Sunday, October 23

The Final Elimination Ceremony! (2/3)

Hey guys! Yes I know how late I am, it's already after midnight, but I just came home because today (or should I say yesterday?) was my birthday, so that's why I had no time to get to the computer today.
Also, it was real exhausting to do all the graphics and stuff. But we've finally found a winner. A talented young girl. A new topmodel!

BellaCullen4210: I must say, I was really disappointed when I saw your work because you could do so much better. The photoshoot was really average and I didn't get it. To my mind that was something totally different than the theme. Also your commercial was quite plain, but I still liked it. The only thing I loved was your catwalk task. The way it looked like you look from the ceiling onto the runway was amazing. My co-judges, especially Marie found that you were truly stunning and you deserved being in the competition.

4EverUrGirl: You are amazing! Alessandra I love you and the way you suddenly became a topmodel. You showed us you can be chique, girly, sexy and edgy. I really adored your catwalk task, it was so beautiful. Also your commercial was quite good. But... the photoshoot. The dress wasn't suitable, and the scenery looked a bit childish. Nevertheles you can be proud of yourself that you've come this far.

__mariah__: I was really shocked when I looked at your catwalk task. I just sit there, mouth was widly open and I thought OMG she's amazing! The photoshoot was also something I imagined you would do. It was elegant and sexy and is perfect to be on the club's homepage if you would win. But.. also you had one task that wasn't yours. The commercial was real beautiful, but I just didn't understand what a perfume has got to do with "Flawless skin" or beauty products for the skin. And the pose was a little boring. But, your transformation from this shy, unimpressive girl to a strong, outstandin topmodel is so breath-taking. You look gorgeous and you can be proud.
Yes you really can be proud because you also amazed the co-judges, and so we thought we should let you into the Top 2! Congratulations, you're in the next and last round of the Finale!!!!!

Now 2 girls are left, both wanting the same: the title! But one will have to leave us now. There's only 1 ticket left fo the Top 2. Only one of the girls can become 'Rafael's Next Top Model', only one will get the title as the winner, only one will see her winner-scenery on the homepage of Topmodels.Club, only one will get a contract with Spice Couture and Sparkle Model Management. Only one of you will get 200sd and only one of you will get on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine.
The next girl who is in the next round is.... BellaCullen4210! Congratulations :)
Alessandra, you are a gorgeous model and such a nice person, please don't be sad, do continue modeling. Of course we will still stay in contact and maybe you will become a model of Sparkle Model Management, too. Best of luck for your future :*

And now it's time to decide for the winner. Dear models, for now 15 weeks you've been fighting for this day. The day you could be revealed as the winner. Let's have a short look at your work:

You were 'winner of the week' 2 times in this cycle. The funny thing is, that if you would win you would appear twice on the cover. One time for the October-issue and one time for the November-Issue. But for now it's still unknown if you will win or not. Maria, the last task was the photoshooting. This photo will be added to the homepgae of our club Topmodels.Club, but it would also stand for your vistory. My personal favorite is your catwalk taskm it looks like as if you would float over the runway, like a fairy or something. It is really beautiful and also miley4live96 liked this one best & miley1jasi said that you  look truly amazing.
Geat job Maria.

Isabella Cindy. Ciao Bella! xD
When I look down onto the runway I see a girl there. A girl walking confidently over the catwalk and she looks soo beautiful. Cindy, you are young and sooo talented. If you just didn't mess up the winner scenery I'm sure it would have been perfect. Cindy, you also became 'winner of the week' for 2 times which made the decision even harder. Do you think that Cindy has the qualificaions and qualities to become 'winner of the week cycle" for a last time? Cindy my love, it doesn't matter if you win or not, you are beautiful and you do it in the model business.

Only one of you will win this competition. For 15 weeks you fightet for this one moment. And who will be it? This is the moment you've been waiting for, the announcement of the winner. Wil it be Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy, Maria or Cindy?!?!?!?!
Rafael's Next Top Model will be...... announced later this Sunday!

As I had hardly time to do the video and some graphics I really have to do it this afternoon (Sunday, Oct 23rd). Don't miss it, I tell you. At the big Finale Show, the eliminated girls will walk over the catwalk for a last time. In order of their elimination, they will perform in the Top 13 Live-Walk! And then the winner will finally be announced. There will appear a screen wall (in a video) and then the silhouette will transform. It will disappear, then there will grow some flowers and grass, more and more it grows, up into the hight, growing into the form of a new silhouette. The plants become thicker, it all melts into one silhouette. Butterflies fly over the screen, and then suddely... the silhouette belonged to the winner.
And if it will be Cindy or Maria, well you will find it out this Sunday afternoon at the big Finale Show. DON'T MISS IT!

xoxo Rafi101


__mariah__ said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rafael - I can not wait any longer. Ahhhhh. ;) I am so excited for the last ceremony.
Thank you all for letting me be part of the Final.

See you later ... Maria

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Ah Im really worried, good luck to Maria. And I loved Allesandra's work, it was amazing.

I agree with Rafael when I saw Maria's catwalk i was just sitting there with my mouth open, it was trulty amazing.

Anyways good luck to Maria and thank you for letting me compete with such an amazing person. :)

Megan / Momijigal911 said...
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Megan / Momijigal911 said...

I'm not just saying this because Cindy is on of my closest friends but I know how extremely worried she has been through every single task and every time I tell her that she can do this. Especially being in the final has boosted her confidence a lot more, as when I was talking with her she said "I actually could win this".

Personally, she smashed the competition all the way to the final and coming from having barely any confidence at all to being a finalist really shows her journey through it all.

Like.. when in school, she aced every single subject up until the final exam, she may have forgotten a few things then but she still put all her effort and time into learning it and came out better than before.

Thank yoou RNTM :D

Good Luck to both!

- Megan

__mariah__ said...

Cindy - you are such a nice girl ;) Thank you. But I really think that you will win. I mean, your talent is incredible, I really love your photo shot. Good luck to you. I am so nervous about the final judgment.

Love, Maria

4EverUrGirl said...

I Just wantted to say Thankyou to everyone and especially Rafael and the judges for giving me this great oppertunity! and even though i didnt make it all the way, i feel very proud of myself for making it this far! (Top 3 heck yeah! )I really learned alot and i know i grew up alot since the beginig!So im so gratefull! and this is not the last time you will see me!
last and formaly i would like to congratualte Cindy an Maria! wish u both the BEST! Good Luck!
much love: Alessandra! :)