Friday, April 8


It's time to announce the lucky winners of the RNTM Wild Card for Cycle 3.
Well, I do not want to do that usual blah blah blah, I know you just want to know who has won. So, the two lucky girls are.................
Bunny_Loveless and JennyLovesUS5
Congratulation! You have won the exclusive Wild Card for Cycle 3. Here is it:

This graphic was made by our Media Partner TeeKaye Graphiques.

Just confirm it by writing a comment on this post! (Please notice that if you do not confirm it after 2 weeks, your Wild Card will be useless)
I will post the next Challenge on Monday, so stay tuned!!
xoxo Rafi101


Jey.?! said...

öhm, i get the Wild card?:D

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

xDD. Okay, Jenny has now confirmem...