Friday, October 28

The Big Finale - Cycle 3 Winner! (3/3)

Finally, we reached the last part of the finals. After one whole week of waiting after the deadline, our contestants were very nervous and excited. They couldn't wait to find out who it will be - Cindy or Maria? And now, the time has come...
In this exciting week of the finale we've seen how wonderful our three finalists are. They fighted for over 15 weeks to reach the big Finale. Sadly, Alessandra had to leave us after the elimination ceremony. But now we see two stunning girls, each one has her special talents and both DO have that special something to become a Topmodel.

But only one of you can win this cycle. Only one will win 200 stardollars, will win a contract with Spice Couture and Sparkle Model Management. Only one will see her scenery on Topmodels.Club and will appear on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine. And only one will be "Rafael's Next Top Model".
Now it's time to take a deep breath, for the last time you will walk over the catwalk, together with the eliminated girls of this cycle.
In order of appearance, here are the models of RNTM Cycle 3 at the great Top 13 Live-Walk!!!

Watch in full screen if you like!

You all were gorgeous. A big thank you to all the models, and especially to Alessandra, Maria and Cindy.
And now, for my Top 2, we finally reached the moment of truth. Now I will announce the winner of this cycle...

Backround Music for the announcement!

My dear girls, it's time. We reached the most exciting and thrilling part of the big finale... I will finally announce the girl who won Cycle 3. It's that one moment you've been waiting for 15 weeks. 15 weeks of waiting for this one moment. The moment you've been waiting for, no, we ALL have been waiting for. The moment where you stand in the finals, standing here together and waiting for your name... starring on the wall with the big silhouette. And you don't know what will happen right now. You just hope that it will be you, and keep waiting and think "Please come to an end, I wanna know it". And then, when the silhouette will transform, it might be you and you just can't stand it, you just wanna know it. Girls, I can tell you, you don't have to wait any longer. Finally, you 2 lucky girls will find out who has won this cycle.

Now I just want to add these last words: It was an awesome journey with you, and everybody had their good and bad days. After fighting for 15 weeks, we decided for one winner. Will it be Cindy? Cindy, you are such a strong and confident girl, you always proved that you have such a huge talent. And I am soo glad you were a contestant. You WILL be succesful in everything you do. Or will it be you, Maria? Maria, you made such a big transformation on this journey. At first I didn't really notice you, you were shy and average. But now look at you. You are so talented and beautiful. You are changeable and outstanding. And if you win or not, I am soo proud of you. And so you can! Thank you for being part of RNTM!

And now, the moment is here. I will announce the winner. Will it be Cindy or will it be Maria? Who is the winner of RNTM? Who is the winner of RNTM?!

Monday, October 24

Who Will Be RNTM?!

This question is thrilling everybody so much out. Cindy and Maria are messaging all the time "I can't wait any longer". Well my dear models, you two and also all the viewers will have to wait until tomorrow. Yeah, I couldn't manage it to finish my work because the Real-Life catched me and didn't let me go to the laptop. Well I gotta lots of homework to do and I needed to go to church and stuff (yes I'm very religious).
Anyway, tomorrow will be the last part of the big finals-week!

Don't miss it because there will be the Top 13 Live-Walk and the big Finale Show, where a silhouette will slowly transform into Cindy or Maria. DON'T MISS IT!

Sunday, October 23

The Final Elimination Ceremony! (2/3)

Hey guys! Yes I know how late I am, it's already after midnight, but I just came home because today (or should I say yesterday?) was my birthday, so that's why I had no time to get to the computer today.
Also, it was real exhausting to do all the graphics and stuff. But we've finally found a winner. A talented young girl. A new topmodel!

BellaCullen4210: I must say, I was really disappointed when I saw your work because you could do so much better. The photoshoot was really average and I didn't get it. To my mind that was something totally different than the theme. Also your commercial was quite plain, but I still liked it. The only thing I loved was your catwalk task. The way it looked like you look from the ceiling onto the runway was amazing. My co-judges, especially Marie found that you were truly stunning and you deserved being in the competition.

4EverUrGirl: You are amazing! Alessandra I love you and the way you suddenly became a topmodel. You showed us you can be chique, girly, sexy and edgy. I really adored your catwalk task, it was so beautiful. Also your commercial was quite good. But... the photoshoot. The dress wasn't suitable, and the scenery looked a bit childish. Nevertheles you can be proud of yourself that you've come this far.

