Saturday, April 30


While your waiting for the Challenge, here are two spoilers that are really exciting:

Yepp, that's right. "Rafael's Next Top Model - The Best Catwalk Walk Hits" will appear very soon on this blog.
It is a mix of the songs which are used for our catwalk. ;D
(Between, there'll be a catwalk challenge, so start practicing!!)
The songs are already chosen, but I need to create the playlist, upload it and so on. Just watch out for the playlist in the next few hours, it will added to the bottom of the page (above the contestants-picture)!

Now you sure want to know the theme song... It's Vanity by Lady Gaga!

This is the official spoiler of the RNTM Finale Spoiler!! As you can see the finale of RNTM will be on the 28th of May. It is just around the corner. Girls, I tell you, you really must give 100% because in the next round there will be more than just one girl eliminated...
Stay tuned! Your Rafael

Ps: Do you like the new Banner of the blog?

6th Elimination

You cannot imagine how difficult it was to decide. This time it was very very very hard to eliminate somebody. Why?
Because you are all special in your own way, and if I could, I would let you all become a top model. But we cannot hand out 1800 stardollars (200sd x 9 Contestants = empty purse).

Okay, here are the girls who still have the chance to become RNTM...
Petzgirl98: I liked your idea very much (but the top was not so safari-like)
Candyfloss_Girl: Dear Shayma, that was no safari outfit, but the pose and the backround were good. You were not the best, but I think it was enough to pass through.
Avniarisha: That was an excellent photoshoot! Welcome in the 7th round. :D
sweety-Melissa4: Your idea was also great, but the scenery was a little messy. Let's see how you solve the next challenge.. Congratulations!

The 3 remaining girls are angix33, maleen122 and BellaMarySwan..! Sadly, but one of you must leave the contest. Maleen, Angi... We all think that you can do it better, and we really believe in your talent and your modeling qualities, and that's why you have still the chance for the title! Congratulations. :)
@ BellaMarySwan..: You were really great, but I think this time you got to your limits and the others lapped you. I wish you all the best, thank you! :D

8 Girls remain, who will be eliminated next time? I'll post the next challenge on Monday, but I already posted a hint on  Topmodels.Club!
Xoxo Rafi101

Sunday, April 24

New Media Partner + BIG SURPRISE!!!

Good news.  We have a new Media Partner: Radiation! It's a new fierce and futuristic fashion line owned by the lovely Vessts. I never thought she would start as a designer, she has always been a good model. xD
So, I am very excite about her first collection. If you wanna be apart, click HERE.

And now I wanna present you my two new projects...
1) Spice Couture: It is a brandnew fashion line, founded by me and hco-hottie23. Please become a follower, just click HERE.

2) Sugar Modeling Agency (short: SMA): Magazines, Campaigns or Fashion Lines need models, and models need a manager. That's why SMA was founded by me and hco-hottie23. It is a great chance to take footstep in the stardoll modeling world. SMA is the best model management you can find on SD! To become a follower, click HERE.

Of coure these two projects will cooperate as sponsors for RNTM. Well, as I am apart of these projects I sure won't let my models down, because this would be an amazing chance for a modeling contract, so I thought Spice Couture and SMA could be a sponsor....

PRICE UPDATE: The Winner of Rafael's Next Top Model - Cycle 2 will also win a modeling contract for the 2nd collection of Spice Couture and will be a model of the Sugar Modeling Agency!!
What do you say?? Do you like it?

Saturday, April 23

First Result of the 6th Challenge

Hey, today there will be NO elimination, because more than the half of the contestants couldn't do the task (well, there are easter holidays, I hadn't got much time either). In fact, only 4 did it. :(
So we will split the decission into two.

First part:
The ones who did the task did an excellent job.. well, nearly everyone. :-/
So, the ones who are safe and will be in the next round are...
N.E.S.S.Y.X.D. (Your photo was brilliant)
Vivien.. (I enjoyed yours very much, too. The backround was super!)

The other persons who did the scenery were angix33 and maleen122, but I need to say that your sceneries were not the best. Why? Because you both were a little messy (the palm trees are the problems in your photos).
That's why you have to wait and me and the other judges have to overthink this. I know you can do MUCH better.
Sorry angels, but at this moment I have no photo for both of you, you need to wait for our final decission.

