesn't look very realistic because of some randomly placed lines. Your runway shoot is good, I like the use of apricot here.
Beautiful shot, however the body seems to be a bit too muscular which looks kinda scary. The hair looks very unrealistic and they look like a cleaning rag, sorry for that. But the pose is great!
I like your runway shoot better, the outfit is very casual and chic at the same time. The hairstyle fits perfectly for this outfit and it even underlines the sporty look. A little tip: Rei, you should watch some hair tutorials on Youtube and, like Rafael said, watch how other graphic designers shade their hair.
Virginia, I hope you will follow our tips and I'm sure you will come far in this competition. Congratulations, you're in the next round!


Wow, I'm speechless. My jaw literally dropped when I first saw this. Both shoots are absolutely stunning. Next time I'd love to see a more creative runway, though. ;)
Wow, that's all I can say! Your graphics have improved so incredibly much and the photoshoots are just amazing!
I love your sports shoot!! Definitely my favorite out of all. The pose looks the most natural of all entries and I would buy the outfit right away, the shorts are simply awesome! I also like that you used a different perspective that the others which makes the result super dynamic.
The runway shoot is also very beautiful! Aaah I love the dress. Very casual, very chic, very sporty! Your walk looks amazing and I think that short hair simply looks super on you!


Carrie, I like your sports photo. I love the atmosphere and the vacation feeling I get when I look at it. The pose isn't my cup of tea, though. The hands also look a tiny bit awkward, but all in one it's a great photo.
I love your runway shoot, the outfit is very pretty, I don't really like the hair but that's alright. By the way, I see your skin shading is a bit darker and more detailed compared to the last challenge, so I can see an improvement here. Well done!
You're on the right way, just try to shade more & use more interesting patterns/clothes to make your graphics look more interesting. Keep improving!
Oh, and please use a catwalk background next time.

The sports shoot looks very pretty. The pose is too simple as well as the outfit, but they both fit the beautiful hairstyle and the beach background perfectly. All in one it's a marvelous atmosphere! I wish I could travel there to do some exercises there, too. :D
Carrie, your runway shoot is also beautiful. However, I think the outfit could of been a bit more sporty and more casual. The hair doesn't fit 100%, but it looks pretty nontheless. All in one of the better entries.
Well, Carrie, it looks like you're on the right way. Keep improving and you're nearly there! See you in the next round ;)


Let's be honest ... you're secret weapon turned out to be a complete fail. Sorry, but you disappointed me this week. :(
I don't get your idea behind the sports photoshoot. I would have understood it if you were in the gym and hanging on those rings, but why the heck there a crooked table with a potted tree on it? I wonder why it doesn't fall down, are you in Wonderland?!
The runway task is waaay better than the first one, but still too simple. I like the runway and the outfit, but the pose is just the generic Stardoll pose, so nothing extraordinary. I highly applaud to you for trying to do a scenery, but I think it it wasn't a good idea for this task.
I was really disappointed when I saw you're tasks. It was nice triyng a scenery and it turned out okay, but the runway shoot was just boring and much less than you are able to do! I hope that you can return to your old quality.
I very much appreciate that you tried something different, namely a scenery instead of a graphic and it's super that you tried it. But I wish you did a graphic because the scenery is rather average. I don't understand your idea behind it, and I don't know what exactly you were trying to portray with that decor and background. But I basically like your runway shoot very much. I love the outfit, it's very sporty and casual, maybe it would have been a bit more chic by putting on a blazer.
But I love your catwalk, I see that you put much effort into this! Lindsey, although this week was a step down, you still are on a high level, and that's what I like!
Lindsey, I know you really wanted to impress us and you are very talented. I know you can do so much better, but it just wasn't enough this time. I'm sorry to tell you, but ... you are in the Bottom 2!