__mariah__: I was really shocked when I looked at your catwalk task. I just sit there, mouth was widly open and I thought OMG she's amazing! The photoshoot was also something I imagined you would do. It was elegant and sexy and is perfect to be on the club's homepage if you would win. But.. also you had one task that wasn't yours. The commercial was real beautiful, but I just didn't understand what a perfume has got to do with "Flawless skin" or beauty products for the skin. And the pose was a little boring. But, your transformation from this shy, unimpressive girl to a strong, outstandin topmodel is so breath-taking. You look gorgeous and you can be proud.
Yes you really can be proud because you also amazed the co-judges, and so we thought we should let you into the Top 2! Congratulations, you're in the next and last round of the Finale!!!!!

Now 2 girls are left, both wanting the same: the title! But one will have to leave us now. There's only 1 ticket left fo the Top 2. Only one of the girls can become 'Rafael's Next Top Model', only one will get the title as the winner, only one will see her winner-scenery on the homepage of Topmodels.Club, only one will get a contract with Spice Couture and Sparkle Model Management. Only one of you will get 200sd and only one of you will get on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine.
The next girl who is in the next round is.... BellaCullen4210! Congratulations :)
Alessandra, you are a gorgeous model and such a nice person, please don't be sad, do continue modeling. Of course we will still stay in contact and maybe you will become a model of Sparkle Model Management, too. Best of luck for your future :*

And now it's time to decide for the winner. Dear models, for now 15 weeks you've been fighting for this day. The day you could be revealed as the winner. Let's have a short look at your work:

You were 'winner of the week' 2 times in this cycle. The funny thing is, that if you would win you would appear twice on the cover. One time for the October-issue and one time for the November-Issue. But for now it's still unknown if you will win or not. Maria, the last task was the photoshooting. This photo will be added to the homepgae of our club Topmodels.Club, but it would also stand for your vistory. My personal favorite is your catwalk taskm it looks like as if you would float over the runway, like a fairy or something. It is really beautiful and also miley4live96 liked this one best & miley1jasi said that you  look truly amazing.
Geat job Maria.

Isabella Cindy. Ciao Bella! xD
When I look down onto the runway I see a girl there. A girl walking confidently over the catwalk and she looks soo beautiful. Cindy, you are young and sooo talented. If you just didn't mess up the winner scenery I'm sure it would have been perfect. Cindy, you also became 'winner of the week' for 2 times which made the decision even harder. Do you think that Cindy has the qualificaions and qualities to become 'winner of the week cycle" for a last time? Cindy my love, it doesn't matter if you win or not, you are beautiful and you do it in the model business.

Only one of you will win this competition. For 15 weeks you fightet for this one moment. And who will be it? This is the moment you've been waiting for, the announcement of the winner. Wil it be Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy?!?!?!?!
Rafael's Next Top Model will be...... announced later this Sunday!

As I had hardly time to do the video and some graphics I really have to do it this afternoon (Sunday, Oct 23rd). Don't miss it, I tell you. At the big Finale Show, the eliminated girls will walk over the catwalk for a last time. In order of their elimination, they will perform in the Top 13 Live-Walk! And then the winner will finally be announced. There will appear a screen wall (in a video) and then the silhouette will transform. It will disappear, then there will grow some flowers and grass, more and more it grows, up into the hight, growing into the form of a new silhouette. The plants become thicker, it all melts into one silhouette. Butterflies fly over the screen, and then suddely... the silhouette belonged to the winner.
And if it will be Cindy or Maria, well you will find it out this Sunday afternoon at the big Finale Show. DON'T MISS IT!

xoxo Rafi101

Tuesday, October 18

The Final Task (1/3)

Hello everybody and a huge welcome to the first part of the big Finale of Cycle 3!
For our 3 wonderful finalists, Alessandra, Cindy and Maria there are 3 tasks to do...

1. Advertisement Shoot - You have to create a scenery where you advertise any kind of beauty product. The theme is "flawless skin". In this task you can be very creative because you only gotta fit the theme. Keep it simple, though, as the product and especially you doll's skin/face is the main thing.
2. Haute Couture Catwalk - Now that you practiced presenting yourself on the catwalk in the previous challenges, you gotta show what you can! You need to present a chique & elegant High-Fashion dress on the runway. Please include a pose, that would be really nice!
3. The Winner Photoshoot - You gotta create a scenery again, but this time you MUST do it in Topmodels.Club! Why? Because the winner's scenery will be the new campaign on the homepage of the club (it's actually on of your prizes). A simple backround, everybody's watching you and you stand in the spotlight, doing nothing but standing there and feeling great because you are RNTM! A pose must be included.

