Tuesday, May 29

The Great Finale (Part 1)

It's Finale!!! Whoop :D
I'm so excited, what about you? There is a lot waiting for you: Three different tasks, one thrilling elimination ceremony and of course the great show at the end of the Finale. In this show, there will be the Top 13 catwalk, the announcement of the winner on the big screen and some awesome surprises are waiting for you, too. So give your best because it is the most important week of all.

As you know only one of you will be Rafael's Next Top Model. Only one of you will be on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine. Only one of you will get an exclusive modeling contract with Spice Couture. Only one of you will be on the front-page-scenery of Topmodels.Club. Only one of you will win a modeling spot as well as an interview for Stardoll Crown Magazine. Only one of you will win 200 stardollars! And only one of you will win a contract with Sparkle Model Management connected to many modeling jobs and interviews.

By the way, I have a special announcement for our followers:
I have some interesting new for everybody who is interested in getting a Wild Card for Cycle 5! After the finale you are able to apply for a wild card. We'll pick 5 the applicants who'll have to create an outfit to a certain theme. We'll choose the winner at a party. More information will follow soon.
Okay, let's go. The three tasks for this week are...

1. Topmodels.Club Winner Photoshoot

It's the annual photoshoot for Topmodels.Club - it's simple but very important. The scenery of the winner will be front-page-scenery of the club for half a year, this means it will stay there until the new RNTM is found.
The tasks for my dear finalists: Create a club scenery at Topmodels.Club. It should be a simple black background, your are standing in the middle and all spotlights are shining on you! We want to see what you would do if you were the winner... Would you pose for the cameras? Would you cheer? Would you hold your prizes high up and grin? Would it rain rose petals and  confetti?
Just be creative and show us how you would react if you were announced as the winner. It's like photographing the moment you realize that you won. Save the scenery in the club and please also make a screenshot and upload it on imgur.com!

2. Emotion Photoshoot

We want to see your changeability! How versatilely are you?? You are going to take 3 photos where you showing the following emoitions: Joy, Anger & Sadness.
It should be simple headshots where you may use your hands for posing (for example; touching your face or putting your hand on your head, and so on..). The backgrounds should be in one simple color:
Joy --> Yellow or light green background
Anger --> Red background
Sadness --> Blue or gray background
You are allowed to use graphic programs to edit the pictures. Give your best because every photo should be an eye-catcher!! ;)




3. The Runway

We want to see what you have learnt in those 15 weeks! On fashion shows or fashion weeks you often have to change the outfit. On stardoll a model usually wears one or sometimes two outfits in a fashion show. Now imagine you are at a fashion week (for example TTT Fashion Week) and you have to model one RTW outfit and one Couture dress.
And this will be your task! Present us two outfits: one RTW outfit and one high fashion dress.
The RTW should be street chic. This means it should contain a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, high heels and maybe a skirt. Present this dress on the catwalk - be joyful, edgy and sexy.
The high fashion dress should be a long couture dress in pastel tones (mint green, beige, ...). Present this ít on the catwalk gracefully and elegantly.

Now this are your tasks! Upload everything as always on imgur.com and send us the link in a comment. When you comment, please also write a little text about what you've learnt in this contest, what modeling means to you and what you would do it you would win RNTM.
I wish everybody of you tons of luck!! Stay tuned.

Deadline: Sunday, June 3

xoxo Rafael

Monday, May 28

7th Elimination - Who will be a finalist?!

Hey guys! Sorry, I'm a bit late but I've been busily doing the commercials, the spoiler  and some other graphics. And I want to let you know that BellaCullen4210 couldn't judge this week. Anyway, this is it, we've reached the moment where we'll chose our finalists! Exciting, huh? ;)
So let's start right away, there's a lot to say...
First I will write a few words to you in general, then I'll give you the feed-back (what the judges said as well as the results of the voting) and then I'll tell you if you are a finalist or not...
By the way, 56 persons votet for our 5 contestants!

SchnuffiPups: Wow, I'm really impressed! When you applied at RNTM I thought "Yeah, she looks nice, but she's too commercial, she won't stay for long." And now look at you. You've improved so much. Although you aren't the most talented girl of all you've always given your best. You've changed into a versatilely pretty girl!
Out of 56 votes, you received 11%. That's not very much, but it's okay...
Your mermaid shoot was very nice. I liked the way you tried to bend the fish tail. The fin looks a too little and a bit weird, it reminds me of Nemo's fin (from Finding Nemo). But the colors and the quality of the photo are very good!

