Thursday, August 18

5th Challenge!

Hi there! It's Thursday, so it's time for a new challenge!
Your next task will be...

Animal Photoshoot. So you are going to create a scenery where you posing with a cat or a dog! You can either hold it in your arms or take it for a walk. The backround should be a city! The style should be girly, but also hip & chic. The outfit should include: a blue dress, a leather jacket and high heels. The rest can be made up.

Due Date: Sunday, August 28!

Please sign in my GB or in a comment that your done. Good Luck!
xoxo Rafael

Wednesday, August 17

4th Elimination!

Hey guys & dolls! Welcome to the elimination ceremony of task 4!
So, I will do it short & snappy...
QeenGoldBabe: That... was... ah-mazing!!! Wonderful! I love it! Wow!
Is that enough for you? Welcome in the next round. Please keep that awesome work, but also practice practice practice! It would be great when you keep practicing on your posing skills so that you will even become better. *thumb up*

Nevertheless, this week's winner will be... BellaCullen4210! Your scenery was stunning, and you were one of the first who completed the task, so I think ou should be honored by becoming the winner of the week, and guess what? As a prize you will be featured in the RNTM Backstage Magazine. We'll write a full article about you. Congrats!

And now for the elimination... LoveGossip4Life is dropping the competition as her life is very hectic at this moment. This means JuicyC2890 will stay - But remember, this is your last chance to proof your talent!!!
You know whats funny?
Cycle 1: One person dropped!
Cycle 2: Three Persons dropped!
Cycle 3: Five persons dropped!
--> Each cycle there are 2 persons more who just drop. I hope this won't go on this way, at the end all contestants will drop and nobody will win. O.o
Horrible, but I can understand it as it is summer. I am on vacation myself. But I brought my laptop with me (:

The next task will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned, xoxo Rafael

Monday, August 15

Results of Task 4!

Hey guys! Today's monay, usually there should be a new task, but today there won't even be an elimination ceremony. Why? Well, right now I am on vacation, so I didn't have much time to check the entries, and today I found out that there are still 2 people missing, namely QeenGoldBabe and LoveGossip4Life!

So I will just post the first results...
First of all, Missalrashdan decided to leave RNTM because she is going on vacation. We wish her all the best for her future.
For now I won't choose a winner of the week because I only do it when there are all entries. Now, the judges and me had a look at your work and most of it was real good!
Who I liked best was 4EverUrGirl and BellaCullen4210! You really did outstanding work and it really looked super. Especially Bella, your pose, your style, it was all very creative. Keep going like this!
sparklewand12: Your idea was very funny, but you looked more like a beach babe than a fairy. Maybe it was because you wore a bikini or you had no wings, this time it was more creative than outstanding. Please keep working on that. You are in the next round :)
ladygagaHope & Sweet-Lips112: Your sceneries were kept very simple, also a little boring, nevertheless it were nice pictures. You both should practice on your posing skills and the creativity. Next time I want you to do outstanding work, welcome in the next round! :)
TotallyCool68 & __mariah__: You both did beautiful sceneries. The only critisism is that they seemed a little messy! Please watch out and work careful, and practice on your posing skills. But me and also the other 2 judges think that you can do more than that. Welcome in the next round :D
.Anti.Dot.: I must say, your scenery was very boring, there was nothing special about it. But as all 3 judges think that you have potential, you are in the next round. You can be glad that you were last week's winner, otherwise you would have been eliminated. Come on girl, show us your talent!

Now I need to say, there are 2 girls who were too average for this competition..
JuicyC2890 and megan20012! Mandy, your scenery was confusing. That was no fairy, that was just an ordinary girl holding her hand into the water. Megan, your scenery was boring, but you did a nice backround, which won't help you much, but at least it's something...

For now, megan20012 is in the next round! JuicyC2890, you will have to wait until tomorrow for the judge's final decision. There's still hope for you to keep fighting for the title!
So, see ya tomorrow for Part 2 of the Elimination Ceremony.

Tuesday, August 9

Top 13 Announcement + 4th Challenge

Hello and welcome to our final casting elimination ceremony. Yes, after all we got our Top 13 together. For now, the eliminated girl is ylime30 as she didn't do the task. By the way, I found out that "Runner-Up" meant something totally different than I thought, so our WINNER of the week is .Anti.Dot.!
So, this are our TOP 13:
[in alphabetical order]
  • .Anti.Dot.
  • BellaCullen4210
  • JuicyC2890
  • ladygagaHope
  • LoveGossi4life
  • __mariah__
  • megan20012
  • Missalrashdan
  • QeenGoldBabe
  • sparklewand12
  • Sweet-Lips112
  • TottalyCool68
  • 4EverUrGirl
Congratulations! ;D
Before I will give you the next task I wanna tell you how everything will be hold...
On Mondays I will post the new task. On Saturday (sometimes also Sunday) will be the deadline & the elimination ceremonies will be every Sunday!

4th Challenge:
The next task will be an "Other World" photoshoot! You have to create a scenery, where you pose as a fairy! You can choose between:
Forest-Fairy: Create a forest-backround (you can add fog if you can) and wear green clothes.
Water-Fairy: As backround you can use/make a lake, a river or you can create a bog. You will pose in blue, skinny & maybe transparent clothes.
Animal-Fairy: You can use any backround, as long as you choose orange, brown or red clothes and pose with any kind of animal.

Save your scenery, take a screenshot and upload it on tinypic/imgur/photobucket and send us the link in the comments below. Please also tell us which one you picked!
Due Date: 14th of August

By the way, the wilcard applications are open. Catch ya later!
xxx Rafael

Wednesday, August 3

Vogue Group - Preview for the 1st Collection

Hi there! So while you are doing the task, enjoy this spoiler that was released on the Vogue Group homepage!
xxx Rafael :)