Any questions? Contact me as quick as you can. Have fun doing those tasks and I really wish everybody lots of luck for these days. Send us your tasks in comments as always. :)

Deadline: Friday, October 21st!

The elimination ceremony, the big Finals-Show, will be this Saturday, the 22nd of October (my B-Day)!!!
I'm working on graphics for the finalists aswell as on a spoiler which will be postet here in the next days before the show of the finale. Remember, only one of those graphics will be shown on the screen in the elimination ceremony when the winner will be announced (like in Cycle 2 and like it was shown in the spoiler at the beginning of the cycle)!
Again, lots of luck to everybody!
Love, Rafael & the co-judges

Monday, October 17

9th Elimination - Who Will Be A Finalist?!

New Banner (from Stardoll Crown, © muffins97)

Some backround-music for the elimination ceremony!

I can't believe that we did it. For nearly 14 weeks now we've been searching and searching for the most elegant, fierce, sexy and talented Topmodel, and we are going to find her... Stardoll's next most wanted model who has that one special title... "Rafael's Next Top Model"

BellaCullen4210: Your work was amazing! As always you were one of the best and I can't help myself, you are just awesome. You have model qualities and I really need to say, I am very proud of you. And you also can be very proud of yourself, because you are going to be one of the 3 finalists. Congratulations, you are in the Finale!!!!!! I was kind of surprised. On the one hand you did that fierce catwalk task in asian-style, but on the other hand you just forgot to do the rest of the challenge! I'm quite disappointed that you just didn't give 100%... So, when I contacted the other judges, they said they didn't notice you. Nina, that's the worst thing you can do! A model that is unimposing and unnoticeable won't survive in this business. How should the clients or a model agency ever recognize you? At first you were outstanding, but the last few days you've become unimpressive. And I thought "How should one remember her this way?" I know you talent, you are beautiful and I know you could do better, but I think that the others just got better than you and that you can't stay in one's memory for a longer time. And the whole jury doesn't believe that you can make it better in that short time. I'm sorry to tell you, but you have to leave us.
You didn't make it into the finale, but you can be prou because you made it on the 5th place!! Good luck for the future, we love you.
__mariah__: Wow, I'm breatheless! I truly have no words for your outstanding work. It was so impressing and every task was original, creative and sooo beautiful. Maria, I am endless proud of you, just like maleen122 you changed from an average girl to an outstanding Topmodel. We want to see more, now you can prove what you've learnt! Welcome in the big Finale!!

Two contestants are left, but only one place is still free! Kristen or Alessandra?!

4EverUrGirl & TottalyCool68: You both made a hudge transformation on this long journey. Both of you were quite good, but still average at the beginning. But now look at you, you've become strong girls with Topmodel qualities.
Alessandra, you didn't know how to pose, until that wonderful day - the animal shoot. Something happened to you that blew us away. You became winner of the week and since then you became better and better. But the other contestants are stong & we don't know if you can beat them.
Kristen, it's like the same with you, only that you already got some posing skills at the beginning which also became better. But when you reached the Top 13, you were like up, down, up, down... From great to bad, from genius to fail. Right now it's getting up for you, but we don't know if there's more to see and if you can go upwards.
Who will be third finalist??? The one who gave a little more this week and where we think there's more potential is... TottalyCool68, 4EverUrGirl, TottalyCool68, 4EverUrGirl, TottalyCool68,... 4EverUrGirl!!!!!! Congratulations.
Kristen, don't be sad, you did an amazing job, and you can be proud that you reached the 4th place. Don't forget we will see you again this week at the big Finale Show for the Top 13 Walk!

The tasks will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned. xoxo Rafi101

Wednesday, October 12

The Semi-Finals

Can you believe it? We reached the semi-finals!!! :O
It's gonna be very exciting, that's for sure. So for this week you gotta do 3 tasks...

