Thursday, August 30

Quick Note

Hey guys!
I decided to give you a little more time for the first task. So the new deadline is Saturday, 1st August.
The elimination ceremony will be on Monday, 3rd August.
By the way, I just love the entries so far. This cycle we've really got strong contestants. Oh and I also wanna let you know that I'm working on a new trailer for this cycle's FINALE!!
It will be a huge event. I won't tell you more right now as we are still at the beginning of the cycle, but stay tuned, there will be more details when the Top 13 are announced.

xoxo Rafi

Friday, August 17

First Challenge!

Heey everyone!!
Welcome for the first task of RNTM Cycle 5. Hehe, let's start off this cycle! :D
First I want to say that we've found very beautiful girls out of all the applicants. I'm very excited to see everyone's talent, style, fashion sense and creativity. I hope you all will give your best and try as hard as you can. You know, only one of you can be the winner!

Before I give you the instructions for the first task, let me introduce the judges for this cycle.

Me (of course! xD)

I think you know them all quite good. You already know Jasmin and Marie from the last few cycles, they have been my co-judges since Cycle 2. Maria is the winner of Cycle 3, so she has already a lot of experience and she knows your situation very well. And yeah, of course me, I'm the head-judge. If you still don't know me by now then something went wrong with you you haven't been very attentive so far.

The First Task

At the beginning we want to see more of your own style so that we get to know you a little better. For your first task, I want you to create an outfit + the matching make-up in the Starplaza that completely represents your style. When you are done, take a screenshot and upload it on or
Send the link in a comment, please also write a little paragraph why this represents your style and describe it a bit.

Deadline: Thursday, August 30

Good luck! Yours,

Wednesday, August 15

Cycle 5 - The Top 20

Hello my dear followers!
Today is a very very very important day. What, you don't know what's going on? Then have a look at your calendar, today is the 15th of August, which means we already passed the application period for Cycle 5 and it's to announce the Top 20!! *excited*
Oh my, I can't believe we are already starting the 5th cycle. I feel like we've chosen Cathy as the winner just yesterday.
I hope you all are as excited as me, this cycle will be ah-mazing. There will be amazing photoshoots, difficult challenges and of course huge prizes. 15 weeks full of surprises, challenges, decisions and excitement are waiting for us all. But what would RNTM be without the contestants? We've received about 40 applications, but only half of them may compete in this cycle. And we've found 20 very beautiful girls. It's time to reveal them.

The Top 20 of RNTM Cycle 5 are ...

Daddysgurrl (Wild Card winner)


Congratulations!! You all have been standing out of the crowd of applicants in your own way. You are the lucky girls who made it into the callbacks! I'm very excited to see who of you will be in the Top 13.

To all the others you applied, but aren't listed above:
I'm very sorry, but never give up, there's always a next time! Thank you very much for applying, you can try next cycle if you want ;)

The first challenge will be posted tomorrow. So, stay tuned and come back tomorrow for the special first task of RNTM Cycle 5! xxx Rafael