Saturday, May 28

The Big Finale (Part 2)

Hey People! The decission is made! And the winner is...
Hee Hee, you'd love to know it right now, right? Well, wait some minutes, we'll come to this very soon. First, I gotta hold a short speech:
Thank you all for participating RNTM, either as a contestant or as a follower. It was an honor to me and the judges to hold this cycle! There's been quite a lot happening and I never thought that RNTM would get so exciting, emotional and famous. Right now the title is more worth than some weeks ago. That makes me really proud. After 16 weeks we've finally found 3 finalists who all deserved to be a topmodel, but only one of them  Only one of them will win 200 $tardollars, will be featured in Rouge Magazine, only one of them will have a contract with SMA and Spice Couture. And only one of them will become 'Rafael's Next Top Model'...
                                              Here some 'thrilling' music for the decission...

Avniarisha: Jay, your winner scenery in the club was brilliant! It was exactly what I wanted. It looked so gorgeous when you stand in the spotlight with the trophy. Your commercial shooting was great, too. But something was missing... the Catwalk task! That was really sad that you couldn't do this, because I really wanted to see and to judge it. But you can be happy because many people voted for you! Jewel, you are our Diva, it was great to have you here and I am glad that you are in the finale. I know that you are a topmodel!.

Candyfloss_girl: Dear Shayma, when I look at you I am really proud that you became such an elegant lady! At first, nobody really noticed you, although you were always one of the best. But now you get noticed because you really became confident. At the finale, I need to say that this wasn't your best work although you gave 100%. The Catwalk task was good, also the winner-scenery in Topmodels.Club, but your commercial shooting was bad, nevertheless I liked your idea. ;)
Well Shayma, I was unsure if I should let you into the Top 2 or not. The only thing why you still have the chance is because many people voted you, but the votes aren't everything my dear...

Maleen122: I cannot believe that you are one of the finalists! You sure made the biggest transformation of all. At first you were shy and too commercial. I thought it would be over for you at the DIY challenge. But there you were the best, and since then you became better and better, until you became a talented, aimable and very changeable model. You can be proud of you, even if you wouldn't be the winner tonight.
What I really enjoyed were your tasks. One better than the other one. The scenery in the club was top, the commercial shooting was top, and your catwalk was wonderful! You really made it better than last time.
I know that just a few people voted you, I didn't know if this will be enough votes for you. But you know, talent is more important than some votes...

One of the winner-sceneries will be added to the homepage of Topmodels.Club, but I wish everyone of you could win. But RNTM is now over for one of you. We judges didn't need much time for choosing the winner, but we needed more time to decide who will be on the second and on the third place. This is sure strange. Anyway, I need to announce this one name who won't be the winner. This person who is eliminated is...

Avniarisha. I am sorry, but you can be very proud of you! Jewel, you are a topmodel, just continue to believe in yourself and you'll do it your way. Don't be sad because we'll see you on the catwalk now.

Yes, I've got a suprise for you. Our Top 12 will sure rock the catwalk now. In the order they were eliminated, they will now perform on the runway. Have fun at the Top 12 Live Walk!

(All graphics made by me, Rafi101)
And now there's just one question: Maleen or Shayma?
At this point I already thank ya that you were contestants. Doesn't matter who'll win, you both are special in your own way.
Cycle 3 will start after the finale, I will give you some news in some days, just stay tuned! ;D

I will now announce the winner, but in a special way...
Now the time has come, the moment where we see who will win Cycle 2.
Both deserved it, both have fighten for 16 weeks. Maleen or Shayma? Shayma or Maleen? Who?!

Monday, May 23

The Big Finale (Part 1)

This is it... Cycle 2 is coming to an end! Our 3 wonderful finalists Jewel, Maleen and Shayma are fighting for the title "Rafael's Next Top Model".
After all that time I am glad that we will find the winner, it was really exciting, wasn't it? But this is not the end...
3 tasks are waiting for you to be done. Give your best because it is about your chance to establish in the model world! And here are the Challenges:

1) Create a scenery at Topmodels.Club. There is a black backround, you are standing in the middle and the spotlight is on you! It'll be the winner scenery which will be used on the Club's homepage after the finale.
Imporntant: Be yourself!

2) The second task is a little Photoshoot!^^ We wanna see your commercial side. Create a scenery; the backround should be light, and you need to wear a girly outfit. The main thing is that you wanna "sell" a perfume. So the perfume should be the main thing in your whole campaign. If you don't like perfume, it can be a shoe. xD
Just surprise us. Important: Be commercial!

3) You need to present high fashion. I know this isn't easy, but it's important, though. This time it can be a scenery, but also a photoshop-edited picture. This time it must be a runway with an audience!! It must be Haute Couture. You should use a gown and sky heels. Please no DIY dresses! Include a pose!
Important: Be elegant/editorial!

