Wednesday, February 20

Cycle 6 Applications


Hello my dear followers,
I finally managed to finish and upload the Trailer of Cycle 6. Somehow the video got some glitches, don't ask me why but I'll try to fix them asap ...

After such a long break, RNTM is finally back! Are you ready for Cycle 6???
If you want to become a Topmodel, these are the requirements:

- You should have a unique appearance and fashion sense.
- You should know how to present yourself on the catwalk.
- You have to know how to create a scenery and how to do at least one simple pose.
- You should know the basics of a graphic program (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp) and how to work with it.

You think you have what it takes? Then here's the application form:
  1. Stardoll Username:
  2. Name: (last name is optional)
  3. Age:
  4. Describe yourself in three words:
  5. Any past experience yet? (include a portfolio link if you have one)
  6. How did you find out about RNTM?
  7. What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  8. Headshot without make-up:
Please notice that everybody may apply except persons who have been in the Top 12 of Cycle 5 or have ever been in the Top 5 of any cycle.

The prizes for Cycle 6 so far are:

More prizes hopefully might be added. Well, that's all you need to know. Go on, APPLY NOW!
You can apply until Friday, March 8
20 girls will be then chosen out of the applicants. The Top 20 will be announced on Saturday, March 9!

Stay tuned
xoxo Rafael

Thursday, February 14

Get Ready ...

Applications will be avaible in a few days.
Stay tuned!