Monday, September 19

7th Challenge

Hello Stardollians - It's time for the traditional DIY-task!
Maybe you remember it from the last cycle in spring, where our 3 finalists avniarisha, Candyfloss_girl and especially maleen122 did an amazing job. Here's their work, just to give you some inspiration..

Candyfloss_girl (Shayma):
avniarisha (Jewel):
maleen122 (Maleen):

So that's what I meant. And now here's your task!

Create your own 'Do-It-Yourself' Outfit . It should be a dress, and it can be made of anything, like furniture, plants and thing like that. But do not use any clothes from the store or your closet, it must be something else.
Only the shoes can be from your closet because it is nearly impossible to create shoes out of plants or furniture. Pose can be included, but this time it's not a must. And now the important thing:
You must present your outfit on the Runway!!! (Like Candyfloss_girl did it)
And please create your own outfit, you are not allowed to create the same outfit like the girls shown above. We wanna see your creativity, so please give your best!

Save your scenery as a tinypic or imgur because you must send us the link in a comment!!!
(You need not save your scenery, you can also just take a screenshot and upload it directly on, or

Due Date: Sunday, 25th September

Good luck and please be punctual.
xxx Rafael

Thursday, September 15

6th Elimination

Welcome to the elimination ceremony of task 6...
I know we are very late, but that doesn't matter because we gotta discuss a lot and I didn't have much time for the laptop. Anyway, we don't need to rush because the big finale is still in a month. But it's sure getting exciting.

So, let's begin...
4EverUrGirl: Alessandra, you know you were our last "winner of the week", and I still didn't announce your prize. You will appear in the september issue of RNTM Backstage Magazine as a model! The issue will appear tomorrow. Congrats!
This week's task was very impressing. Your work is slowly getting better and better. From bad to average, and now your slowly climbing up to the top. That's really good. But also keep in mind that the other contestants are very strong and you gotta practice a lot to reach the top. Welcome in the next round :)
BellaCullen4210: Your work was BREATH-TAKING! It was sooo wonderful, and you really deserved to be on of this week's Top 4. But this time you won't be winner of the week because there was no "sea of flowers", you were lying in the sands. There could be more plants and flowers, nevertheless it's awesome! Welcome in the next round!
TottalyCool68: Amazing... There's nothing else I can say, this was amazing! And way better than the first one. I hope you will keep practicing because you are getting stronger and stronger in this contest!! See ya in the next round!
QeenGoldBabe: Honestly, we all were a little disappointed because we know your big talent. Especially me. I guess this was just not your thing. I hope you won't fail again, you know we are getting closer to the semi-finale and it's going to get harder, so I wanna see your good work again! See ya in the next round. Wow! That was... wonderful! Dreamy, fierce, girly and pretty at the same time. Your work was very qualitatife. Good job! Keep going, Nina. Welcome in the next round.
megan20012: Your task wasn't finished before the deadline and although you really tried to give your best, there is nothing more. I think there's nothing more that you can show us. You were sooo great, and it was really great to have you here at the competition. But now it's time to say goodbye because you will leave this contest. We wish you all the best for your future!
__mariah__: Truly amazing! Your scenery was one of the best here this week. And your transformation until now is HUDGE! At first your work was average and I wanted to eliminate you in the callbacks. But the other judges decided to leave you here, and that was the right decision! You became better and better, and at this task something was very different. It wasn't just good, it was gorgeous!!! The pose was brilliant and everything looked so beautiful. In some way you remind me of our last Topmodel, maleen122. So I think from all the contestants here, you really deserved to be the WINNER OF THE WEEK!
And guess what's your prize... You will be the Covergirl of the October issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine! Congratulations!! Well then, see ya at the next task.

Bottom 2:
Kaisa vs. Mandy! The fight is going into round 2. After all, you didn't really stand out of the crowd. Oh yes you did, but in a bad way. Honestly, this minimal improvement is not good for your future. You both really need to change something. Something to stand out of the crowd!! Damn, this is a competition, it's getting close. The others are way better than you, and you need something to proove your talent, to show the world that you are a model.
You know, one was as bad as the other one. So we couldn't decide who will be eliminated.
As megan20012 got eliminated, we decided to no kick you out. We'll keep both of you in for the LAST time. Girl come on, this is your big chance, use it!

