Monday, October 17

9th Elimination - Who Will Be A Finalist?!

New Banner (from Stardoll Crown, © muffins97)

Some backround-music for the elimination ceremony!

I can't believe that we did it. For nearly 14 weeks now we've been searching and searching for the most elegant, fierce, sexy and talented Topmodel, and we are going to find her... Stardoll's next most wanted model who has that one special title... "Rafael's Next Top Model"

BellaCullen4210: Your work was amazing! As always you were one of the best and I can't help myself, you are just awesome. You have model qualities and I really need to say, I am very proud of you. And you also can be very proud of yourself, because you are going to be one of the 3 finalists. Congratulations, you are in the Finale!!!!!! I was kind of surprised. On the one hand you did that fierce catwalk task in asian-style, but on the other hand you just forgot to do the rest of the challenge! I'm quite disappointed that you just didn't give 100%... So, when I contacted the other judges, they said they didn't notice you. Nina, that's the worst thing you can do! A model that is unimposing and unnoticeable won't survive in this business. How should the clients or a model agency ever recognize you? At first you were outstanding, but the last few days you've become unimpressive. And I thought "How should one remember her this way?" I know you talent, you are beautiful and I know you could do better, but I think that the others just got better than you and that you can't stay in one's memory for a longer time. And the whole jury doesn't believe that you can make it better in that short time. I'm sorry to tell you, but you have to leave us.
You didn't make it into the finale, but you can be prou because you made it on the 5th place!! Good luck for the future, we love you.
__mariah__: Wow, I'm breatheless! I truly have no words for your outstanding work. It was so impressing and every task was original, creative and sooo beautiful. Maria, I am endless proud of you, just like maleen122 you changed from an average girl to an outstanding Topmodel. We want to see more, now you can prove what you've learnt! Welcome in the big Finale!!

Two contestants are left, but only one place is still free! Kristen or Alessandra?!

4EverUrGirl & TottalyCool68: You both made a hudge transformation on this long journey. Both of you were quite good, but still average at the beginning. But now look at you, you've become strong girls with Topmodel qualities.
Alessandra, you didn't know how to pose, until that wonderful day - the animal shoot. Something happened to you that blew us away. You became winner of the week and since then you became better and better. But the other contestants are stong & we don't know if you can beat them.
Kristen, it's like the same with you, only that you already got some posing skills at the beginning which also became better. But when you reached the Top 13, you were like up, down, up, down... From great to bad, from genius to fail. Right now it's getting up for you, but we don't know if there's more to see and if you can go upwards.
Who will be third finalist??? The one who gave a little more this week and where we think there's more potential is... TottalyCool68, 4EverUrGirl, TottalyCool68, 4EverUrGirl, TottalyCool68,... 4EverUrGirl!!!!!! Congratulations.
Kristen, don't be sad, you did an amazing job, and you can be proud that you reached the 4th place. Don't forget we will see you again this week at the big Finale Show for the Top 13 Walk!

The tasks will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned. xoxo Rafi101


.Anti.Dot. said...

I completely understand that I didn't to my best, after last week I told myself that I just couldn't handle it all with school, projects, etc. I'll probably try to enter as a wild card in the future :] Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone else!



Kristenxx said...

Well I'm obviously upset. But reality comes first. I'm glad I came 4th I will try a wild card. and pursue my talents with other contests. thank you very much.

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Wow, im schocked, like really schoked. Ive had a feeling this all started just yesterday.
Thank you. Once again. <33

p.s. Rafi, i LOVE your banner.♥

__mariah__ said...

Thank you guys! Thank you for let me be part of the finals!
I am so proud about it.

Thank ya so much! Cannot wait till the following task comes out.

Love, xx Maria

psss... i totally agree with BellaCullen4210 - muffins97 had done a great job!

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@Cindy and Maria: Thanks! I know I also love love love the banner.

Megan / Momijigal911 said...

Hahah! Soo happy right now ;]

I think I'll try my hand at this next cycle ..

- Megan