Thursday, April 7

5th Elimination

The Decission is final.
This week it was sooooo enormous hard to decide who will be eliminated. Well, everyone deserved it to be here, but as you know only one will be featured in Rouge Magazine. Only one of you will win 200 stardollars. And only one of you can be Rafael's next Topmodel.

So, I am very sad that it comes to this (because of that there was a quarrel between the judges), but it would be unfair if we keep that one girl. This time, she wasn't so good, what made us all wonder. Because usually, she's so amazing.
But.... BestDamnFreak, this time I have no ticket for the next Challenge for you. I am so sorry. We wish you all the best for your modeling career, for your pojects and your future. It was awesome to have you here.

Ugh, I hate such moments. Well, now to some news which aren't sad... in fact, it's gonna be exciting.
I do now know who has won the WILD CARD!! To keep you excited, I will post it tomorrow. Then I will give the Wild Card to the lucky winners........ ^-^
xoxo and stay tuned,


BestDamnFreak said...

OK. Whatever.. Good luck everyone! Bye Bye!

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Sorry, but we didn't see a jungle theme. I wish ya all the best ;D

BestDamnFreak said...

Thankyou. I wish you all the best too! :-)

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

where's the task? Soryr I was abit confused :S??