Next Task will be posted this Saturday!
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, September 11

6th Challenge - Results

Hey guys! So the deadline is being over, and we got your tasks. So we will have a look at it and decide who will still have the chance to become "Rafael's Next Top Model". You all did an amazing job, and it is really hard to decide for the winner of the week. But we can already tell you, one of the best were...
4EverUrGirl, BellaCullen4210, __mariah__ & TottalyCool68! You 4 were amazing, but we still don't have a clue who should be the winner, so we 3 gotta sleep over it.
@ Sweet-Lips112 and JuicyC2890: You really improved your work, but you 2 are still the bottom 2. So we can already tell you that one of you is going to be eliminated.

Tomorrow at the elimination ceremony we will unravel the mystery and tell you, who will be the winner of the week, who will be in the next round and who is going to leave the contest. Stay tuned!!! 

xxx The Judges

Friday, September 2

6th Challenge!

Hello my dear contestants and followers! Welcome to the next challenge.
So, what's the new task for the contestants? We've seen them sexy, crazy, elegant, mysterious and commercial. Now we wanna see them girly! So, here's the new task:

Sea Of Flowers - that's what is going to be called. You will have a photoshoot, lying in a sea of flowers and wearing a flawless make-up as well as some pinky-red clothes. Don't forget to include a pose - it is a MUST!!! So never ever even think of forgetting the pose in this task.
Save the scenery, upload it on tinypic/imgur/photobucket and send us the link in a comment.
Deadline: Saturday, September 10!

xoxo Rafi

Thursday, September 1

5th Elimination

Sorry for posting the elimination so late, but I'm sooo busy in Real Life. (:

I don't know what it is. At the beginning of the cycle everything seemed to be like better than ever. Everybody was punctual and we had a hudge audience. But now...
I don't know what it is but many contestants are soo late when doing the tasks and I'm just tired of reminding and reminding. Also, the amount of persons that drop the competition is also hudge! It's not how I wanted everything to be. But let's face it: It's summer, everybody wanted to enjoy the holidays and now everybody is preparing for school. So that's why Cycle 2 was so awesome, because in winter everybody had more time. Maybe I should hold every cycle in Winter/Spring. Because summer is when you go on vacation and Autumn is when it's time for Topmodels.Club's "Miss Autumn". But now let's go on with the elimination ceremony.
As you might know from the club, also sparklewand12 left! - no comment - You were very late with your task, but I totally understand it because of the earthquake on the East Coast of America. So that's why we give you another chance. Congratulations, you are in the next round.
BellaCullen4210: Not your best work. But it was quite good. It would've been the best of all sceneries, but... I didn't like your pose, your arm was like too short. I hope I will see some stunning work again next week. Congratulations, your in the next round! :)
JuicyC2890: Well, it was... I don't know, I think that your scenery was quite nice. In fact it was better than last week. But the quality of your photo was awful. And it was too dark to my mind. Also, I noticed that it isn't a scenery, I think you used a graphic programm and I didn't say it should be a graphic. Sorry Mandy, but this is our last warning. If you do not bring creative, outstanding tasks with high quality you'll be eliminated. I belive in your talent, please convince me and the judges!
__mariah__: Could be better, could be real better. But the idea of taking your dog with the bike was nice. So we've decided to let you through :D
megan20012: Megan... Your idea with taking the dog to shopping was good. But I think that the dog was just an accessoire, not the main thing. Also, the other judges thought that you missed the theme as it was just about shopping, not posing with a pet. To my mind I think you didn't miss the theme, but the dog was really just an accessoire! So we all decided to... give you on more chance. Please also try to pose! See in the next round.
QeenGoldBabe: EXCELLENT! Stunning as always! All 3 judges think you have that special talent. You did it right girl, you're in the next round! But next time also try to work on your pose ;)
Sweet-Lips112: The scenery was... what am I saying? That was NO scenery, that was a graphic. I didn't say you may use a graphic programm. I don't think it's fair to the others. To be honest, I really like your photo, if it was a scenery then you'd be the winner of the week. But when I talked to the other 2, Marie told me your work was average through the whole competition. And you know that being average is death for the developement of every model! Sorry, this is also your last chance! Good luck in the next round.
TottalyCool68: That was totally cool. No really that was really good. I liked it. Congratulations you're in the next round.
4EverUrGirl: I never thought that you would every surprise us with such a scenery! Your pose, your backround, everything was stunning! And you also looked gorgeous, like a celebrity. And I think it would be fair if I crown you the WINNER OF THE WEEK! Congratulations. Tomorrow, when I announce the next task, I will also announce your prize. :D
ladygagaHope: *looks at her seriously*
Your... task... was... missing! I am really really really sorry but you didn't do the task, and that's why I have to eliminate you! I am really sorry! :(

See you tomorrow for the next challenge. xoxo Rafael