Saturday, January 22

Sign now up for RNTM Cycle 2!

Hey guys, I got my Banner now!

It's time to get the contestants together!
So sign up for "Rafael's next Top Model - Cycle 2". Just click on Sign Up for RNTM! (right under the Header), fill out the form, send it and VoilĂ ! With a little bit of luck you will be under the final 20 girls.

Time to sign up: Until Monday, 7th of February!! 

Let's talk about the prices!
The Prices are better than ever because now we've got sponsors.

The 1st Place will win: 100 stardollars, a modeling job for Rouge Magazine, and the winner will be in the spotlight of Topmodels.Club and "The Stardoll Insider"!

The 2nd Place will receive: a gift for her suite amounting to 20-30 stardollars!

To see/visit our sponsors and Media Partners just click on the Site "Sponsors & Media Partners".
A special Thank You to them because they afford us the wonderful prices!

The Judges and me wish all of you Good Luck for RNTM - Cycle 2!

And who knows, maybe you will be...
Love, Rafael! :D

Friday, January 21

Let the fun begin!

Hey.. Yes I know the contest should start on February 1st. But that takes too long to wait for us, doesn't it?
So the contest will start TOMORROW, on January 22! What do you say? Very excited?
I can't wait myself to start "Rafael's Next Top Model".
So what are you waiting for? Become a Follower of this Blog and come back here tomorrow to sign up!

Tomorrow I will also announce our sponsors, the PRICES ^.^ and some more information about the applications.
A Banner is coming too ;)
Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 20

Rafael's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

Hello my friends!
Rafael's Next Top Model is going into Round 2... and it's going to be better than ever!
Starting on February 1st, you will be able to submind for the competition. More in the next post ;)

As you know this Blog is cooparating with Topmodels.Club! This is the Club where it all began... From a little idea to a big project that has born a real Top Model: MissKosovo_97!! She has won Cycle 1 of RNTM. What happened with her? She won many prices, got on many Club-Coversceneries, got into the spotlight of my Blog and she also won a new title: Miss Winter 2011.

Now, who will follow her and will be the NEXT Top Model?
I gave all the instructions for the following days in Topmodels.Club where I will post the hints for the Challenges and where I annouce some other information. The challenges, the eliminations and so on will be postet in the Blog!

And now let's welcome THE JUDGES:

RNTM MissKosovo_97
and, of course, me! :)

We will decide who will come into the next round. But in the great final show, the VIEWERS will vote our "Next Top Model"... Who will win awesome prices, which I will tell in the next post.
More information will follow soon.

Stay tuned, your Rafi101