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Are you ready?! Are you ready?! Are you ready?! Are you ready?!

Official Cycle 4 Trailer!

Yes, Rafael's Next Top Model is starting a new season, and you can apply now for the 4th cycle!
All you have to do is to fill out this form and upload your best scenery on or and include the link in the application. Convince us that you should be one of the Top 20 for the Callbacks! So if you have what it takes to be a Topmodel, apply here in a comment. Good luck!

Important: Everybody can apply, but only if you were NOT under the Top 13 of Cycle 3!
Stardoll Name:
First Name:
Any past modeling experience?
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
Your favorite designer/brand:
Describe your style in 5 words:
Sample of your work:

Auditions will be from December 28th, 2011 to January 25th, 2012!

The prizes for Cycle 4 are:
  • The title "RNTM Cycle 4"
  • 200 Stardollars
  • Contract with Sparkle Model Management
  • Covergirl for RNTM Backstage Magazine
  • Runway-Model for Spice Couture
  • Front-Page-Scenery for Topmodels.Club (Club)
  • Photoshoot for Topmodels.Club (Blog)
  • Modeling Spot + Interview for Stardoll Crown Magazine
I hope there will follow more prize :)
xoxo Rafael


Anonymous said...

Stardoll Name:Goldenisabelle
First Name:Anne/katy
Any past modeling experience?some albummodelingexperience
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?I like that job,because i like fashion :)
Your favorite designer/brand:Bershka ,H&M ,Zara ,Mango;DKNY
Describe your style in 5 words:classic,young ,not so coulorful:)
Sample of your work: Rafael you know waht is with my fkn laptop;/

Anonymous said...


No, I have no other experience model.Because I think my style is good and dasss I deserve genuine and liberal fashion and style I like and I also really schränge jaa then.Louise Vuitton and zara .Modern and stylish, creative.My work I'm really all

the Link:

Anonymous said...

Stardoll name : draleen..
First name : Darleen
Age : 14
no other experience model.
I want to be a Topmodel,because I want to prsesent my style ^-^
My favorite Designer : Of course Karl Lagerfeld,Christan Dior,Donna Karan,Calvin Klein
My style : simple,different,stylish,risky,elegant

Anonymous said...

* Stardoll name : darleen..

Anonymous said...

* present

Anonymous said...

Stardoll name : 19Sara99
First name : Sara
Age : 13
I want to be a Topmodel,because I love Fashion.
My favorite Designer : Anne Sophie Johannson (H&M),Paco Rabanne,Alexander McQueen,Sonia Rykiel
My style : stylish,elegant..

SuperMiaStar /// Mia said...

Stardoll Name: SuperMiaStar
First Name: Mia
Age: 14
I want to be a Topmode,, because I love Fashion an I love designing Fashion♥♥♥♥
Mode is my life, because Make-up and my life(:
My favourite Designer...äh...I love
H & M, Alexander Mc Queen, Christan Dior and Karl Lagerfeld
My Styl is stylish,sweet,sexy,modern and nice^^

My Link with my best szenerie:

MaryChristmas11 said...

Good evening,

first i would say the trailer is fantastic *-* wow..

Std-Name: MaryChristmas11
Name: Anna
Age: 13
Any past modeling experience?

No, I haven´t got any modeling experience , but sometime it will be the first time.

Why do you want be a Topmodel?

That´s not an easy question..well..I love fashion and the dream job is designer...and I´m fascinated from this work...and I think the first time what you do is goint to be a model!

Your favourite designer / brand:

Coco Chanel (I love her)..H&M ....Louis Vuitton...and Alexander MC Queen (her clothes are soo good and wow...)

Describe your styl in 5 words:

classic,modern,sweet,elegant and pretty

Sample of your work:

That´s my best scenery:

With love Anna

MissSosy2001 said...

Rafi did i win the wild card?or not?

Rafi101 said...

@MissSosy2001 - Yes you did ;)

Lisa/ lisididi1 said...

sd: lisididi1
name: lisa
age: 12 1/2
hmm.. i join many contests, and sometimes i won :)
favourite brand: elle dkny or le :)
describe you style in 5 words: cool, elegant, black, sweet, modern
sample of my work:
my best scenerie: it´s the 1st scenery when you click :) Sry that i don´t upload it on tinypic...
xoxox lisa

Anubis-Fan1999/Stardoll-Lover said...

Stardoll Name: Anubis-Fan1999
First Name: Nazli
Age: 12
No,i haven't,but sometimes i won in other Blogs and contests ;)
I want to be a topmodel, because i♥ stardoll & fashion.
My favorites are H&M,ELLE and DKNY (:
Modern,sometimes easy,stylish & different..

