Saturday, February 4

The Top 20 Of Cycle 4!!!

Cycle 4 starts in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... GO!!!

We are back! Bigger, higher and better than ever! Cycle 4 is full of excitement, entertainment, thrilling challenges, new tasks, more photoshoots, and and and...
There's a lot to be looking forward to in this season. And 20 girls got the chance to win many amazing prizes such as 200 spectacular Stardollars, the cover of  the RNTM Backstage Magazine, a contract with Sparkle Model Management and much more. But who are this cycle's contestants???

First of all, I'd like to say that there were around 30 applicants - most of them applied in the blog but some contacted me via Stardoll mail. I'm really impressed. It wasn't easy to choose 18 of them (because 2 places are already taken by the Wildcard winners), many of them were real good.
Alright, now let me introduce the judges:
  • miley4live96 - She helpes me to find the right one since Cycle 2. She is Miss Autumn 2010, she also does beautiful sceneries and she's an amazing model herself.
  • miley1jasi - Also a judge since Cycle 2. She's a Methal Lover, dresses eccentric, extravagant and punky and she has an eye for Topmodels. Why can I say that? Because the last 2 cycles she discovered the talent of the winners before they even reached the Finale. And I'm sure she also will realize the right one this time.
  • Last but not least, me - Rafi101!
There will also be guest judges in several tasks such as BellaCullen4210, __Mariah__ and many more...
In the semi-finals our beloved audience is able to vote for their favorite model. Plus, there will be a special surprise for our Top 13 contestants... at the moment the Top 13 will be announced, you have to move into the "Model Villa". It will be a private club for the Top 13 and the judges. Just like the mansion in ANTM (or GNTM) you can discuss there about your feelings, your opinion and so on. There you will also do the sceneries!

And now I will reveal the girls who made it into the callbacks. In no particular order, here are our Top 20...
  • mathildamath
  • MaryChristmas11
  • darleen..
  • 19Sara99
  • muffins97
  • Junebugie
  • Kaja97x33
  • PrettyAngel188
  • zuckerwatte1999
  • lisididi1
  • Dreamiiiii
  • SuperMiaStar
  • luzy11
  • silly-millie
  • Anubis-Fan1999
  • SchnuffiPups
  • GoldenIsabelle
  • ichhallo
    +Wildcard winners:
  • MissSosy2001
  • MissBeautyBabe1

Congratulations!!! The first task will be posted this Monday. So stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael