Sunday, April 24

New Media Partner + BIG SURPRISE!!!

Good news.  We have a new Media Partner: Radiation! It's a new fierce and futuristic fashion line owned by the lovely Vessts. I never thought she would start as a designer, she has always been a good model. xD
So, I am very excite about her first collection. If you wanna be apart, click HERE.

And now I wanna present you my two new projects...
1) Spice Couture: It is a brandnew fashion line, founded by me and hco-hottie23. Please become a follower, just click HERE.

2) Sugar Modeling Agency (short: SMA): Magazines, Campaigns or Fashion Lines need models, and models need a manager. That's why SMA was founded by me and hco-hottie23. It is a great chance to take footstep in the stardoll modeling world. SMA is the best model management you can find on SD! To become a follower, click HERE.

Of coure these two projects will cooperate as sponsors for RNTM. Well, as I am apart of these projects I sure won't let my models down, because this would be an amazing chance for a modeling contract, so I thought Spice Couture and SMA could be a sponsor....

PRICE UPDATE: The Winner of Rafael's Next Top Model - Cycle 2 will also win a modeling contract for the 2nd collection of Spice Couture and will be a model of the Sugar Modeling Agency!!
What do you say?? Do you like it?


Vivien.. said...

wow ist amazing (:

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

thx :)

rob408 said...

its cool

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea Rafael!! :D
I wish i was the winner!

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

he he same :)