Thursday, September 15

6th Elimination

Welcome to the elimination ceremony of task 6...
I know we are very late, but that doesn't matter because we gotta discuss a lot and I didn't have much time for the laptop. Anyway, we don't need to rush because the big finale is still in a month. But it's sure getting exciting.

So, let's begin...
4EverUrGirl: Alessandra, you know you were our last "winner of the week", and I still didn't announce your prize. You will appear in the september issue of RNTM Backstage Magazine as a model! The issue will appear tomorrow. Congrats!
This week's task was very impressing. Your work is slowly getting better and better. From bad to average, and now your slowly climbing up to the top. That's really good. But also keep in mind that the other contestants are very strong and you gotta practice a lot to reach the top. Welcome in the next round :)
BellaCullen4210: Your work was BREATH-TAKING! It was sooo wonderful, and you really deserved to be on of this week's Top 4. But this time you won't be winner of the week because there was no "sea of flowers", you were lying in the sands. There could be more plants and flowers, nevertheless it's awesome! Welcome in the next round!
TottalyCool68: Amazing... There's nothing else I can say, this was amazing! And way better than the first one. I hope you will keep practicing because you are getting stronger and stronger in this contest!! See ya in the next round!
QeenGoldBabe: Honestly, we all were a little disappointed because we know your big talent. Especially me. I guess this was just not your thing. I hope you won't fail again, you know we are getting closer to the semi-finale and it's going to get harder, so I wanna see your good work again! See ya in the next round. Wow! That was... wonderful! Dreamy, fierce, girly and pretty at the same time. Your work was very qualitatife. Good job! Keep going, Nina. Welcome in the next round.
megan20012: Your task wasn't finished before the deadline and although you really tried to give your best, there is nothing more. I think there's nothing more that you can show us. You were sooo great, and it was really great to have you here at the competition. But now it's time to say goodbye because you will leave this contest. We wish you all the best for your future!
__mariah__: Truly amazing! Your scenery was one of the best here this week. And your transformation until now is HUDGE! At first your work was average and I wanted to eliminate you in the callbacks. But the other judges decided to leave you here, and that was the right decision! You became better and better, and at this task something was very different. It wasn't just good, it was gorgeous!!! The pose was brilliant and everything looked so beautiful. In some way you remind me of our last Topmodel, maleen122. So I think from all the contestants here, you really deserved to be the WINNER OF THE WEEK!
And guess what's your prize... You will be the Covergirl of the October issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine! Congratulations!! Well then, see ya at the next task.

Bottom 2:
Kaisa vs. Mandy! The fight is going into round 2. After all, you didn't really stand out of the crowd. Oh yes you did, but in a bad way. Honestly, this minimal improvement is not good for your future. You both really need to change something. Something to stand out of the crowd!! Damn, this is a competition, it's getting close. The others are way better than you, and you need something to proove your talent, to show the world that you are a model.
You know, one was as bad as the other one. So we couldn't decide who will be eliminated.
As megan20012 got eliminated, we decided to no kick you out. We'll keep both of you in for the LAST time. Girl come on, this is your big chance, use it!

Next Task will be posted this Saturday!
xoxo Rafael


Kristenxx said...

thanks 4 keeping me in congraulations to everybody sorry meganxxx

JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

Thanks for keeping me in! I promise I won't dissapoint next round!

.Anti.Dot. said...

All I have to say is thank you for the compliments, I'm sorry to see someone go (like i always am) and __mariah__ really did deserve that! Her scenery was amazing! Can't wait for the next task!

Nina <3

__mariah__ said...

Thank you Judges,
thank you Nina for your nice comment ;)
Thank you Miley4live96 and miley1jasi for persuade Rafi to not kicking me out!

I'm so happy being winner of the week.
And you cannot imagine how I flipped out, when I saw, that I will be in the next backstage magazine ;) (well - Rafi maybe can ;))

Thank you a lot. I cannot wait for the second task!

xx Love you all, Maria

Megan20012 said...
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Rafi101 said...
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