Wednesday, February 8

1st Challenge!

UPDATE: Some contestants still didn't send in their tasks and I am too busy right now, so the new Deadline is Monday, February 20th!!! 

Yeah, it's time for the first ever challenge of Cycle 4! Now let's get this cycle started.
For my dear Top 20, I have the following task:

Create a scenery, the theme is "Diva in the desert" and it's inspired by this picture:

So the dress also be like this - golden and brown colors and some nice accesories. You also have to create a Make-Up that matched the outfit and the theme. You can do the Make-Up in the starplaza or in the beauty parlor. Take a screenshot of the scenery and the Make-Up, upload it on or and send us the link in a comment.

Deadline: Monday, February 13!

Good luck! xoxo Rafael


Anubis-Fan1999/Stardoll-Lover said...
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Anubis-Fan1999/Stardoll-Lover said...
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19Sara99 said...

- 19Sara99 -

Anonymous said...

soll das eine scenerie auf stardoll werden oder dürfen wir auch paint und gimp etc. benutzen?

Rafael|Rafi101 said...
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Rafael|Rafi101 said...

1) English please ;)
2) Es ist nicht ausdrücklich verboten, aber es wäre toll wenn du weder die Scenery noch das Make-Up mit Gimp etc. bearbeitest, wir wollen erst mal die basics durchgehen und wie ihr mit "einfachen" Dingen umgeht ;)

Anubis-Fan1999/Stardoll-Lover said...




MaryChristmas11 said...


I´ve got a question ^-^


Can make my photp with gimp.etc. black and white or sepia

She.♥La said...

//♥ SchnuffiPups

Catherine Cérise said...

Here's my task:



I tried to create a scenery and a makeup inspired by elegance aswell as african traditions (Henna, dark brown colours, golden elements, ...) Therefore I chose a rather simple background (as exciting as a desert :D) and tried to create an outstanding dress. Same for the Makeup.

xoxo cathy

Anonymous said...

here`s my picture:

MaryChristmas11 said...

Hello ;D

here´s my Link:
I hope you like it :)

With love MaryChistmas11

muffins97♥ said...

GlamourDiva in the (GLAMOUR)desert

Dreamiiiii said...

Lady Desert

Anonymous said...

I cannot upload the photos but i will send you the link for my beauty parlor challenge, sorry it is so small O cannot get my scenery saved but u r my friend on stardoll so can u go to my sceneries and my entry is 'diva in the desert'

Darleen said...

Lisa/ lisididi1 said...
Hope you like :)

kaja97x33 said...

Make Up


I hope you'll like my task :)

Anonymous said...

kaja97x33 said...

Oh... I just noticed that my Make-Up picture was deleted :o
Here's my new link.
I hope it's not too late :/