Friday, August 17

First Challenge!

Heey everyone!!
Welcome for the first task of RNTM Cycle 5. Hehe, let's start off this cycle! :D
First I want to say that we've found very beautiful girls out of all the applicants. I'm very excited to see everyone's talent, style, fashion sense and creativity. I hope you all will give your best and try as hard as you can. You know, only one of you can be the winner!

Before I give you the instructions for the first task, let me introduce the judges for this cycle.

Me (of course! xD)

I think you know them all quite good. You already know Jasmin and Marie from the last few cycles, they have been my co-judges since Cycle 2. Maria is the winner of Cycle 3, so she has already a lot of experience and she knows your situation very well. And yeah, of course me, I'm the head-judge. If you still don't know me by now then something went wrong with you you haven't been very attentive so far.

The First Task

At the beginning we want to see more of your own style so that we get to know you a little better. For your first task, I want you to create an outfit + the matching make-up in the Starplaza that completely represents your style. When you are done, take a screenshot and upload it on or
Send the link in a comment, please also write a little paragraph why this represents your style and describe it a bit.

Deadline: Thursday, August 30

Good luck! Yours,


mullinsisme said...
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mullinsisme said...
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mullinsisme said...

sorry its zoomed out quite a bit. i messed up with the whole copying and pasting thing, aha. and now my paragraph... (:

I think this outfit represents my style because I really like to modernize old pieces in my outfits. For example, in the outfit pictured above, I have on a jean jacket, which was a popular style in the 80's. If you go to my suite you will also notice that I'm wearing a fringed vest, which was a popular style in the 60's and 70's.

Inessa♥ said...

Muste the outfit be done in Starplaza?

Anonymous said...

I love mixing different colours together, so I decided to make a colourfull outfit. I love the necklakes, they can complete perfecty me outfit.

About the make up.. This is a simple make up, using 3 colours, blue, purple and bright purple. I wanted to do something speciall, so I added the yellow pencil.

xoxo Flora (PrettiestWoman)

manny. said...
(Now I feel really cheesy because I titled it.)

Outfit- I feel like this outfit really, truly, represents me as far as representative outfits go. I have a strong persona, which is shown by the strong print of the trousers; I also like to be subtle, meaning I don't like to pop too much. That is shown by the white tones and flowy items in the outfit. Whenever i feel like I'm going a bit too strong on something, OI like to cool it off with something a bit more...nice. If you catch my gist.

Makeup- First thing you're going to say about it is that it's 'not much'. Believe me, even I don't think it's much. But the reason why I paired it with this outfit is because it's the epitome of simple (well, in my opinion.) I don't like to do flamboyant makeup, I tend to use very natural colors, be it on my medoll or in real life. Why I didn't go out of my comfort zone? Because as I mentioned before, the outfit in itself is quite powerful with it's prints and little accents. Makeup matching it exactly (though I could do that) would be too garish for me.

Well, I've written quite a story. Hopefully you like the outfit and good luck to the others.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if I could post it on my blog, because I cannot get tinpic or imgur. ~Alana/ask510

Alana said...

My Entry

claragoosmann19 said...
I love wearing flowers so I decided to use this printed skirt which I combined with those brown and black (my favorite colors) accesoires.
I do not like too colorful make-ups so I often use just black and white and some fake eye-lashes.

Inessa♥ said...

My Style Describtion:

"My Style is difficult to describe because,it's always different.Sometimes I love to go Wild,but i also love the modern art of styling.
I love to wear new and rare clothes (f.e.: Here Hot Buys Fringe Jacket).
I dont like to be a COLOUREXPLOSION (or so what).I like to wear natural colours like here Brown and beige.

The Same also for Make-Up.My Medolls Make-up is elegant and a "Goes with everything".In my opinion black emphasizes my Medolls Eyes.They are much more larger then before.

Okay.. Maybe to long but i think now you know more about my style :)

Hope you enjoy ♥


Anonymous said...



My style is very important to me. It expresses who i am and sets me apart from any other person. I would describe my style as California Chic with New York influences. I was born in New York and the style was certainly unique and different. When i was 8 i moved to California and the style there was a whole new meaning to me. Both places mean a lot to me, so i found a common ground between both styles and created a new aesthetic that truly expresses me.


For makeup i rarely do a dramatic look because i always want the outfit to speak for itself. I love long yet natural lashes, and a pop of color on the cheeks.

Despina said...

Every day I go to school so I have to find something that will be simple but in the same time fashionable. That's what I did here. I used jean shorts and this cute top combined with a pair of black boots, a black belt and some nice accesories. It's a casual but also very nice outfit.
About the make-up.. Usually I don't wear make-up so here I made something simple. I believe it looks perfect with the clothes and it isn't too much.

Ghandoora said...

I chose this look because It's reflect me and what inside me! Especially, Lace pattern became my favorite style and it's my #1 choice for everything!

Manda said...

How to describe my style?
Well, I love to wear street fashion.
I just love to combine a stud shorts to a casual top and to wear a shoulder bag combined with cool black or brown boots, prefer JC Litas, and some accessories (especially flower wreaths and belts).
I like it cool and comfortable but still elegant.
But sometimes I also love to wear a lace shirt and a minty fresh jeans, combined with some fashionable high heels from Louboutin.

I'm a fan of mixing casual, comfortable clothes to elegant, sexy clothes.
But I also like to wear both separately.

I like to wear my makeup simple but glamorous and impressive, and I really like to combine to my outfit a bunch or a just simple hair plait. And if I'm too tired to make my hair I wear them easily open.

Luisa / Sary.Babyfayce said...

This is quite difficult, cause it is hard for me to describe my style. I'd say I do not have a certain style. When I create an outfit I do not go for something feminine or something grunge or whatsoever! I look through my wardrobe and pick the piece that appeals my mood the most and then I will go on like that until I have an outfit. That's how this outfit came about. So I would describe my style as unpredictable. Also I do like to use incongruously pieces, something that catches attention and gives the whole outfit a little twist! And that I like layering will stick out a mile.
I just use makeup in order to underline facial features. I never lay my attention on it. For me it is just there to flatter my outfit, so I use similar colours, but nothing to bright!

Anyways, hope you like it and btw, thank you for choosing me as a contestants. Can't wait for this new adventure :-)

Jody_Cailin said...

:) i am happy to be part of this. thank you for choosing me as 1 out of 20 contestants.

ExtvaganceSD said...

I love it to combinate different styles and patterns up to one Style - MY STYLE... Mostly I mix vintage clothing pieces up with elegant elements or the other side around. I like it to wear comfortable outfits, looking playful, but also respectable and well maintained.
Hope you like it!
Yours, Nora

Flowerpin said...

(apologizes for using photobucket and having 2 pics, easier for future reference)


-This represents my current style because it does change frequently as I am trying new things.I like more simple outfits and I was using gradient as my 'current trend'. I do enjoy using peplum, lace, and bows (shows my girly style other than pinks).


My makeup is usually more a bit more sophisticated because I like to contour and use different shades and colors. In this case, I went for purple to match my HB necklace. I like more of a peachy/pink lip color so I used that as a neutral tone. I used white as my hilighter (to make my eyes appear bigger & brighter) and pink blush to match everything else.


thanks for choosing me!

Kylie.stardoll said...


My style is mostly kind of vintage and also I like to mix and match different patterns to make a beautiful outfit.

My makeup is my normal look. It has very dramatic eyes and i chose the red lipstick because it reminds me of a old hollywood look.