Let's talk about your commercial - The make-up was amazing! The colors, the blush, everything was well done. I also liked the hair very much although Maria said that she didn't like the hair at all because it didn't fit the look. The slogan was also a nice idea. Let's have a look at your advertising spot...

I think you look pretty gorgeous, don't you think? The Victoria's Secret Walk was like "OMG! Ist that her!?"
Sheyla, the wings couldn't have been bigger, and the lingerie was very sexy. What we didn't like so much were the legs. To me it looked like you couldn't really do the catwalk because the shoes didn't fit or the wings were too big.

What can I say? Have you improved that much to become a finalist? Sheyla, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait. You'll find out the final decision at the end of the post. ;)

19Sara99: Oh Sara, you look so pretty. Jasmin always tells me this when she talks about you. And it's true - you are very beautiful, versatilely and talented. At the beginning you always were one of the best. And getting closer to the finale you've become better and better and better and ... then it stopped. The improvement stopped at the 6th Challenge. It was a big disappointement to see that you were one of the worst!
Like Sheyla, you've received 11% of all votes. Isn't that much, is it?
Sara, now I can that you got very strong again. That mermaid task was sooooooo amazing! It was one of the best. Marie and I loved the way you tried to make it look different. The doll was swimming through dark cold water - as it really is in the deep sea! The pose was good and your doll really looked very stunnning. I mean look at that fish tail! It makes me wanna say "Holy mama, this is hot!". Oh, I just did it. :D

Your commercial was quite okay, but not that good. Comparing to your mermaid photo it was really average. Let's have a look at the video...

At the beginning of the video it says You look too plain? You don't know how to stand out of the crowd? STOP! It's time to set a statement.
This really didn't set a statement because the make-up looked too plain. At least that's my mind. Maria und Marie liked your make-up.
Your Victoria's Secret Walk was also quite disappointing. There was no proper catwalk, you didn't use a pose and the outfit was too simple. The wings were quite okay, but we all just didn't get the Wow-it's-lingerie-from-Victoria's-Secret-feeling, you know?

I'm sorry but you also have to wait for the final decision...

Dreamiiiii: Wow, Alina I'm very proud of you. After Sheyla you've made one of the biggest transformations here at RNTM. At first we all didn't really notice you. You were too average and you blent into the crowd. When you reached the Top 13 you also wanted to give up and drop out of competition. But then you decided right, you didn't leave and you got better in every task, in every week. Climbing up to the top - will you reach it???
Out of 56 votes you got 25% which is quite a lot!!
The mermaid photoshoot was very good. You looked like one of the beautiful GNTM models, the color of the fish tail was very pretty and the hair looked gorgeous. Maria said that the tail looked too stiff (Oh god this sounds so perverted) and I must agree. I personally didn't like the right hand, it looked very weird. Nevertheless it's a great photo although it isn't the best.

The commercial was done very well! The make-up looked colorful and daring and the hair looked edgy. Although the whole look is very extravagant it's still commercial, which perfectly fits the advertising spot...

Without doubt, you look very good in these kinds of commercials. Jasmin said that you were the best at the make-up task!
Your catwalk à la Victoria's Secret was so amazing. I recognized that bra, it was modeled by Miranda Kerr and it costs about 1 million dollars!

Wow, you really haven't disappointed us. And I guess you really qualified yourself for the finale. I guess there's no way to stop you.
Alina, you are our first finalist! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

darleen..: What can I say? Darleen you were always one of my favorite contestants here. At this you were quite good, but then you really showed us your talent, you got better and better. You also got "winner of the week" until the improvement stopped. Like Sara you got stuck at the 6th Challenge. We were really disappointed, but we gave you another chance. Now the question is: Have you used your chance? Have you made it into the finale?
The audience didn't really vote that much for you - you also got 11% out of all votes!
I must say, this week you disappointed us a bit.. again! The mermaid photoshoot looked very weird although the look of your doll was very nice. Maria actually liked that thing of collage. She said it looks interesting and daringly different, it's just not properly done.

The commercial was quite okay, but it really looked too plain and too average. I liked the slogan, but I guess that's it. Darleen, less sometimes isn't more...

