"Rafael's Next Top Model" (also known as RNTM) is a modeling competition created by Rafi101. It is meant for girls who want to get into the Stardoll modeling industry and want to show their talent.


It all began with a little idea in 2010 in a little Stardoll club called Topmodels.Club, when "Rafael's Next Top Model" took place for the first time. Cycle 1 started on August 21st in 2010. At first it was just for fun. Just a little scenery-competition with rediciculous prizes. The winner got a little present for her suite. But who has really ever thought that this contest would seriously get that big?


RNTM is based on America's Next Top Model & Germany's next Topmodel. The contest is all about creativity, talent and improvement. We really want to help every single contestant develope their abilities and show their talent.

Every cycle basically durates 15 weeks. The challenges and tasks are mainly based on graphics, outfits and sceneries; sometimes there are also make-up tasks.
At the beginning of a cycle there are 20 contestants who will be cut down to 13 contestants within 3 weeks. 5 contestants will make it into the semi-finals, and 3 of them will be in the Finale.

Everybody can participate, except the ones who have been in the Top 13 of the previous cycle. Everybody who has made it into the Top 5 of any cycle is not allowed to participate again!


Basically, the prizes of every cycle are:
However, prizes can still be added or changed; they can differ from to cycle to cycle.  
Thanks for taking your time and your interest!