UPDATE: Deadline: May 27, 2011!

Give your best. Don't forget to send us the link of task 2 and 3 in a comment. I wish you good luck!
Now to the viewers, followers and the audience:
You can vote now for your favorite contestant!!!!!
Click on the Tab "Vote for your Fave", read through the rules and vote!
See ya at the big finale! xoxo Rafi101

Sunday, May 22

8th Elimination - Who comes into the Finale??

The official RNTM Web TV Spot, announcing the finals...

At first, I have some bad news... angix33 has quit because she had no time. Actually, she had no idea how to perform better than the others, so she gave up. It's sad, but this made the decission a little bit easier.
So, at first a little comment on your work...

Candyfloss_girl: Shayma, I must say that this was absolutely awesome. At first you asked me how you could create the New York Outfit. This outfit was so ah-mazing. Also your Catwalk task... Really great! The runway and the backround was stunning and your pose was gorgeous. To my mind, the outfit a little too girly, but it doesn't matter. The idea of your Vampire scenery was really good, also the pose, but I didn't really like. It's truly scary, but it wasn't the best.
And here's your photo:

Avniarisha: Jay, this was one of your best work! I was very surprised when I saw you on the catwalk. I like the fact that the runway is called "Le Bizarre RNTM". It was futristic and colourful. I love that!
The Vampire Photoshoot... Truly amazing. This was what I wanted from you.. it is dark, misterious, but not too scary because the pose it very feminin and the whole thing is very sexy.
About your outfit... I like it, but I think it was a little too much, I do not really believe that you will leave the hotel like that. But the boots and the umbrella were pretty, and when I see you standing in front of the Times Square it looks very good.
And here we see your photo:

N.E.S.S.Y.X.D.: I think you did a great job again, but this time it wasn't that outstanding as last week. I liked your photo because it was dark and misterious and I enjoyed the outfit. But your NY task was not very well. I love the outfit because it is authentic, but the umbrella doesn't fit into your scenery. But I liked your idea about the runway in the park and pose was great :)
And here's your photo:

Maleen122: You really gave your best, without doubt, but next time please be more quick because I was about going crazy because the jury had to decide but you were not ready. But let's forget it. This was really your week! I never thought that you would do it, I really didn't believe in you, but since last week I do! This was super. Your Vampire Shoot was breath-taking, and your NY Outfit was the best. I also liked the Haute Couture Dress at your Catwalk task, the pose was awesome, but... where was the runway?! This was just like a beauty-shooting. This was not so good...
Anyway, you have shown me that you are very changeable and that you can be a topmodel!
Here's your photo:

And now it's time... the moment I will announce the 3 lucky girls who will be our finalists. Who will be in? Who?! You all deserved it, but for one of you is 'Rafael's Next Top Model' now over.
The first one who has still the chance for the title is...
Candyfloss_girl! Congratulations, you did it, you are in the finale!!

And the next one is...
Avniarisha! Yay, welcome in the finals! *wohoo*

Two girls are left. Maleen or Vanessa? This is the big moment where we'll see who of you has still the chance to fight for the title. You both did an amazing job. And you have fighten for more than 15 weeks and now one of you is the third person in the big finale. I will now announce this person, this one name.
Who is it? Vanessa or Maleen? Maleen or Vanessa? This one person is...

Maleen122!!! Congratulations, you really deserved it. ;D
Dear Nessy, don't be disappointed, you were outstanding. I mean, at first you were this shy, average girl, and now you are a changeable, confident and a wonderful model. You can really be proud of you because you made it into the semi-finale! I know you will do your way *mwah!*

This is it, we have our finalists! Watch out because the big finale starts in a few hours. xoxo Rafael

Sunday, May 15

Semi-Finale + RNTM Backstage Magazine

I wanted to post that yesterday, but Blogger had a technical problem (I think you've noticed that) and I was terribly busy with school...
Anyway, this week is very important. I think everybody is excited about the semi-finale!!
In two weeks, RNTM will come to an end because there is the last decission... the finale show!
Only 3 people will come into the finale, and we really want to see what you've learned here after more than 3 months.

You got 3 tasks to do:
1) You know I told ya that there will be a catwalk challenge soon. Now this is it! I want you to see how you can perform on the catwalk. Please include a pose if possible! (Candyfloss_girl has done it very well with her DIY dress on the catwalk last week, so look at her photo and get inspired)
It can be a scenery, from your album or a pic edited with photoshop, as long as you send us the link to your photo in a comment!!