You still look good in this spot. But I really did my best to make you look good. :)
The Victoria's Secret Walk was... oh, what am I talking about?? There was no catwalk, there was no pose, and the outfit was messed up. The quality was bad, too.

I don't know what it is. At the burning-house photoshoot and you really showed us your talent, and when you presented us your DIY outfit on the runway you convinced us that you have modeling qualities. But now something went wrong. I mean you can be tough, edgy and high fashion. But you can't really be commercial or sexy. Maybe you aren't that versatilely as we thought at the beginning?
And we just think that you've reached your limits.......
Darleen.... I'm sorry.... but this is the end of your journey. You are eliminated. I'm very sorry, but don't be sad, you really can be proud of yourself that you've come to far. You've reached the 5th place out of 40 applications! I wish you all the best for your modeling career and your future. Bye ;*

mathildamath: Cathy, you are a mystery to me. Somehow I didn't really notice you at the beginning. How could I ever not notice you?! Through the weeks you've improved a lot and you got better and better. The last 3 weeks you've always been one of the best. Last week you also got "winner of the week". Will you become it again? Or will you become the winner of the whole cycle?
Who knows, but now I can tell you that you've got by far the most of all votes - 42% voted for you! That's pretty impressing.
The mermaid photo was breath-taking. It was funny, edgy, misterious, sexy, daring, fishy, and so on...
It's amazing, you've done the best mermaid photo of them all. Maria said that you really have big potential for becoming a Topmodel although she would have appreciated if your doll was in the water. I guess we all can agree that you've done a great job!

The commercial was also very impressing. We judged the first entry. The make-up was colorful, detailed and very pretty. I really loooooove your slogan. It's so funny because of the two meanings. "Make-Up, Not War" - On the one hand it means making peace and on the other hand it just means make-up. I love that idea! xD
So let's have a look at your spot...

It would be a great commercial to watch on TV. Now we're coming to your catwalk à la Victoria's Secret...
You looked like a goddess, like a Venus, like a real Topmodel. Maria said it reminded her of the Dessous-Shooting she did for Stardoll Crown Magazine. All judges said that this was the best task of all! It really looks lovely, the only thing you could have done better is the pose. You were standing there at the end of the runway, completely stiff and just fluttering around with your bands. I've never seen a VS model walking down the runway sexily and then standing stiff at the at, smiling into the camera, fluttering a bit with the train or the wings and then walking back sexily. Would be confusing. Anyway, here is your stunning runway task:

I'm very proud of you and I'm glad to tell you that you'll get a ticket for the finale! Congratulations!!
Oh and I have some more good news for you... you'll be again our winner of the week. Congrats, you deserved it. ;)

Bottom 2:
There are still two girls, but I only got ONE ticket for the finale left. One last opportunity, one last place, one last chance...
Sheyla and Sara, you are the last two girls waiting for the decision. And this decision really really has been very hard. Both of you received 11% of the votes.
Sara, you have an international look and a beautiful face. Sheyla, you've improved so much and you made such a big transformation! But we only can take one more girl into the finale. One of you still got the chance to become Rafael's Next Top Model. *sigh*
The decision was very difficult, and it was so hard to decide for one of you. But the decision is made. The last ticket for the finale goes to...............................................................................................
SHEYLA!!! Congratulations!! You really deserved it, you've put so much effort into your work, and we thought we should reward that.
Dear dear Sara, I'm so sorry that it wasn't enough for the finale. Thank you so much for being part of RNTM, you've been an awesome contestant. Best of luck for your future! The following song is for you. ;)

Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

Monday, May 21

Semi-Finals + Voting!

Hey guys!
Before I start the post, here are the prizes for Cathy, our winner of the week!
- You'll be the model of the RNTM Spoiler for the Finale! It's and ad which I'll post on all the blogs I'm writing for and hopefully my Media Partners will do it, too. And you'll be our Spoilermodel, congrats!
- You can choose anything from the gift shop that costs up to 15sd / 150sc! Just tell me via guestbook and I'll buy it for you.

This is the 15th week and we've reached the semi-finals. It's incredible!
At first, I'd like to say that we'll keep our followers involved. This week the decision is made by the judges AND the audience, both decisions count 50%.

