Sunday, March 25

Important Information + Top 13 Announcement!

First things first - I'm sooooooooooo sorry that you had to wait for more than two week. I just noticed that nearly a month passed since the last post. But now I gotta tell you some important information:
I'm very very upset that half of the contestants didn't even try to move a finger for the task. I'm pretty angry about that, so before I start the elimination ceremony here's a little warning for the lazy ones of you:
Either you do the tasks or you will be kicked out! A lazy person will never EVER have the chance to win this competition.
Guys please don't forget it's about 200 stardollars, a contract with a model agency and a fashion line and a special feature in 2 magazines as well as your first Cover!!! If you really want to become a Topmodel, you have to work for it. Oh, and please notice:
Please check the blog regulary for the new taks, because I really don't want to go from guestbook to guestbook to remind you everytime.

So here are the results of the 2nd challenge:
GoldenIsabelle is dropping, so this means two more persons will be eliminated. I will give a little feedback to everyone (in no particular order) and then I will announce the Top 13.
19Sara99 - The scenery was simple, maybe too simple. I guess you love simple things (like we've seen on your last task). Next time I'd like to see your extravagant side ;)
MaryChristmas11 - Wow, you've killed a whole group of victims just to get that kind of Lady Gaga look. You've really set a statement, well done!
silly-millie - "Whatever it takes" ... I really liked that idea, though I didn't really understand your picture (I mean what exactly happened to your victims??). Nevertheless that was quite good.
SchnuffiPups - I'm very sorry but I couldn't see your picture as the picture has been removed from tinypic. :/
luzy11 - Some girls standing undressed in the backround, when I saw that I just thought "Okay?!". I would love to see you posing. I'd say you should practise posing for sceneries.
kaja97x33 - O ... M ... G ... ! Stunning! Daring! Outstanding! Any more feedback or is that enough for you? ;)
mathildamath - So firstly, next time you really have to kill people with a more fashionable sense of style, okay? I really didn't like the outfit, but that's not the point, you did a great job because that looked very creepy.
muffins97 - That looks soo cruel, I mean you nailed your victim on that... kind of... wall? I don't know what this should be, but the scenery really looks amazing. Well done!

So this means darleen.., Junebugie, PrettyAngel188, lisididi1, Dreamiiiii, Anubis-Fan1999 and ichhallo are still missing! This is really shocking to me that this happened, so I've got to the following point:
We'll just go on with the Top 13, pretending that this never happened, so let's just forget about that. BUT (yes there's a "but") Junebugie and PrettyAngel188 didn't do the task for the 2nd time! And I really warned you, this means your BOTH out!!!

So here are the Top 13 (in alphabetical order)
  • Anubis-Fan1999
  • darleen..
  • Dreamiiiii
  • ichhallo
  • kaja97x33
  • lisididi1
  • luzy11
  • MaryChristmas11
  • mathildamath
  • muffins97
  • 19Sara99
  • SchnuffiPups
  • silly-millie
C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! The callbacks are over, you made it into the Top 13, where the real challenges begin. So here's some information for you.
I thought we'll leave the idea of the "model appartement", thinking of it the idea is quite stupid. Also, the big Top 13 Photo for the bottom of the page as well as the official Cycle 4 Opener are coming in the next days. The new CD of The Best Catwalk Hits (Volume 3) is going to be released next Saturday.
The new challenge will be posted Tuesday. Stay tuned.
XOXOX Rafael :)