2) There is also a photoshooting to do. A Vampire Shooting!! Dress up in a black or dark red dress and get into a sexy pose, the backround should be dark and scary. Surprise us! ;D
It should be a scenery, but it can also be uploaded on tinypic. Please also send us the link in a comment!

3) It's about an outfit...imagine you are in New York and it's a rainy afternoon. What will you wear? Please create an outfit that you would take on a rainy day in NY. Take a screenshot and send us the link in comments!

Deadline: Sunday, May 22

Please be punctual. We know that this is much, but we wanna tickle out your talent, we really want to see what you can create! Please be punctual because the finale is in two weeks and we can't wait for anybody!!

Oh and there's something else: The first ever issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine has been released. Click >here< to read it. Hope you'll enjoy it! (between it's my album xD)
Stay tuned, Rafael

Friday, May 13

7th Elimination

It's time...
You know we got to decide who comes into the semi-finale.
Who has still got the chance to win Rafael's Next Top Model?
Who has still the chance to win 200 stardollars? Who is still able to fight for the title, to win a modeling contract with ROUGE Magazine, Spice Couture and Sugar Modeling Agency??
 So, let's start:

maleen122: You know last week was a total disaster! That was really nothing and I would have kicked you out if I wouldn't believe in your talent. So, there's one question: Did you use your second chance? I tell you: YES, you did! That was totally awesome, you were the best this week, I loved your butterfly outfit and the answer was wow! As I would say it on German "Du hast den Vogel abgeschossen, maleen!" Welcome in the semi-finale!

Candyfloss_girl: Last week wasn't really your week. But this week was great! Your outfit was beautiful and the way you presented it on the catwalk was perfect! Also to you a big welcome in the next round!

N.E.S.S.Y.X.D.: Vanessa, you are one of the best contestants here, and you prove it week for week. This week was also excellent. Your dress was gorgeous! Welcome in the semi-final!

Petzgirl98: Dear Lila, I didn't find your photo, you promised me to do it but there was nothing! You know what this means.. I told you all what happens if you are not punctual and it would be unfair to give you last chance when I know that the others lapped you! And I do not think that you want it anymore. Sorry, but your fight for the title has been quit. Thanks for being here, we wish ya all the best. Don't worry, you are the 8th place of 20 finalists.

Avniarisha: I must say your answer was good but I expected something different at your scenery. I really thought this would be worse, don't ask me why, because you were awesome!! I love this dress, welcome in the semi-finale!

So, 4 places are gone, 1 place remains. And who did it? Angi, Melissa or Vivien?

sweety-Melissa4: Well, I must say your answer to the question was good... but it didn't stand out of the crowd. And your outfit was.. to be honest, it was nothing. It was AVERAGE! And we do not search for Rafael's next average model, we want Rafael's Next TOP Model. And we know that you are bautiful and talented, but we are waiting for this moment where we say "wow, that's awesome". And I am really waiting for nothing: I cannot afford it to wait and wait and eliminate models who are better than you. This means you are eliminated. I am really sorry, but you can be proud of yourself! You came really far, and you are a great 7th place ;D
We wish ya all the best for the future!

angix33: Last week... you know, that was not good. Maleen used her second chance, now what about you? Angi, this challenge was good, but not your best, and I expected more. Angi, I do not think that you really gave 100%. Your outfit was good, but it didn't stand out, but the answer was good. But the answer just counts 40%, and the outfit 60%!! But... we give you a last chance because we know you can do it. Please do not let us down, or otherwise...

Vivien..: This means you are eliminated. I am sooooo sorry, because you were one of my favorites. But your outfit was average, the answer was good, but... it was not enough. Last week you were on of the best and this week... But don't be too sad, you are the 6th of over 25 girls who applied (actually there were even more than 30 who applied, but there were these few fake applications which I do not count).
All th best for your future ;D

This is it, the semi-finalists are maleen122, Candyfloss_girl, N.E.S.S.Y.X.D., Avniarisha and angix33!
The challenge will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned!
xoxo Rafi101

Wednesday, May 4

7th Challenge

Here's the new Challenge!
Do you know the DIY Outfits? Ya know like a top made of teddies or a dress made of I don't know, flowers or pillows and things like that.
So this will be your task!

Create your own "Do it yourself" Outfit. It should be a dress, but it can made of anything (but avoid clothes, use furniture or something else)! You can do it in a scenery or in your suite, just send me the link in a comment!!
And when you comment, you also have to answer to this question:
"What do you think is more important at a model casting? How you look (your outfit, make-up, etc.) or your personality?"

Deadline: 11th of Wednesday, 2011

Please be punctual. Don't forget, the final is in 3 weeks! This time 2 or 3 contestants will be eliminated. It is sad, but true, we need to rush because this Cycle is coming to an end very soon.
Stay tuned, your Rafi101