Saturday, April 30


While your waiting for the Challenge, here are two spoilers that are really exciting:

Yepp, that's right. "Rafael's Next Top Model - The Best Catwalk Walk Hits" will appear very soon on this blog.
It is a mix of the songs which are used for our catwalk. ;D
(Between, there'll be a catwalk challenge, so start practicing!!)
The songs are already chosen, but I need to create the playlist, upload it and so on. Just watch out for the playlist in the next few hours, it will added to the bottom of the page (above the contestants-picture)!

Now you sure want to know the theme song... It's Vanity by Lady Gaga!

This is the official spoiler of the RNTM Finale Spoiler!! As you can see the finale of RNTM will be on the 28th of May. It is just around the corner. Girls, I tell you, you really must give 100% because in the next round there will be more than just one girl eliminated...
Stay tuned! Your Rafael

Ps: Do you like the new Banner of the blog?


ErikaLuciana06 said...

i love the new banner.. but it's just too plain for me. :D

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Okay, thanks for your opinion, maybe i can change something ;)