Before I will announce the final decision for the Bottom 2, I'd like to announce the winner of the week.
And the winner is ..... mangunmeetan!! Congratulations, you did it best this week. And we also have a little prize for you:
You will appear in the RNTM Backstage Magazine which will come out next week. SuperMiaStar will also do a little interview with you. Congratulations! :)

Bottom 2

Alexandra and Lindsey ...
Both of you couldn't really convince the judges this week. That's why you are in the Bottom 2. And you know what this means ... one girl has to go.
I hate these moments, and I hate decisions, because I don't want anyone to leave. But only one will become Rafael's Next Top Model. Only one will win 200 Stardollars, only one will get an exclusive contract with Sparkle Model Management, only one will be on the runway for Spice Couture, only one will get interviews and photoshoots for several magazines, and only one will appear on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine.
Alexandra ... you know, I really miss the old Alexandra. I remember your photo at Task 2, when we did the bikini photoshoot at the beautiful beach of Monaco. Can you get back to that old quality? Can you still improve? Can you keep up with the other contestants? You know, I would still love to give you another chance, but I'm not sure yet.
Lindsey ... you used to be so outstanding. You were always one of the best, but something happened. You took such a big step down and I'm really worried about that. Is it only a one time mistake? Or have you reached your limits? I mean, you were "winner of the week" at Task 1, but you haven't been able to be the best again since then.
As hard as this is, we had to make a decision. Only one of you will still have the chance to compete in this cycle. Is it you, Alexandra? Is it you, Lindsey?
It is ....
Alexandra!! We decided that you will get another chance. This is your last chance to convice us, so give your best in the next round!
Lindsey, I'm so so soooo sorry! I'm really sorry for trolling you. Yep, that's right, I just fooled you! You are NOT eliminated, you are also in the next round!!! Oh Lindsey, I hope this woke you up. I know you can do better than this and you deserve to show us what you can do!

Well, that's it.
And for next week, I want you to go high fashion!
This will be a pure avandgarde runway task! And our theme will be ... Japan!

"Christian Dior was fascinated with the secrets of the Far East and spun many of his early haute couture collections from its mystique, and ever since, designers consistently have romanced and reinterpreted the traditional dress codes of ancient Asia." Quote by

And this will be your task: Create an outfit inspired by the beauty of Japan and present it on the runway. Imagine you are on a fashion show, the spotlight is on you and all eyes are on you. You have to present the outfit perfectly!
Here are some pictures from current designer brand's collections to give you some inspiration.


Vivienne Westwood

Carolina Herrera

Emilio Pucci

Deadline: Friday, July 5

I know it's not much time, but hey, school's out! If you start right away you will have enough time for finishing it on time. Good luck!!

xoxo Rafael

Friday, June 28

Cycle 6 Opener

Hello everyone!
After what seems like a thousand years of waiting, I finally finished the opener for Cycle 6! Whoop :D

So the theme song for Cycle 6 is obviously Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name)

By the way, the elimination ceremony + the new task is coming tomorrow (Saturday).
I'm kinda pissed of because so much time passed by and I neither got any entry from the missing persons nor a response from a certain judge.

Oh well ...

Anyway, how do you like the video?! :D

Friday, June 21


Hey everyone!!

I wanted to inform you that the elimination ceremony won't be coming out before Monday. That's because I'm still waiting for the entries of three contestants, which are muffins97, KatyPerrydu56 and juju_001. Muffins97 and KatyPerrydu56 still needed some extra time because of important exams and stress at school, juju_001 hasn't replied yet.
At this point I also want to tell you that Sweetpiink1999 decided to leave the competition due to personal reasons. This means there are now only 9 contestants left.

I wanna thank all the contestans who already sent in their tasks very much for being so punctual ... or at least trying it! Though I really appreciate that, it doesn't mean that you are fully safe. Who knows, maybe someone still has to leave the competition at the elimination ceremony?!

xoxo Rafael

Saturday, June 8

4th Challenge!

Hey everybody!

I'm actually pretty upset that I couldn't post this earlier, but I was "distracted" ...
You know, I live very close to the Danube and another river that flows into the Danube and it had been raining for many many days. So you can imagine that the water level kept climbing up and we had to bring all the stuff from our cellar and the ground floor up into the upper floor. I was really worried the flood would hit us. Good thing our town had a very good levee, otherwise our house would have been flooded.
So you see, I have a very good excuse this time for my delay. Haha :D

Firstly, I want to announce the winner of the week for Task 3. Our Top 3 contestants are Cheekycazbo1, mangunmeetan and SweetPiink1999. You three did a very very great job and you all would deserve it! And the one who did it best is .....
Mangun!! Congratulations, you are the winner of the week. And this is your reward:
You will be the face of the spoiler for the great Finale of RNTM Cycle 6!! Congratulations :)

Alright, let's move on to this week's task which will be split into two parts again.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about a new challenge. I mean, we've already had so many things: high fashion ad campaigns, commercials, runway challenges, editorial photoshoots, make-up tasks, beauty shoots, outfit and style challenges ... but we haven't had something with sports until now, have we?!

