Sunday, May 15

Semi-Finale + RNTM Backstage Magazine

I wanted to post that yesterday, but Blogger had a technical problem (I think you've noticed that) and I was terribly busy with school...
Anyway, this week is very important. I think everybody is excited about the semi-finale!!
In two weeks, RNTM will come to an end because there is the last decission... the finale show!
Only 3 people will come into the finale, and we really want to see what you've learned here after more than 3 months.

You got 3 tasks to do:
1) You know I told ya that there will be a catwalk challenge soon. Now this is it! I want you to see how you can perform on the catwalk. Please include a pose if possible! (Candyfloss_girl has done it very well with her DIY dress on the catwalk last week, so look at her photo and get inspired)
It can be a scenery, from your album or a pic edited with photoshop, as long as you send us the link to your photo in a comment!!

2) There is also a photoshooting to do. A Vampire Shooting!! Dress up in a black or dark red dress and get into a sexy pose, the backround should be dark and scary. Surprise us! ;D
It should be a scenery, but it can also be uploaded on tinypic. Please also send us the link in a comment!

3) It's about an outfit...imagine you are in New York and it's a rainy afternoon. What will you wear? Please create an outfit that you would take on a rainy day in NY. Take a screenshot and send us the link in comments!

Deadline: Sunday, May 22

Please be punctual. We know that this is much, but we wanna tickle out your talent, we really want to see what you can create! Please be punctual because the finale is in two weeks and we can't wait for anybody!!

Oh and there's something else: The first ever issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine has been released. Click >here< to read it. Hope you'll enjoy it! (between it's my album xD)
Stay tuned, Rafael


Avniarisha/Jewel said...

Wow!So I can use Photoshop to edit my image! :O Awesome♥

Shayma said...

done the vampire task :) check it out in ym sceneries ;D

Shayma said...

My new york task :
my vampire task:
My catwalk task:

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

Catwalk Task:
Vampire Photo Shoot Task:

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

New York Outfit:

Anonymous said...

Heey Here's N.E.S.S.Y.X.D.
Here are my tasks
1.Vampire Task ;
2.Rainy New York Task
3.Catwalk Task

Hope u like it

maleen122 said...

This time, I really tried to nail it - thats why it took me a while =)
1. Catwalk Task
I tried to take a risk with haute couture - and as you know, there, the poses aren't that strong.
You can find it under my sceneries:
2. Vampire Task
Very hard, because I had almost nothing to do with vampires! Tried my best C:
3. Rainy NY Task:
Totally NY style, yellow and blue as a combination seen in Gossip Girl AND in Ugly Betty :D

GOOD LUCK to all the others
Fingers crossed,
yours, maleen122 <3