Second Part:
The rest, please do the challenge until Thursday, April 28!!!
I will post the elimination on the following Friday (April 29), so please stay tuned!!

xoxo Rafi101

Ps: There are 2 new Media Partners coming... more tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 12

6th Challenge

Hi there! Rafi101 is in da house. XD
It's Monday (okay, not really... Tuesday), so this means it is time for the next Challenge...

Your task for this week is:
Create a scenery with the theme "desert". This means: desert-backround, sahara/safari clothes, camels (optional), things like that. Try to make a POSE in your scenery. If you cannot manage it, just leave it. But remember, if you do no pose it will be hard not get eliminted. Only one can become RNTM, so give your best!
If you are ready, pelase dollmail me or write in my guestbook that you're done!!

Deadline: Thursday, April 21!!

xoxo and stay tuned, your Rafael 
Ps: I am planning a new blog and a new project. I'll give you a hint: fashion!
More coming soon...

Friday, April 8

Royal Magazine

Hey, have you heard about the new Magazine Royal Magazine? No?
Well, it's a brandnew Magazine, owned by Ugne Gun. She has a really good idea, but she needs help. So, if anybody would like to work for her mag. as aa graphic designer or a model (This is your chance!!!), become a follower of her magazine and apply now for the summer issue.
I've put up the cover of her first issue in the side-bar (Advertisement).

You can see the cover on the left (well, the original one is in the side-bar, but i found it would look so gorgeous if it looked like this).

xoxo Rafi101


It's time to announce the lucky winners of the RNTM Wild Card for Cycle 3.
Well, I do not want to do that usual blah blah blah, I know you just want to know who has won. So, the two lucky girls are.................
Bunny_Loveless and JennyLovesUS5
Congratulation! You have won the exclusive Wild Card for Cycle 3. Here is it:

This graphic was made by our Media Partner TeeKaye Graphiques.

Just confirm it by writing a comment on this post! (Please notice that if you do not confirm it after 2 weeks, your Wild Card will be useless)
I will post the next Challenge on Monday, so stay tuned!!
xoxo Rafi101

Thursday, April 7

5th Elimination

The Decission is final.
This week it was sooooo enormous hard to decide who will be eliminated. Well, everyone deserved it to be here, but as you know only one will be featured in Rouge Magazine. Only one of you will win 200 stardollars. And only one of you can be Rafael's next Topmodel.

So, I am very sad that it comes to this (because of that there was a quarrel between the judges), but it would be unfair if we keep that one girl. This time, she wasn't so good, what made us all wonder. Because usually, she's so amazing.
But.... BestDamnFreak, this time I have no ticket for the next Challenge for you. I am so sorry. We wish you all the best for your modeling career, for your pojects and your future. It was awesome to have you here.

Ugh, I hate such moments. Well, now to some news which aren't sad... in fact, it's gonna be exciting.
I do now know who has won the WILD CARD!! To keep you excited, I will post it tomorrow. Then I will give the Wild Card to the lucky winners........ ^-^
xoxo and stay tuned,

Monday, April 4

We are now official Media Sponsors of...

Hello you out there!
I've got great news. We are now official Media Sponsors of.....
Our Blog\

Wonderful, don't you think? It means a lot to me and the RNTM team.
So, in two days we'll have a "rendez-vous"... we need to cut the girls down to 9.
Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafi101

Saturday, April 2

New Media Partner

Hello dear followers! We've got a new Media Partner: Melissa's Graphics.
Yes, again a graphic blog... Well, Melissa is the gorgeous owner of Special Blog for Stardoll (I am a writer there), and she makes one of the best banners I've ever seen.
You can find her logo now under our "Sponsors&Media Partners" Tab. You can find the link to her blog in her logo:

Our logo!

And we've got another new Media Partner, too. (No, this time it is not a graphic blog)
Our second new Media Partner is... The Stardoll Thoughts!

Our Logo!
Yes, TST is now one of our lovely Media Parters. It is a real honor for me because they've got over 80 Followers. :)

Ps: Don't forget to do the Challenge!!!
Stay tuned,

New Deadline for the 5th Challenge

Today, I should post the elimination, but you know, there are still some people missing who didn't do the task. So, the new Deadline is Wednesday, April 6!
Please be punctual or otherwise we will kick you out.

xoxo Rafi101