And this is your task:
You have to show us how sporty and fit you are in a sports photoshoot! You have to wear a sporty outfit or a tracksuit. The background is up to you, so you choose the location for your photoshoot - wether it's the gym or outdoor. You can actually do anything on your photo - jogging, excercices, yoga ...
Just show us how you get into shape! Take a look at the following pictures to get some inspiration.

Sara Kulka from GNTM 2012

Sara Kulka from GNTM 2012


Guess what, we haven't seen you on the catwalk yet in this cycle. So the second task will be a runway task, of course. You have to present a Prêt-à-porter outfit on the runway! The outfit should be casual, a bit sporty but still chic, something you would wear on a warm summer day in town or for shopping. I won't really go into detail as it's a question of personal style, so just be yourself and rock the catwalk!! ;)

Deadline: Saturday, June 15th

If you have any questions, ask me! 
xoxo Rafael

Saturday, June 1

3rd Elimination Ceremony

Hey everybody!

Finally, I'm here with the elimination post. I just can't believe it how everything went out of control this season. You know, this is the 12th week and we are still stuck at Task 3. This is just inacceptable and I'm just upset about myself. I'm upset that I've been neglecting RNTM for so long. I'm upset that I had to wait for judge's replies and contestant's entries for so long in the past few weeks. But in fact it's all my fault and I'm terribly sorry about that. I really want the Finale to take place in the first week of July, that's why our schedule will get pretty tight.

Anyway, let's go on with the elimination ceremony. Jovana8 decided to leave the competition before she could do her task, so there are only 12 girls left. She will still appear in the Cycle 6 opener and will be part of the Top 13 catwalk show in the Finale!

Cathy, Manda and me had a look at your entries, here are the results.


Punctual as always! Lindsey, I think your headshot it genius. I like the beautiful make-up and how you included your hands in this photo. I would publish this in a magazine like this right away! On the other hand, your ice princess shoot is a bit of a failure. The backgroud does NOT look like an ice cave and I really don't like this vintage sepia effect that you put on the photo. Basically it's a beautiful graphic, but you missed the theme :/
The headshot is phenomenal, a bit more eye-liner and it would have been perfect! I also like the second photo, but unfortunately I don't see any similarities with an ice cave. The dress fits the theme, though.
I totally am a fan of your make-up shoot, it was a very creative idea to play with your hands. But I don't like your second photo so much. Of course, it's an awesome graphic, but you didn't follow the task by 100 %. There's no ice cave and no actual gown. Nevertheless you did a great job!
Well, dear Lindsey, keep up the good work but make sure to follow the tasks given. I'm already looking forward to seeing your next entry. Congratulations, you are in the next round!


Your photos turned out to be quite beautiful. I like the headshot very much, I like the original pose and the make-up up is indeed extravagant. I personally like the ice princess shoot better, it looks so beautiful. Great dress, I like the matching make-up and the super pretty background! However, it is still improvable. You have to work on your skin shading technique and the dress could use some more shadows. Sadly, the hair looks awful, you really gotta work on your hair shading.
I also like the headshot very much, the make-up is outstanding and the pose is great. Here's a little tip for you to make it look even better: You should watch your shading on the neck and the shoulders. I don't like the second photo better because the hair looks like a wig. Furthermore, it is definitely not a short dress which actually was part of the task. Apart from that, I agree with you, Rafael.
Beautiful entries, but they don't completely blow me away. But still, very beautiful. Maybe you should work on your graphic skills a little big so that it doesn't look so blurry.
Well Reina, it looks like you are going into the next round. Congratulations!