Dear viewers and followers, now it's up to you!
There's a poll in the side-bar. Simply vote for your favorite contestant and that's how it works. You've got time to vote until Saturday, May 26 (23.59h, GMT +1). The poll will close automatically after the deadline. So don't miss it to vote for your favorite!!!

For the contestants:
This week there are three tasks to do! The tasks are...

1. Mermaid Photoshoot
Last year, in Cycle 3, we've done an Underwater Shooting. But this year, we'll do it a little different, like I did in a scenery which I made a long time ago...

As you can see, this time you are going to be mermaids! You'll have to create a scenery where your doll will be posing as a mermaid. Your doll can swim underwater or pose in front of the beach, whatever you prefer! You my use graphic programs at this task.
Germany's Next Topmodel also did a photoshoot on the same theme, so you may take them as inspiration. But please notice that in your scenery you should NOT pose on dead fish, just do as I said. What I mean is that you can take the look of the mermaids as an inspiration. ;)

Dominique at the Mermaids Photoshoot

Kasia at the Mermaids Photoshoot

Luisa at the Mermaids Photoshoot

2. Commercial
We are celebrating a premier! For the first time in the history of RNTM (and probably in the history of all stardollian modeling competitions) we'll do an advertising spot! It will be a commercial for dot for about 20 seconds, with an introducing of the product (which is dot) and in the end there'll be your part - Your doll, wearing the finest make-up, and a slogan which will be made up by you.
This means: You'll have to create a stunning make-up, but you're only allowed to use make-up from dot. It should be a headshot! If it's possible, your doll should be on a white backround. Then think over a slogan for the final part of the commercial. Write the slogan in a comment when you send us the tasks!
I will show you all the finished commericals at the elimination ceremony.

3. Catwalk à la Victoria's Secret
Everybody knows it - everybody loves it! Sexy lingerie from Vitoria's Secret makes a woman a woman. Only the elite of all Supermodels around the world are allowed to walk for this show. The models on the runway look sexy, confident, strong, very happy and they always have a big smile in their face.
And that's what we want to see from you! We want you to rock the catwalk - strong, confident and sexy. You may wear any Victoria's-Secret-Outfit you like, just make sure you don't forget the wings, capes or trains as they are usual for the Vitoria's Secret fashion shows! ;)
At this task you are allowed to use graphic programs, of course. Take the following pictures as an inspiration...

Jessica Stam Model Jessica Stam walks the runway during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held at the Kodak Theatre on November 16, 2006 in Hollywood, California. The show will be broadcast December 5, 2006 on CBS.

Adriana Lima Models walk the runway at the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York City.

Best of luck for the challenge. Give your best!
By the way, as I already told you yesterday at the elimination ceremony, Topmodel Maria will be a guest judge for this week. But also runner-up of Cycle 3, BellaCullen4210, will be a guest judge.

Deadline: Saturday, May 26

Upload all your tasks on imgur.com and send us the links (as well as the slogan for the 2nd task) in a comment!!
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, May 20

6th Elimination!

Oh my, the time has passed so quickly. I can't believe it that 14 weeks have passed. The semi-finals are about to begin, but only 5 of you may reach it. One of you has to leave us...
By the way, Maria couldn't judge this week, so she'll be our guest judge next week! :)

