Wednesday, February 16

2nd Challenge: Swimsiut

Hello Models!
Sorry that I'm so late but yesterday I was in St Pölten (Capital of Lower Austria) to visit my new school. So I had no time to post, because I just came home at 8 pm!

Anyway, here is the 2nd Challenge:
You all know that if you want to be a top model, also your body has to be top. You need to be on form and, of course, you also need to look good,  if you want to get a job in the fashion scene. So we want to see how you look in a swimsiut!

Just dress up in ANY bikini you like, make a screenshot and send us the tinypic link in a comment!
If you don't know how to use tinypic... then upload it in any site, just write the link in a comment!
If you don't know how to make screenshots... save it in your suite and write it in the comment box! Do NOT change your outfit until the deadline.

Deadline: Tuesday, February 22!!

Good Luck to everyone of you. Oh and, if you don't have a bikini or a swimsiut, just buy one in the starplaza at RIO. There are many cheap bikinis for Non-SS. ;)
Stay tuned, your Rafael


Lider090 said...

xoxo Ash :)

Nessy :x said...

Good Luck :)

BestDamnFreak said...
Good luck ladies!

Lila || Petzgirl98 :D said...

xx Lila <3

angeee said...

xxx angix33

maleen122 said...

Here's mine:

Good Luck to all of you, Guys <3

Stardoll Lovers said...
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Stardoll Lovers said...
61854175&theater xoxo Sarah

dollywoodluv said...

Hi guys this is avniarisha and this is my entry :)

Shayma said...

Im sorry It turned out wrong, I did it by scenery and it came out like this "/ I think you can imagine how it would look like if it was in place (:

Anonymous said...


Vivien.. said...

thats my bikini outfit ;D

claragoosmann19 said...

BellaMarySwan said...

I posted it in my stardoll blog. here's the link:

AmieEve/Vessts said...

My user is vessts
sorry for it being late. i was to busy planning carnivali.

Saphir_Girli said...

sorry, i haven´t monthan i make the outfit in my szenery :/
can´t make a screenshot :(
The name of my Szenery is
,, My Sommer Outfit :( ,,

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