Wednesday, October 12

The Semi-Finals

Can you believe it? We reached the semi-finals!!! :O
It's gonna be very exciting, that's for sure. So for this week you gotta do 3 tasks...

1) The Underwater-Shooting: Create a scenery where you glide through the water in a summery dress (for example a short tulle dress). The pose should be inspired by the moves of a mermaid, but your doll may not be a mermaid! So the pose should just be very impressing and the dress should like float through the water.
2) Bag Commercial: Create a kind of advertisement campaign - should be a scenery with a text that can be added with Photoshop or Gimp. In your advertisement one should only be able to see a part of your face, but the bag (or your hand holding the bag) should the in the center of attention!
3) Catwalk-Challenge: You should present yourself on the catwalk, but you only are allowed to wear your favorite High Heels and a coat!
Due Date: Sunday, October 16th

Good Luck to everybody! See you at the elimination ceremony next Monday. :)
xxx Rafael


Kristenxx said...

my first 2 entries are in my sceneries here is the last one (catwalk)


hope you luvv it!

4EverUrGirl said...

hey judges here are my 2 entries!

2:for bag commercial!

3: catwalk challenge!

and im still working on my last one!
comming soon :)

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Hey, im soo sorry im late!
Here are my 3 tasks!

Hope you will love them.♥
Bella xoxo

__mariah__ said...

Hey ;) Thank you so much for taking my task as winner of week task. I am so glad!
Here is my entry:

Hope you like it!

Love, xx Maria

4EverUrGirl said...

It me again! :)
here is my 1st entry! plz excuse me for being a little late!

wishing an hoping u like it!