Monday, May 23

The Big Finale (Part 1)

This is it... Cycle 2 is coming to an end! Our 3 wonderful finalists Jewel, Maleen and Shayma are fighting for the title "Rafael's Next Top Model".
After all that time I am glad that we will find the winner, it was really exciting, wasn't it? But this is not the end...
3 tasks are waiting for you to be done. Give your best because it is about your chance to establish in the model world! And here are the Challenges:

1) Create a scenery at Topmodels.Club. There is a black backround, you are standing in the middle and the spotlight is on you! It'll be the winner scenery which will be used on the Club's homepage after the finale.
Imporntant: Be yourself!

2) The second task is a little Photoshoot!^^ We wanna see your commercial side. Create a scenery; the backround should be light, and you need to wear a girly outfit. The main thing is that you wanna "sell" a perfume. So the perfume should be the main thing in your whole campaign. If you don't like perfume, it can be a shoe. xD
Just surprise us. Important: Be commercial!

3) You need to present high fashion. I know this isn't easy, but it's important, though. This time it can be a scenery, but also a photoshop-edited picture. This time it must be a runway with an audience!! It must be Haute Couture. You should use a gown and sky heels. Please no DIY dresses! Include a pose!
Important: Be elegant/editorial!

UPDATE: Deadline: May 27, 2011!

Give your best. Don't forget to send us the link of task 2 and 3 in a comment. I wish you good luck!
Now to the viewers, followers and the audience:
You can vote now for your favorite contestant!!!!!
Click on the Tab "Vote for your Fave", read through the rules and vote!
See ya at the big finale! xoxo Rafi101


maleen122 said...

First :D
1. Challenge - you've already seen it, it's at the sceneries
2. My sceneries, here you go:
(Personaly my favourite of ALL i've done here =) )

GOOD LUCK! This is IT! THE moment we've all have been waiting for.. here it is! So excited!

Shayma said...

MY catwalk challenge