SchnuffiPups: Sheyla, you cannot imagine how much you've surprised us! You've really improved a lot. The hair, the roses and the pose were awesome. Well, the left arm look a little weird, but that's okay. All in one, your photo looked very sexy, sensual but also a little innocent. Jasmin said your task looked average, but Marie and I were amazed when we saw your photo the first time! Sheyla, you can be really proud of you. I mean I've never ever thought that you would make it that far. And I'm very happy to tell you that you are the first person who is in the semi-finals! Congratulations!!
MaryChristmas11: Dear Anna, we were a little disappointed when we saw your photo. I mean the pose was quite good... well, the idea was good. But the whole picture looked liked your body is sinking into the roses and you only can see parts of the body, which made your doll look very skinny. Anna, I'm sorry but right now I can't tell if you are in the next round or not. You'll have to wait...
Dreamiiiii: Wow, Alina you've done such a stunning task! The pose, the hair, the rose petals... awesome! I just didn't like the right hand because I only could see the fingers, the rest of the hand was "burried" in the rose petals. Marie and Jasmin said your picture was perfect. And I can just say that you've done an amazing job, you looked very sexy and sensual. In fact, you were on of the best this week. Maybe also the best? I can't tell you now, but at this moment I'd like to tell you that you are the second person who is in the semi-finals! Congratulations!! ;)
darleen..: Ooof... Darleen, we all were a little disappointed. You told me that this task should be something special, something unique. Yeah, it was unique, but more in a negative way. I mean, I loved your idea, covering the boobs with your long hair, but the pose looked so strange, and the quality wasn't good either. Marie said it was very average, but Jasy and I thought it was even worse. And I feel very sorry for that because last week you have been the best. Oh dear. You weren't the worst of all, but at first I didn't know if it still will be enough for the semi-finals. Me and the other judges discussed quite long, until we came to the following decision................ This wasn't your week, that's true, but we truly see a lot of potential in you. We believe that you can do better than that, and you've always given your best and you have always been so good .Therefore we'll give you the chance to fight for the title. Welcome in the semi-finals!!!!
19Sara99: What can I say... this was definitely not your best work. I understand that you had a rush, but the task is just so ... I don't even know how to describe it. All the rose petals were falling down and so we could see your underwear. Okay, when you look closer at the picture of Sara Nuru which I gave as an example, you can also see a part of her underwear because the petals fell off, too. But in your case there were just very few petals, I mean really very few petals. But comparing to Darleen, the quality was much better, the pose was okay. Sara, I can't tell you the decision right now, this means you'll also have to wait.
mathildamath: Oh my gosh, Cathy you are brilliant! We were sooooo amazed by your breath-taking photo. The pose was great, you looked sensual, edgy and very sexy. In my opinion it was a little too sexy because there were only 2 (!!!) rose petals on your right breast. Nevertheless it was one of the best tasks. Especially Jasmin liked it very much. Cathy, you are improving very much the last time and I'm very happy to tell you that you are in the semi-finals! Congrats!! :D

Bottom 2:
Sara vs. Anna - who will get a ticket for the semi-finals?!
It was a very hard decision, and after a long time of dicussing we've made a decision. The last ticket for the semi-finals goes to.....

19Sara99! Congratulations!
Anna, I'm sorry but you are eliminated. Thank you so much for being here. All the best for your future!

Before I close the elimination ceremony, I'd like to announce the winner of the week. This will be mathildamath. Congratulations, I'll post your prizes tomorrow.
The next task is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

Monday, May 14

6th Challenge

The new week started, so it's time for a new challenge. Before I give you the instructions for the task, here are the prizes for Darleen, our current "winner of the week":
- A modeling feature + a little article in the RNTM Backstage Magazine
- A pillow designed by Stardoll-Lotto

This week's task will be a photoshoot inspired by American Beauty. You'll have to do a scenery, your doll needs to lie on a sea of red roses, wearing nothing but rose petals.  This means your doll will be (nearly) completely naked, only the breast and the hips - the parts you certainly want to keep hidden - will be covered with rose petals. The picture should be sensual and esthetic. Take the following pictures as inspiration...

There was also a similar photoshoot in Cycle 4 of Germany's Next Topmodel. So you can also take their photos as an inspiration!

Sarina Nowak at the American Beauty photoshoot

Sara Nuru at the American Beauty photoshoot

Mandy Bork at the American Beauty photoshoot

Graphic programs are allowed, of course. (But please only use them if you are practiced enough...)
This task might be a little tricky, but please give your best! Remember, this is the 14th week, the finale is just around the corner and we'll choose 5 girls for the semi-finals this weekend!
Upload your task, as always, on imgur.com and write the link in a comment.

Deadline: Saturday, May 19th!

By the way, Topmodel Maria (winner of Cycle 3) will be a co-judge for this week!!!
Best of luck to all of you for this week. Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, May 13

5th Elimination

Hey guys! It's time for the elimination ceremony of the week. And you know what? We are really getting closer to the finale. Next weekend we will already choose the contestants for the semi-finals!
I'll start with the feed-back and at the end of the post I will announce the "winner of the week".
So let's start off...

