Friday, February 25

3rd Challenge

Hello! It's time for the third Challenge. *hooray*
Okay, now think of 10 thing/persons that are the most important to your life. And now, here's the Challenge:

Create a Scenery where you put your 10 most important things or persons on it. But remember: EVERY LITTLE TING COUNTS! So be sure that there are just 10 things or persons on the scenery.  It can be any theme, but just remember that you are only allowed to put 10 things on. Even a little bracelett counts.
Then you'll write in a comment that you did the challenge and also write the name of your scenery in the comment.

Deadline: Sunday, March 6th 

Good luck and stay tuned,
Your Rafi101

Thursday, February 24

2nd Elimination

Sorry for being late, there was no other way, just could post it now..
So, today I will present you the Top 14. The following Challenge is the last task before the special Announcement, when we have chosen our final 12. But I'll tell you everything when the time has come. xD

The decission is final, we have chosen our 14 girl. Everyone did an excellent job, but there were 2 who were not strong enough to cme through.
The 2 girls who are eliminated are....
miss_panda96 and Saphir_Girli

I am really sorry, but you are eliminated. It was great having you in the competition.
To the other contestants: Congratulations and welcome in the next Round, you are the Top 14!
I'll post the next Challenge later or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Your Rafael alias Rafi101

Tuesday, February 22


Hello models! 
I know the deadline should be today, but the judges were very busy and there are still 3 people missing who didn't do the task.
So the Deadline is now tomorrow on Wednesday, February 23! I'll post the Elimination on Thursday.. or maybe on Wednesday evening, it depends on how quick the jury decides.^^

Also, I've got a hint for the 3rd Challenge! Just check out the latest post in Topmodels.Club, here's the link to the post:

Now to something else: I updated the blog's design. It is now a little more colourfull. What do you think? Is it better? I love it like this.. The next time I'll change the design is in cycle 3... or in the final show. ;)

Please comment. Stay tuned and see ya tomorrow.
Your Rafael

Wednesday, February 16

2nd Challenge: Swimsiut

Hello Models!
Sorry that I'm so late but yesterday I was in St Pölten (Capital of Lower Austria) to visit my new school. So I had no time to post, because I just came home at 8 pm!

Anyway, here is the 2nd Challenge:
You all know that if you want to be a top model, also your body has to be top. You need to be on form and, of course, you also need to look good,  if you want to get a job in the fashion scene. So we want to see how you look in a swimsiut!

Just dress up in ANY bikini you like, make a screenshot and send us the tinypic link in a comment!
If you don't know how to use tinypic... then upload it in any site, just write the link in a comment!
If you don't know how to make screenshots... save it in your suite and write it in the comment box! Do NOT change your outfit until the deadline.

Deadline: Tuesday, February 22!!

Good Luck to everyone of you. Oh and, if you don't have a bikini or a swimsiut, just buy one in the starplaza at RIO. There are many cheap bikinis for Non-SS. ;)
Stay tuned, your Rafael

Monday, February 14

FIRST ELIMINATION + Valentine's Day Present

Welcome to our first ever elimination. Every one did an excellent job. But three people forgot to do the task. -.-  So here are the people who are eliminated:

Vividragon, king_of_fun, IsiDora.IsY, Timig

I am sooo sorry that it didn't work this time for you. But just king_of_fun dressed up in her suite, but the others were a tiny little bit better. Thanks for participating. maybe next time. ;)
I will post the second Challenge tomorrow (Tuesday, February 15th)!

Now to the second part of the post, the bis surprise.... ^-^
As you know the prices for the winner are:
100 stardollars, a modeling job for "Rouge Magazine" (please follow them, they are our sponsor) and a spotlight-post, talking about the future career, in RNTM, Topmodels.Club and "The Stardoll Insider" (German blog). Well, we've got a big surprise for, I am sure you will go crazy if you'll read that:

Official Valentine's Day Present from the RNTM Team!!

Miley1Jasi and me decided to make the price of 100 stardollars higher..
The winner will now receive 200 $tardollars!!

Woohooo! What do you say? Stunning, what? XD
Stay tuned, your Rafael

Thursday, February 10

Reminder + Valentine's Suprise!

Hey models!
Remember that this Saturday you should be done with the 1st task! There are still 6 people who didn't do the challenge right now, I hope that they didn't forget. Also, please do not do the task if you are not in the Top 20! xD
So please hurry up, I will post the decission actually on Monday, February 14th! We will cut the contestants down to 16 girls!

Also, I've got a suprise for you, I will present it on Valentine's day (February 14th)! Here's a little hint:
It's about the prices. I am sure you will be happy about that. ;-)
Stay tuned. Love,

Tuesday, February 8

Sage by Fleur Couture - Check it out!

Hey, while the 20 girls are doing the Challenge, I want to present you an amazing Blog:
Sage by Fleur Couture
It is a new, awesome Stardoll Fashion Line. The Founders are crystality and hco-hottie23.
They want to release their first collection in Summer 2011.  They still have so much to do, and they would love your help!
Just click -> here <- to visit the blog and become a follower.

I hope they'll also be our new Media Partners. Can't wait to see their collection. Don't forget to  do the task.
Stay tuned,

Saturday, February 5

1st Challenge: the first impression

Hello Ladies and gentlemen...
Welcome to the first ever Challenge of Cycle 2!!
You know that if you come into a room with people you don't know, that the first impression is the most important thing. But did you know that the first impression only durates about 7 seconds?? So what people comes to their mind when they see you in those 7 seconds is what they think about you for the future, and it is very difficult to change their minds if you messed it up.

So here's what you have to do:
Imagine you go to a Casting for a Model Agency. Now, dress up into a outfit that gives you a positive first impression. But it must be truly and naturally your style!
Make a screenshot of the outfit, post it on tinypic and write the link in a comment.

Time to do the challenge until Saturday, February 12th! 

When the challenge ends, we will compare the outfit to your application (what you have written under "What is your style"). Me and the other judges will decide who will have to leave the contest. 
I will post our decission Two days later (Monday, February 14th).
Stay tuned and good luck, your Rafi101

P.s.: If you don't know how to use Tinypic, post the screenshot of your outfit on another site you know (your blog, facebook, and so on) and write the link in a comment. ;)

Friday, February 4

Meet the Top 20!

We've got it! Now we have our Top 20 Contestants!
I just say "WOW" because everyone rocked. Over 25 Persons signed up and here you can read who made it into the Contest (The list is arranged when everyone signed up and not according to performance):



Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who signed up. For those who didn't make it... don't worry, maybe next time. So, visit them and comment who is your favorite. I will post the 1st Challenge tomorrow, on Saturday, so stay tuned.

Thursday, February 3

Cycle 2 Spoiler

Hey, tomorrow will start the big contest Rafael's Next Top Model - Cycle 2! So if you haven't signed up yet, this is your REAL LAST CHANCE! Tomorrow I will present the Top 20 contestants. The Jury as well the viewers (you) will meet them for the first time. Are you ready?!

Stay tuned, Rafael a.k.a Rafi101 

Tuesday, February 1

Sign-Ups close on Friday!

I've got a present for you... Many of you can't wait until Monday, Feb. 7, so I decided that "Rafael's Next Top Model" will start on Friday!
So you do not need to wait so long. Just tell your friends to sign up because this is your last chance before Cycle 2 starts...

The first Challenge will be posted on Saturday (or maybe on Friday?), so here's a little hint:
The first impression is the most important thing for you career.
What do you think does this mean? Plz give comments. ;-)

See ya on Friday. Stay tuned,