Tuesday, March 12

First Challenge!

Hello everybody!

Here is the first ever challenge of Cycle 6. This week, there will be two tasks to do as we want to see who really has potential to become a model and who not. I know it's gonna be tough, but I'm sure you all will make it. Here are your tasks!

Spring Outfit
We want to see your style and fashion sense. That's why your first task is to create an astonishing outfit inspired by the beautiful season of spring and influenced by the latest fashion trends. You also have to create a matching make-up! Just experiment a bit and don't forget about some nice accessories. Take a screenshot of it and upload it on imgur.com or tinypic.com (I personally prefer imgur a lot). Send us the link in a comment!

Evening Gown Photoshoot
We want to see if you can be a glamorous diva. Your second task will be a photoshoot in an elegant evening gown. You can create a scenery with a pose but you can also edit your photo with a graphic program like Gimp or Photoshop, whatever you are able to do. Just be creative and create something astonishing! The gown and background can be chosen by yourself. Upload it on imgur or tinypic aswell and write the link in a comment!

Any questions! Don't hesitate to ask me or the other two judges ;)

Deadline: Wednesday, March 20

Good luck!!! Stay tuned,

Meet the Top 20!

Hello my dear followers!

After a very long break, RNTM is going to start again! Basically I wanted to announce the Top 20 on Sunday, but I got ill in the meantime and I still am. Sorry, but now this cycle is finally starting. Yay!

The applications are now closed, thanks to everyone who applied. These are the Top 20 ...


Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to seeing your style and talent. It's sure going to be hard to make decisions, that's why two wonderful people will help me in my judging position. Let's meet the judges ...

MandaMichalka aka Manda El Rose 
Mathildamath aka Cathérine Cerise
and of course me, Rafi101 aka Rafael Grant

I also want to introduce a special person to you. Meet SuperMiaStar aka Mia, she will be our exclusive backstage reporter! She will also have some interviews on the Backstage Magazine Blog with the winners of the week from time to time.
The first task will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

xoxo Rafael

Ps. How do you like our make-over? :3