Monday, September 19

7th Challenge

Hello Stardollians - It's time for the traditional DIY-task!
Maybe you remember it from the last cycle in spring, where our 3 finalists avniarisha, Candyfloss_girl and especially maleen122 did an amazing job. Here's their work, just to give you some inspiration..

Candyfloss_girl (Shayma):
avniarisha (Jewel):
maleen122 (Maleen):

So that's what I meant. And now here's your task!

Create your own 'Do-It-Yourself' Outfit . It should be a dress, and it can be made of anything, like furniture, plants and thing like that. But do not use any clothes from the store or your closet, it must be something else.
Only the shoes can be from your closet because it is nearly impossible to create shoes out of plants or furniture. Pose can be included, but this time it's not a must. And now the important thing:
You must present your outfit on the Runway!!! (Like Candyfloss_girl did it)
And please create your own outfit, you are not allowed to create the same outfit like the girls shown above. We wanna see your creativity, so please give your best!

Save your scenery as a tinypic or imgur because you must send us the link in a comment!!!
(You need not save your scenery, you can also just take a screenshot and upload it directly on, or

Due Date: Sunday, 25th September

Good luck and please be punctual.
xxx Rafael


Anonymous said...

My entry :)

Hope you love it!


4EverUrGirl said...

Here is my Entry!

And once again! i always try to do my best! hope u guys like it!
xoxo: Alessandra :D

Kaisa :3 said...
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qeengoldbabe said...

Hey Rafi here's mine :) I think I've done a better job this time and I was quite inspired by Alexander McQueen for my outfit ;)

Hope you like it and let me continue in this competition xx

Kaisa :3 said...
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__mariah__ said...

Hi ;)

I hope you like it!

xx Maria

JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

Name: JuicyC2890

I made my like a dreamy outfit. Something that you could wear on your wedding day, etc. The dress is made out of clouds, the top is diamonds and bubbles. The bottom of the dress has little sparks, made to look like the dress is sparkling.

Anonymous said...

Hope you like it I couldnt add much because of the dress.

good luck everyone!


Kaisa :3 said...

.Anti.Dot. said...

This is k(x)lling me right now Dx