Tuesday, April 12

6th Challenge

Hi there! Rafi101 is in da house. XD
It's Monday (okay, not really... Tuesday), so this means it is time for the next Challenge...

Your task for this week is:
Create a scenery with the theme "desert". This means: desert-backround, sahara/safari clothes, camels (optional), things like that. Try to make a POSE in your scenery. If you cannot manage it, just leave it. But remember, if you do no pose it will be hard not get eliminted. Only one can become RNTM, so give your best!
If you are ready, pelase dollmail me or write in my guestbook that you're done!!

Deadline: Thursday, April 21!!

xoxo and stay tuned, your Rafael 
Ps: I am planning a new blog and a new project. I'll give you a hint: fashion!
More coming soon...


Avniarisha/Jewel said...
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angix33 said...

name of scenerie: Sahara

this is my first scenerie with a pose, so i hope its not so bad


Vivien.. said...

Name of scenerie:Desert
this is my first scenerie with pose too i try it to make it good :)