Wednesday, October 5

8th Challenge!

Hey guys! As you all know, next week (means Monday) it's the semi-finals, so there will only be a short task so that you still have enough time.
@BellaCullen4210: So, as you are the winner of the last task, I have the best price for you, by far better than the prices for the other task-winners... You are SAVE! This means you are the very first semi-finalist! Congratulations. You can do the next task if you want. If you don't want to it's okay because you don't need to, but if you do it there would be some kind of 'bonus points' for the elimination ceremony of the semi-finals.

As you know, Halloween is coming nearer. Stardoll is prepairing for this event and also our Backstage Magazine will release a Halloween Issue this October! Here's your task:
I want you to create a Disney-inspired witch costume, it should be mysterious and scary. It shouldn't be an average costume, neither something ordinary from the Plaza nor a sexy witch dress, it should be special (maybe combined with other dark clothes), creepy and dark!
You can do it in the Starplaza closet or present it on a plain backround, whatever you like, but this time it's really just about the look so that you won't have to waste time with the pose and stuff.

Deadline: Sunday, October 9th!!!

Don't forget that this is your ticket into the semi-finals, so give your best.
xoxo Rafi101


__mariah__ said...

Hey guys!

That task was a really hard one. I'm not good at the whole Halloween stuff.
I hope you get scary when you see my witch.
I hope it's OK that I took a black'n'wite picture. If not - please tell it me...
Thank you. I really hope you like it!
xx Maria

Kaisa :3 said...

Kristenxx said...

Hey Rafael! Heres my entry hope you all luvv it! Have a good evening oh yea and good luck to everyone!

4EverUrGirl said...

Hey judges! im finished with the task!So my real inspiration for this look was disney character (Ursula) from the little mermaid. she is known as the (bad witch)of the sea! any who here is my entry:

hope you guys like it! :)

.Anti.Dot. said...

Hello! So my disney witch inspiration was Maleficent (The evil witch from The Sleeping Beauty). I gave it a little twist and I also added Maleficent's evil smile! Hope you like it!



Coni/QeenGoldBabe said...

Here's my entry:

Hope you like it!!!