So first of all I want to tell you that Anubis-Fan1999 is eliminated as she didn't do the task. We wish her all the best for her future.

darleen..: Your DIY outfit was simple, but very impressing. At first I thought it was a dress you bought in the starplaza, but then I realized those were table-clothes and carpets. It looked very very good. Your photo also looked quite amazing - it was cool, edgy and tough. We all were a fan of your stunning photo, especially me and Jasmin! Darleen, you have very good chances to become the winner of the week. But for now, I wanna tell you that you are in the next round. Congratulations!
MaryChristmas11: The DIY task was pretty great, I loved that Victoria's-Secret-inspired outfit (I've also seen it at GNTM). It looked very gorgeous. The photoshoot was also very good. Jasmin said it was okay, but it still looked very edgy. Well, Anna, you did a great job. There's nothing I can say else. Welcome in the next round!
SchnuffiPups: Shela, your DIY outfit was quite okay, but the way you presented it on the catwalk looked very strange. When I first saw it, I thought you were a person who sells popcorn at the circus. But don't worry, I also have good news for you: Your photo was very good, it looked like you really are afraid of the fire, but it also looked tough. Shela, please remind to always give 100%  if you want to reach the finale! For this time, you are in the next round. Good luck for the next challenge!
Dreamiiiii: Alina, I really like your outfit. Especially how you managed to do the shoes. I know that it is very difficult to do the shoes on your own, that's why I always allow to use real shoes for DIY outfits. But I'm glad you've tried it, and the result is amazing. Marie was a huge fan of your outfit and the shoes! The photoshoot was also good, Jasmin said it is one of the best. I personally think it was average, though. Nevertheless you had a very good week and I think you deserve a place in the next round! Congratulations ;)
lisididi1: Well, your DIY outfit was quite okay, it wasn't really the best, but it still looked good. What I didn't like was your photoshoot. It was very weak. But Marie means that she knows you can do better. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... what shall we do with you? I gotta tell you that you still have to wait for a little moment before I tell you our decision.
19Sara99: Sara, I understand that your doll has been deleted, and it's okay. You'll stay in the competition. So let's judge your tasks:  The scenery wasn't really a scenery, it was more like a graphic, but maybe it's because of the fire (as I allowed you to use graphic programs for the fire). Anyway, the photo looked very tough, edgy and sexy. Your DIY task(s) was (were) lovely - both of them. We've decided to judge your second outfit as you said you'll pick this as the official entry. I personally liked the first outfit better, but the second one was also very good. I looked so girly and yummy, it actually made me hungry. Sara, your work wasn't the the best, but you still had a good week. Therefore you are in the next round. Congratulations!
mathildamath: We understand why you entered so late this week, real-life goes first. Your photo looked so awesome, it was very sexy, edgy, hot and cool at the same time and tough. All judges were a fan of your photo. And your DIY outfit was so detailed, it looked amazing! But you were very very late, that's true...

Bottom 2:
Lisa and Catherine, you are our last two girls for this elimination ceremony. Cathy, although you were so late, you deserve to get into the next round to fight for the title, because you did an awesome job. And it would be really unfair if you get eliminated. Welcome in the next round! ;D
Lisa, I'm very sorry but this means you are out. This time you were too average, and we think that you've reached your limits. It was great having you here, please don't be sad. Be proud of yourself that you've come so far. All the best for yoru future!

Oh, and now I want to announce the winner of the week. It is...
darleen..!! Congratulations, you've really really really deserved it, in our opinion you had the best week. I'll tell you the prize tomorrow when I post the new task. Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

Sunday, May 6

5th Challenge!

[The reason why this post is comming so late is because I had to re-write the post as it got deleted
before I could even post it -.-]

So before I give you the instructions for the new task, I'll announce the winner of the week. And this will be... Dreamiiiii! Congratulations, you've won an interview for the german blog Stardoll Crown as well as a modeling job for an advertisement for Spice Couture (the ad willl appear in June 2012).

Now I also want to tell you that the official Opener for Cycle 4 has been released. Watch it on our Videos site.

For the 5th challenge, you've got to do two tasks. Here are the instructions...
  • The (in-)famous DIY task: You all know "Do-it-yourself" outfits, right? Well, this is your first task. Create a dress by just using random stuff like furniture, plants, ...
    It can be anything exept clothes from the Starplaza or your closet!! Present that dress on the catwalk and try to do a pose. You may use a graphic program for the catwalk, of course. (If you aren't a practiced graphic-designer, I would prefer if you will do it in a scenery.)
    Take the followin pictures as inspiration ;)

Candyfloss_girl (Shayma) from Cycle 2
BellaCullen4210 (Cindy) from Cycle 3
__mariah__ (Maria) from Cycle 3

  •  Your second task is about a photoshoot! We wanna see your sexy and edgy side. So create a scenery where you jump out of a burning house. You have to wear black, sexy and edgy clothes. The scenery has to look dangerous, and please don't forget a pose! At this task, graphic programs are ONLY allowed for adding some fire!!!
    This task is inspired by Episode 9 of the recent season of Germany's next Topmodel (Cycle 7). It should look like this:


Laura at the Burning Hut  photoshoot.