Hmm, I'm not impressed by these entries. The headshot is awful. I mean, it has such a low and bad quality. The make-up is not fitting the theme and I don't understand your idea with the roses, it looks awkward. The ice princess shoot is definitely better, but still not good. The pose is bad and the dress isn't my cup of tea although it follows the task given.
The idea is okay, but nothing special. Especially the execution is very bad. The headshot is just a blurry screenshot! We expect more in such a competition with a high standard. I agree with Rafael about the ice princess shoot - the dress isn't that bad, but it would have been better if it was blue. Only the hair and the butterflies bug me, none of these fit the task theme nor the graphic.
I guess that didn't work out. The headshot is totally boring. Even though the idea of the ice princess shoot was good it happened to be poorly executed.
Oh my, I really don't know what I should do with you. Shall I give you another chance or not? I can't tell you  at the moment, you will have to wait for the end of the elimination ceremony. Sorry! :/


You somehow managed to take some steps backwards from task to task! Girl, what happened?? The headshot doesn't look good, the hands look weird in both photos, the make-up isn't extravagant or outstanding and I better not start about the "hair" (if you can even call it hair). Basically, I like the ice princess photo, it reminds me a little bit of Sailor Neptune. I like the pose and the dress, also the glitter effect. But the hair looks extremely awful, you sure have to work on that.
Unfortunately, you look very masculine on your make-up photo (with the make-up you even look androgynous). The graphic is very blurry, please take less of the Gaussian blur! Therefore the shoot is rather boring and it is neither feminine nor pretty. I like your idea of the ice princess shoot, the dress looks good and I don't have much to say against the hair. But what is that on the arms? Cuffs? It doesn't fit the theme at all, also the sking is poorly shaded. All in one is is okay.
I see potential in you. You have lovely ideas, but the hair and the hands are waay too blurry. You should practice more on that!
I'm so sorry but I also can't tell you our decision now, you are in the Bottom 2!


Wow, Carrie this is so beautiful! The headshot looks stunning, I really like the make-up and the color scheme, but you should still work on your neck shading. The ice princess photo turned out so wonderfully! The background is well done, the pose is super, the dress and the make-up, too. I just think you should shade your skin better/darker and work on the details in your hair styles. Apart from that, it's one of the strongest entries.
I don't like the make-up shoot as much as you do, Rafael, but it's still good. I'm a little on the fence with the color scheme, but all in one it's pretty acceptable. The second photo is really super. I looked at it and asked myself if it really was Carrie! I'm glad you went for a different hair color. My only concern is that it looks like you only have one leg.
The headshot is truly extravagant, I like it. The ice princess shoo is also very beautiful and very cute.
Well done Carrie, you are in the next round!


I refuse to comment this piece of crap! Oh, I just did ...
You know, if you don't have enough time then you should create a stunning make-up but a simple background, that would have been better than an average make-up with a bad pose and background. About the ice princess shoot ... Okay, what shoot? I neither see an ice cave nor a princess, honestly this is just anything. The shading on the dress is quite nice, but that's the only positive thing about it.
I don't like it, sorry!
*sigh* I know you've been trying hard and that you didn't have enough time for the tasks, but your task look rushed - which they probably are - and I can't see any improvement. I'm terribly sorry, but you have to leave the competition. I hope you've enjoyed being a contestant and I wish you all the best!


I'm sorry but I really don't like the headshot. The make-up, the hair and the look in your eyes are weird. But I like those silver dot thingies that decorate your face. The ice princess photo is okay but way too blurry. I don't like the fact that you don't have a proper background, there's no ice cave. You know, that photo reminds me of an american high school girl going to prom.
The headshot isn't my cup of tea, the eyes are pretty but therefore the rest is even worse. I don't think that the ice princess shoot is that bad, compared to some other entries it's actually good and if there was a right background it would have been quite acceptable!
To be honest, I somehow the make-up seems quite pretty to me, but it also looks a little flat. The second photo is okay but nothing outstanding.
You know, I was quite disappointed by these entries of yours as you did such a lovely job at Task 2. I hope you can impress us more in the next round, congratulations!