Anonymous said...

stardoll name: luzy11
first name: well, it shouldn´t be hard to guess after my stardollname- luzy =)
age: 14
modeling experience: no =)
my favourites: dkny is my absolut favourite
style: girlie, cute,but elegant, too.
i forgot the link, but i will write it done when i found it!

She.♥La said...

Stardoll Name: SchnuffiPups

First Name: Sheyla

Age: 14

Any past modeling experience?
No, not yet.. But I really wanna get some ;)

Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
Because I love Fashion and Stardoll, and I'm very interested in designing Outfits or Make-Ups :)

Your favorite designer/brand:
I like LE, Miss Sixty, PPQ and more :) But I have no favorite Designer..

Describe your style in 5 words:
Sweet, Elegant, Sometimes just different ;)

Sample of your work:

kaja97x33 said...

Stardoll Name: kaja97x33
First Name: Kaja
Any past modeling experience?
No, I don't have any experience. But really want to have some .. :D
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
I really love modeling, because it has something to do with fashion and with Make-Up. As a Model you have the chance to show your style to others and with the clothes you're wearing you can show your feelings.
Your favorite designer/brand:
At Stardoll I really like LE, ELLE, Amy Claire,DKNY an all kinds of hotbuys.
Describe your style in 5 words:
Elegant, Classic, Stylish, just me ;)
Sample of your work:
This a scenery ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, a few pics for local magazines and shops.
I want to be a top model because I love to dress well! I am like a canvas, I can dress beautifully and be admired or make a blunder.

Anonymous said...

stardoll name: silly-millie
first name: Millie
Age: 15
Any past modelling experience? Yes I have modelled clothes for a level applicants and local shops
Why do you want to be a top model? Because I love the way I can put on clothes to make the blank canvas a canvas to be admired!
Your favourite designer/brand : Hollister
Describe your style in 5 words: Trendy, Unique, Eye-catching, Pretty and Taste-full.
I can't submit a sample of y work because my scanner has broken! Sorry for any inconvenience!

Catherine Cérise said...

Stardoll Name: mathildamath
First Name: Cathy
Age: old enough :D
Any past modeling experience? Atm I participate in SNTM(
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
Because I love to express my creativity in creating outfits/scenerys/graphics
Your favorite designer/brand: Miu Miu, Chanel and pimkie
Describe your style in 5 words: exciting, french, individual, unique, interesting
Sample of your work:
DIY Outfit:

Anonymous said...

Satrdoll Name: Queenlady_mars
First Name: Denise
Age: 13

Any past modeling experience: No not yet

Why do you want to be a Topmodel? Because it is a very cool job and many people can see you

Your favorite designer/brand: I haven´t got a fave designer. A lot of designer are very good

Describe your style in 5 words: nature, basic, special, sweet and denim

Sample of your work: it`s me ;)

Antonella123ter said...
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Antonella123ter said...

name=Georgia {Jojo}
stardoll username=Antonella123ter
Any past modeling experience= No.
Why do you want to be a topmodel=It's my dream to be famous on stardoll.
Υour favorite designer/brand= Dior elle DKNY..
Describe youw style in 5 words.= fashionable, trendy casual sweet casual
Sample of your work=

PrettyAngel188 said...

Stardoll Name:PrettyAngel188
First Name:Christina
Any past modeling experience? Not yet!
Why do you want to be a Topmodel? Because it is a very cool job and I like it very much!!!
Your favorite designer/brand: Channel Dior LE Dolce Cabbana DKNY and Miss Sixty.
Describe your style in 5 words:Pretty Trendy Cute Stylish and basic.
Sample of your work: here is my scenery :)

Dreamiiiii said...

Stardoll Name: Dreamiiiii
First Name:Alina
Any past modeling experience? Jennifers next Topmodel,Miss Stardoll 2011
Why do you want to be a Topmodel? I relly like this competition I saw the last cycle and I love the challenges..
Your favorite brand: Lanvin
Describe your style in 5 words: trendy,casual,unique,me,modern
Sample of your work: Pic1:


muffins97♥ said...

Stardol Name:muffins97
First Name: Tanja
Age: 14
Any past modeling experience?
-Nopes, MSW 2011 Semi-Final, Austria
Why do you want to be a Topmodel?
-Ehmm..It's a really cool job - i think
Your favorite designer/brand?
-MiuMiu & Mango
Describe your Style in 5 words: timeless--up-to-date--unique--extravagant--inspiration
Sample of your work:

Anonymous said...

name: luzy11
here is the link to my work:
it took me really long for that smiley. hope you like it.
i already announced me (13 komment)

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kakadu tuff tuff tuff