Friday, May 13

7th Elimination

It's time...
You know we got to decide who comes into the semi-finale.
Who has still got the chance to win Rafael's Next Top Model?
Who has still the chance to win 200 stardollars? Who is still able to fight for the title, to win a modeling contract with ROUGE Magazine, Spice Couture and Sugar Modeling Agency??
 So, let's start:

maleen122: You know last week was a total disaster! That was really nothing and I would have kicked you out if I wouldn't believe in your talent. So, there's one question: Did you use your second chance? I tell you: YES, you did! That was totally awesome, you were the best this week, I loved your butterfly outfit and the answer was wow! As I would say it on German "Du hast den Vogel abgeschossen, maleen!" Welcome in the semi-finale!

Candyfloss_girl: Last week wasn't really your week. But this week was great! Your outfit was beautiful and the way you presented it on the catwalk was perfect! Also to you a big welcome in the next round!

N.E.S.S.Y.X.D.: Vanessa, you are one of the best contestants here, and you prove it week for week. This week was also excellent. Your dress was gorgeous! Welcome in the semi-final!

Petzgirl98: Dear Lila, I didn't find your photo, you promised me to do it but there was nothing! You know what this means.. I told you all what happens if you are not punctual and it would be unfair to give you last chance when I know that the others lapped you! And I do not think that you want it anymore. Sorry, but your fight for the title has been quit. Thanks for being here, we wish ya all the best. Don't worry, you are the 8th place of 20 finalists.

Avniarisha: I must say your answer was good but I expected something different at your scenery. I really thought this would be worse, don't ask me why, because you were awesome!! I love this dress, welcome in the semi-finale!

So, 4 places are gone, 1 place remains. And who did it? Angi, Melissa or Vivien?

sweety-Melissa4: Well, I must say your answer to the question was good... but it didn't stand out of the crowd. And your outfit was.. to be honest, it was nothing. It was AVERAGE! And we do not search for Rafael's next average model, we want Rafael's Next TOP Model. And we know that you are bautiful and talented, but we are waiting for this moment where we say "wow, that's awesome". And I am really waiting for nothing: I cannot afford it to wait and wait and eliminate models who are better than you. This means you are eliminated. I am really sorry, but you can be proud of yourself! You came really far, and you are a great 7th place ;D
We wish ya all the best for the future!

angix33: Last week... you know, that was not good. Maleen used her second chance, now what about you? Angi, this challenge was good, but not your best, and I expected more. Angi, I do not think that you really gave 100%. Your outfit was good, but it didn't stand out, but the answer was good. But the answer just counts 40%, and the outfit 60%!! But... we give you a last chance because we know you can do it. Please do not let us down, or otherwise...

Vivien..: This means you are eliminated. I am sooooo sorry, because you were one of my favorites. But your outfit was average, the answer was good, but... it was not enough. Last week you were on of the best and this week... But don't be too sad, you are the 6th of over 25 girls who applied (actually there were even more than 30 who applied, but there were these few fake applications which I do not count).
All th best for your future ;D

This is it, the semi-finalists are maleen122, Candyfloss_girl, N.E.S.S.Y.X.D., Avniarisha and angix33!
The challenge will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned!
xoxo Rafi101

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