Wednesday, December 28


Are you ready?! Are you ready?! Are you ready?! Are you ready?!

Official Cycle 4 Trailer!

Yes, Rafael's Next Top Model is starting a new season, and you can apply now for the 4th cycle!
All you have to do is to fill out this form and upload your best scenery on or and include the link in the application. Convince us that you should be one of the Top 20 for the Callbacks! So if you have what it takes to be a Topmodel, apply here in a comment. Good luck!

Important: Everybody can apply, but only if you were NOT under the Top 13 of Cycle 3!
Stardoll Name:
First Name:
Any past modeling experience?
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
Your favorite designer/brand:
Describe your style in 5 words:
Sample of your work:

Auditions will be from December 28th, 2011 to January 25th, 2012!

The prizes for Cycle 4 are:
  • The title "RNTM Cycle 4"
  • 200 Stardollars
  • Contract with Sparkle Model Management
  • Covergirl for RNTM Backstage Magazine
  • Runway-Model for Spice Couture
  • Front-Page-Scenery for Topmodels.Club (Club)
  • Photoshoot for Topmodels.Club (Blog)
  • Modeling Spot + Interview for Stardoll Crown Magazine
I hope there will follow more prize :)
xoxo Rafael