Wednesday, May 4

7th Challenge

Here's the new Challenge!
Do you know the DIY Outfits? Ya know like a top made of teddies or a dress made of I don't know, flowers or pillows and things like that.
So this will be your task!

Create your own "Do it yourself" Outfit. It should be a dress, but it can made of anything (but avoid clothes, use furniture or something else)! You can do it in a scenery or in your suite, just send me the link in a comment!!
And when you comment, you also have to answer to this question:
"What do you think is more important at a model casting? How you look (your outfit, make-up, etc.) or your personality?"

Deadline: 11th of Wednesday, 2011

Please be punctual. Don't forget, the final is in 3 weeks! This time 2 or 3 contestants will be eliminated. It is sad, but true, we need to rush because this Cycle is coming to an end very soon.
Stay tuned, your Rafi101


angix33 said... grüße angix33 ;)

Shayma said... Hope you like it ;) My answer: In a model casting I think that they are both vitally important, and so I would care about my makeup and clothes of course but I would also want tobring out my personality using facial expressions and gestures (:

angix33 said...

important is for me, how you present on a casting! when you are not do what they want from you you can go home.. they cant see your personality in 2 minutes so you must look good

maleen122 said...
Here you go <3
Good Luck to aaaall the others =)
Personality. Because, they have many stylists, cool clothes etc. So actually its more important - your personality. Because if you have a good heart, your smile will look way better =)
If you are a meany beautyqueen.. and you have a cold smile.. no job =)
Love, maleen122

Vivien.. said...

thats my diy outfit i try it ( i am nonss anymor why this i can´t buy every items i want for the style :/ )[/IMG]

Answer to the question:
I think both are very important. For both you should stay natural. One should be careful when styling to be dressed pretty basic terms, so the jury sees your real character and not until later in the job that you had not fit into the picture, what you are looking for. You should also achtren on the make-up, which is to act naturally that means the best or nothing powder and mascara. Since then provides the jury only what they can still make out of you.
It is also important personality as seen by whether the person in the picture, what the jury will fit the job and whether you can meet.
At least that is my own opinion (:

loves Vivien..

Melissa...^^ said...

What do you is more important at a model casting? How you look (your outfit, make-up, etc.) or your personality?

At a model casting the most impotant for me is to be myself and be a memorable person. I am wearing fashionable clothes that i feel comfortable in them! My personality? There is no question you must be yourself!!!

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

What do you think is more important at a model casting? How you look (your outfit, make-up, etc.) or your personality?

I would say personality! Why? I think a girl's personality defines her style. This is a bit like one of them relationship questions,"do you choose people by their personality or looks?".I've seen modelling photo-shoots being shot and I must say,a girl can have a good fashion sense(although it's mostly the make-up artists and stylists that do the girl's clothes to be ready for the photo shoot right?),if a girl has a lazy or boring personality and cannot do the poses or do the fashion industry justice then there is just no point of the fashion!

elisavetdella said...
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