Friday, September 2

6th Challenge!

Hello my dear contestants and followers! Welcome to the next challenge.
So, what's the new task for the contestants? We've seen them sexy, crazy, elegant, mysterious and commercial. Now we wanna see them girly! So, here's the new task:

Sea Of Flowers - that's what is going to be called. You will have a photoshoot, lying in a sea of flowers and wearing a flawless make-up as well as some pinky-red clothes. Don't forget to include a pose - it is a MUST!!! So never ever even think of forgetting the pose in this task.
Save the scenery, upload it on tinypic/imgur/photobucket and send us the link in a comment.
Deadline: Saturday, September 10!

xoxo Rafi


4EverUrGirl said...

Hey Rafi here is my entry:

I think i did my best today and hope u guys like it! xoxo:alessandra

Sweet-Lips112 said...

Hello, rafi, i hope this wont be my last entry for RNTM :'(, i did my best and i actually didnt know that i cant use graphic programs, because u said me at first that if i reach to the top 13 i can start using graphic programs o.o, anyway here's my entry :

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Hey its BellaCullen4210 again.
Heres my entry (:
Hope you love it.

Kristenxx said...
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__mariah__ said...

Hey Rafi, there is my entry:, i hope you like it. I have already spoken with Rafi cause of the lot of white background. I couldn't use as much items as I wanted to use. And it's forbidden to use anything else than one scenery. So I hope, that's not a problem with the white background. Some people (like me sometimes) call that art ;)

xx Love, Hope you all like it!


Kristenxx said...

Hi there! Here is my second entry due to slight issues I'm glad I did it again though made me adjust things.... anyway's thanks for letting me. I'm gonna shut up now here is my entry.

qeengoldbabe said...

Hey Rafi here's mine:

Hope ya like it :))

QeenGoldBabe xx

JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...


I am so sorry this is late! School has been hectic! DX