1) The Underwater-Shooting: Create a scenery where you glide through the water in a summery dress (for example a short tulle dress). The pose should be inspired by the moves of a mermaid, but your doll may not be a mermaid! So the pose should just be very impressing and the dress should like float through the water.
2) Bag Commercial: Create a kind of advertisement campaign - should be a scenery with a text that can be added with Photoshop or Gimp. In your advertisement one should only be able to see a part of your face, but the bag (or your hand holding the bag) should the in the center of attention!
3) Catwalk-Challenge: You should present yourself on the catwalk, but you only are allowed to wear your favorite High Heels and a coat!
Due Date: Sunday, October 16th

Good Luck to everybody! See you at the elimination ceremony next Monday. :)
xxx Rafael

Monday, October 10

8th Elimination

Hello models and followers, it's time for another elimination ceremony, but this isn't just any ceremony that we know, it's one of the most exciting ones in the whole cycle... we will decide who will come into the semi-finals!!! To my opinion, it was very very very hard to eliminate a single person because this week everybody really deserved it. Girls I am so proud of you and no matter who will come through or who will be eliminated, you all did a big transformation and you all showed us that you have that special something to become a successful model. You can give yourself a tap on your shoulder now. ;)

Nevertheless we need to go on, so here we go...
One place is already forgiven for BellaCullen4210, she's our first semi-finalist. Who will follow her?
_mariah_: Your look was sooo amazing, when I looked at it I got such a "Wow!" flash, it was really breath-taking. The outfit, the way you presented it, all was very creepy and it was so outstanding. I think you really deserved it to come into the next round. Congratulations, you are the second semi-finalist and the winner of the week!
4EverUrGirl: I was kind of disappointed when I saw your outfit. It wasn't really creepy, it was just good. But for now the word "good" isn't enough my dear!!! Oh sweety, this time you were average.. again. Nevertheless, it wasn't the worst and when I think of your big transformation on your way, I'm really proud of you. So the judges decided to give you a last chance. You did it, Alessandra! Welcome in the semi-finals. :D

Now we really had big trouble with the decision of the last 4 contestants because you all were as great as the others. This made it really hard because now there are only 2 places left!

Sweet-Lips112: It was so nice to see that you improved your work so much. This time it was creative and scary, what the task told you to do. At this point you can be very proud because you made it soo far out of 20 contestants from more than 30 applications. You know, at first you were quite good, but then you didn't move on, and we couldn't really see that there's talent. Now that we've seen you can be a model we discussed about your past work. Dearest Kaisa, we know that you want it so bad, but it would be unfair to those who really worked hard and always gave their best through the whole cycle. You knew that this moment would come, I am soo sorry to tell you that your way at this competition is now over.
Thank you so much for participating! You see, you've made it onto the 7th place and I think you can be happy with yourself. We wish you all the best for your future career. What can I say? It's really difficult to explain because your task was really bad, but on the other hand it was brilliant! Well, your "Malificent"-Style wasn't convincing, and the fact that the outfit isn't really outstanding made it even worse. But, your facial expression was like "omg"! You really looked like Joker (from Batman) and the eyes were really creepy. So in this way it had blown me away. So, we 3 judges discussed & we finally thought that you would be perfect for the semi-finals. You always gave your best, you were pretty amazing, sometimes it went wrong, but girl you rock that stage like nobody else! Congratulations!

Two contestants are left, but only ONE place remains free.
TottalyCool68: You aren't one of the strongest but you are becoming better and better at every challenge. And girl, your outfit reminded me of an evil doctor who creates mutants. Anyway, it was very scary, and the rock'n'roll style was pretty amazing. But you weren't always this good. Often you were average. At the beginning you were quite good (like the "going crazy for shoes" scenery for Task 2 with that "Mission completed"). But then you were really bad, then average, then outstanding, then avergae again. It was like up, down, up, down, up, down... the last 2 weeks it was getting upwards, but... can we be sure you won't collapse and fall down?
QeenGoldBabe: You were one of the best at the beginning, you were my favorite in the callbacks and I always loved your sceneries. But since the Top 13 announcement you didn't improve, sometimes you were real bad. The judges and me were worried, but now we see it's getting better again. The problem is, the others are already better than you, and we aren't sure if they got too far away from you and you might not reach the end as the winner. Anyway, your scenery was impressing. It was very beautiful, and all the darkness and the way you presented it was soo great to see. It didn't really seem scary, though. To my mind it was too commercial. The question is: Are you too commercial or are you an high-fashion model?
--> One of you gotta leave us now. It was really hard, and we really couldn't decide! And after I looked at all your tasks of the cycle again, I noticed that somebody of you made the bigger transformation until now. That girl is... TottalyCool68! Congratulations!! :)
Conny, we are sooo sorry that it wasn't enough this time. I hope you will go on, please continue to inspire others by your sceneries. All the best and good luck for your future :*

That's it, we've found our 5 semi-finalists and wish them good luck for the next week.
The challenges will be posted tomorrow!!
xxx Rafael

Wednesday, October 5

8th Challenge!