Wonderful, fantastic, breathtaking, ... I can't stop enjoying your photos. You did an excellent job, especially on the second photo! I love extravagant headshot, the background, dress, even those little details such as "decoration" in your face.
I like how your headshot reaminds me a big of India and that you are a perfect model for that job. The ice princess shoot is wonderful - awesome atmosphere, awesome graphic, awesome model. My only concern is that the task required a short dress, it would be helpful to read the given task ^.~
These are some really strong entries!!
Awesome headshot, awesome ice shoot. Both entries fit the theme very well. The dress on the second photo is gorgeous.
Mangun, you actually have good chances to become winner of the week. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the next round! ;)


Oh, look who wants to become better than the others so silently, haha. The heashot is so beautiful, I like the extravagant make-up. I just love the second photo, it's something different. Not so neat, nice and pretty as some other ice shoots before, but it's rather mysthical and arcane. I can truly say that you managed to create two outstanding photos. By the way, I see you improved your hair, well done!
The make-up is cool, but the way you presented it isn't my cup of tea, I mean it looks weird because there is no hair. The ice princess shoot turned out really great! You should still work a bit on your hair so that your forehead doesn't look so big any more. Then you have good chances to come far in this competition! 
Yes, indeed Cathy! Manda, what do you think about Minh's entries?
I don't like the headshot so much. Of course it is pretty, very simple, but the face shading bugs me. But it's really nice compared to other entries. The ice princess shoot looks very mysthical, enchanting and beautiful!
Minh, you really did a great job, that's why you are in the next round. Congratulations!


Wow, what a professional headshot, many Stardollian magazines can only dream about such a beauty editorual. Excellent work, it's just so sad that we don't have your second photo yet :(
The headshot is stunning! Wonderul make-up, all in one it looks very fierce. But please watch out how you organise yourself and your time! You won't be able to win this competition if you only send in half of your work.
Wow, what a great headshot, it is veeery detailed. It's such a great result!
Dear Tanja, I of course expect you to send us the second part as soon as possible. I hope you will be punctual next time. Welcome in the next round!


I really like the headshot, it looks very professional, unfortunately the make-up isn't really extravagant. I like your second photo as well, I love the background but I dislike the fact that your dress doesn't fit the theme.
I agree with you, Rafael. I was actually surprised that the graphics has such a good quality. My favorite photo is the headshot.
I also agree with you guys! The headshot is really pretty, but it isn't very outstanding. I'm a big on the fence about the ice princess shoot - I mean, the background is veeery beautiful but the dress doesn't fit into the task's theme.
Overall you did a great job, Juliet, although there were still some little things that didn't work out so well such as the choice of clothing and make-up. But I'm sure you will do it better in the next round as I see potential in you!


Last but not least ... Nina! Actually, the headshot didn't turn out so well, the make-up is very simple (but an extravagant make-up was required) and the hand needs some more shading. On the other hand, the ice princess photo is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad that you actually listened to Cathy and followed her advice. You made your own graphic and the result is amazing!
I'm glad you agree with me now, Rafael ^.~
You know, I don't think the headshot is that bad - I can see that you really put effort into this. Here are some tips so that it will look even better next time: Add some shadows where your hand touches the face so that it looks more 3D. You could also make the mouth bigger. I am really glad that you followed my advice, Nina. Especially in comparison with other contestants, your graphic quality isn't very bad - you aren't the best, but I believe that you can improve enormously. You proved that in your ice princess photo, the dress is gorgeous. Keep up the good work!
Although I found the allusion if Cathy would be pleased a bit confusing, you deliverd us beautiful results. The headshot is very average, but on the other hand the ice princess shoot recoups everything. Well done!
Nina, I'm really happy that you could improve so much and I hope you will become even better. I see so much potential in you and I'm glad to tell you that you are in the next round!!

Two people are still left: Aeon_Flux_96 and maexchen_pink. Only one of you still has the chance to become Rafael's Next Top Model. Is it Giselle or Sara?
The one that still has the chance .... is ....
Giselle aka Aeon_Flux_96!! Congratulations :)
Sara, I'm really sorry that it wasn't enough this time. I wish you all the best for your future!

The next task will be posed in a few hours. Oh, and in case you are wondering (and I know that at least two of you are) ... yes, I published this post one and a half hours ago while it was still unfinished. I actually just wanted it to look like it was posted on Saturday. xD
You know, I stayed up for so long just to finish the post for you guys! If you excuse me now, I'm going to bed because I'm extremely tired. Thanks again for your patience!

Stay tuned,
xoxo Rafael