Saturday, April 30

6th Elimination

You cannot imagine how difficult it was to decide. This time it was very very very hard to eliminate somebody. Why?
Because you are all special in your own way, and if I could, I would let you all become a top model. But we cannot hand out 1800 stardollars (200sd x 9 Contestants = empty purse).

Okay, here are the girls who still have the chance to become RNTM...
Petzgirl98: I liked your idea very much (but the top was not so safari-like)
Candyfloss_Girl: Dear Shayma, that was no safari outfit, but the pose and the backround were good. You were not the best, but I think it was enough to pass through.
Avniarisha: That was an excellent photoshoot! Welcome in the 7th round. :D
sweety-Melissa4: Your idea was also great, but the scenery was a little messy. Let's see how you solve the next challenge.. Congratulations!

The 3 remaining girls are angix33, maleen122 and BellaMarySwan..! Sadly, but one of you must leave the contest. Maleen, Angi... We all think that you can do it better, and we really believe in your talent and your modeling qualities, and that's why you have still the chance for the title! Congratulations. :)
@ BellaMarySwan..: You were really great, but I think this time you got to your limits and the others lapped you. I wish you all the best, thank you! :D

8 Girls remain, who will be eliminated next time? I'll post the next challenge on Monday, but I already posted a hint on  Topmodels.Club!
Xoxo Rafi101


angix33 said...

omg! thx so much for a second chance!

Rafi101|Rafael said...

np, we believe in your talent! ;D