Hey guys! As you all know, next week (means Monday) it's the semi-finals, so there will only be a short task so that you still have enough time.
@BellaCullen4210: So, as you are the winner of the last task, I have the best price for you, by far better than the prices for the other task-winners... You are SAVE! This means you are the very first semi-finalist! Congratulations. You can do the next task if you want. If you don't want to it's okay because you don't need to, but if you do it there would be some kind of 'bonus points' for the elimination ceremony of the semi-finals.

As you know, Halloween is coming nearer. Stardoll is prepairing for this event and also our Backstage Magazine will release a Halloween Issue this October! Here's your task:
I want you to create a Disney-inspired witch costume, it should be mysterious and scary. It shouldn't be an average costume, neither something ordinary from the Plaza nor a sexy witch dress, it should be special (maybe combined with other dark clothes), creepy and dark!
You can do it in the Starplaza closet or present it on a plain backround, whatever you like, but this time it's really just about the look so that you won't have to waste time with the pose and stuff.

Deadline: Sunday, October 9th!!!

Don't forget that this is your ticket into the semi-finals, so give your best.
xoxo Rafi101

Tuesday, October 4

7th Elimination

It's time, my friends...
It's time for the elimination ceremony! And you know what?! I can't believe time went by so fast. Because next week there are already the semi-finals!!
So, we better go on, we may not waste time. Let's begin... Your outfit was very cool, the way you presented it was a little messy, but it's still okay. Welcome in the next round!
BellaCullen4210: I really have no words for your awesome outstanding work. It was AH-MAZING! As always you were one of the best, but this time you topped them all. Congratulations, you are in the next round and the winner of the week! I will announce your price tomorrow when I post the new task.
__mariah__: Wow! Maria, you can't imagine how proud we are of you right now. At first your were completely average, but now you are running past the other contestants from the back. You are the runner-up of this week. Means you were one of the best, but it wasn't enough for the winner of this task. But I think that doesn't matter to you as you already won last week. See you in the next round, my dear!
QeenGoldBabe: Quite good, but I really miss your outstanding work from the beginning. Come on, we all know there's more. Always give 100%, or otherwise the other contestants will get better than you. And I really don't want to eliminate you. You weren't on of the worst, but also not one of the best. Don't give up, convince us in the next round please! :)
TottalyCool68: Yeah, I really liked your outfit. Also your catwalk. It was pretty good, you're getting better my dear. I hope you will surprise us next week!
4EverUrGirl: I really do think it was good, but my Co-Judges didn't have the same opinion as I do. They also meant you were one of the worst. What went wrong at this task, my dear? You know, this is your great chance and there are only 2 weeks left to the big Finale. I know you always give your best, but sometimes it just goes wrong. And it's a big mistake if you fail so close at the end. My dear Alessandra... I'm very sorry to say that but... you are getting weak. But I still think that you have the potential to become a model - a Topmodel!! So, welcome in the next round. This time it won't go wrong, I'm sure ;)

Now there are still 2 persons left...
JuicyC2890 and Sweet-Lips112: You both knew that this day would come sooner or later. And now it's time to say goodbye. Dear Mandy, you became weak - an this very soon in this competition. The last few weeks you were average. In the callbacks you were quite good, but since the Top 13 you didn't become stronger, and the others got better than you. Dear Kaisa, you did amazing jobs with graphics and creativity. Your ides were gorgeous, but the way you presented them was too weak to ever become the winner of the week. And it's sad but you are one of the weakest contestants here. And the whole jury really can't decide if they see some talent in you or not. I personally did see some potential, but you couldn't show it. And that's sad. And we aren't sure if there's enough time for you to convince us that you have the right qualifications!
Mandy... Kaisa... I am so sorry to say you are eliminated - well, at least one of you still has got the chance to fight for the title, to show us her talent! And now I will announce the person who will have to leave this contest. Kaisa, is it you who has the talent but can't really show it? Or is it you Mandy, who got experience and qualifications but cannot show more than she did? Mandy, you know you are a good model, but at this point I gotta tell you that we don't see more than a model - a Topmodel - in you. Mandy I am sorry but you are eliminated. I hope you will keep modeling and training your skills, then I am sure that you will get better.
Congratulations Kaisa, you are in the next round!!!! :D

The next task will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 2

7th Elimination - Coming Tomorrow!

Hey guys! So we all have been completely busy, but we made up our mind. We still don't know if we should eliminate 2 girls or only one. Also, we've found a new winner of the week and got a delicious price for her!
All will be revealed at the elimination ceremony on Sunday, 2nd October (tomorrow)!

Stay tuned!
xoxo The Judges