Upload both tasks on imgur.com (please only on imgur!!!) and write the link in a comment.
Deadline: Saturday, May 12th
Good luck and stay tuned!!
xoxo Rafael 

Thursday, May 3

4th Elimination!

Hey girls!
Today is another elimination ceremony, and two contestants are going to be eliminated. So let's see who has made onto the next level. We'll start with the critic and the advice and then we'll tell you who is in the next round.

Anubis-Fan1999: Nazli... I really don't want to start this elimination ceremony with a bad critic. I must say I was a little disappointed because I gave you a new chance, a new try, and you really didn't use this chance. Alright, your task wasn't sooo bad. When we judges were discussing you were neither named as one of the best nor as one of the worst. Your task looked a little messed up, and it wasn't a scenery, it was a graphic! I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until I tell if you are in the next round or not...
Schnuffi-Pups: Your also looked way too much like a graphic, but at least the backround looked like a scenery. You were not bad, but you also weren't one of the best. In fact, you are very average. But I personally really liked about your task is the make-up and your outfit. I just really really hope that you will surprise us and show us another side of you, I hope you'll show us your sexy and editorial side at the next challenge. Welcome in the next round! ;)
lisididi1: Lisa, I really liked your task, it looked very good. You also had a confident attitude and the outfit looked sooo deliciously stunning. But I also have bad news for your... I'm not the only judge in this competition. And Jasmin, one of my two co-judges, didn't like your task at all. She said it looked ridiculous!
Well to my mind your photo didn't look ridiculous at all, although the hair was too girly. Lisa, I hope you can convince Jasmin next time. Welcome in the next round!
19Sara99: Sara, that was an awesome task. You were on of the best and your dress looked gorgeous. In my opinion it was a bit too dark. So, please continue like this and keep the good work. And you got big chances to become winner of the week! Congratulations, you're in the next round.
MaryChristmas11: When I first saw your task, I thought your SD name should have been MaryPoppins11. The outfit was a mix of high fashion and 60's glamour. In fact we all liked it very much, so welcome in the next round. ;)
mathildamath: Oh Catherine, we all liked your task very much and Jasmin said to me you were one of the two best contestants. I personally like your task, but the 'heaven' looked so weird. The outfit wasn't much of high fashion, but it still looked great. Hopefully we'll also see your dark and sexy side next week. Congratulations!
luzy11: What was that? Luzy, your task wasn't high fashion at all! We all wondered what happened. The last weeks you've been quite good, but never one of the best. And now you've been real bad. Luzy, I'm sorry to tell you but you also have to wait for the final decision. You are in the Bottom 2.
Dreamiiiii: WOW! Alina, you really surprised us a lot. Nobody of us expected that, your task was amazing. You just were a little late, nevertheless you've got good chances to become winner of the week. Congratulations you are in the next round!
darleen..: Well your task was okay, it wasn't one of the best but still good. I hope you'll improve at the next task. ;)
silly-millie: Millie, my dear Millie. When I discovered you at that party during the auditions I was really amazed by your strenght, your confidence and your powerful look. You really looked like a real lady to me. But I'm very disappointed because until now you haven't really been able to show us your talent. Your task was one of the worst and you also were too late. I guess you reached your limits. I'm very sorry but you'll have to leave us. We wish you all the best for your future.

Bottom 2:
Anubis-Fan1999 vs. luzy11
Nazli, again you are one of the 2 worst contestants. What's wrong? I mean your task wasn't bad, but it didn't stand out. Luzy, I'm also disappointed. You kind of missed the task, I think you haven't really understood the meaning of the challenge. It should be high fashion, it should be strong and confident. And I really didn't understand why you wrote some song lyrics there. Jasmin, Marie and I made a decision. And the decision is... Luzy, I'm sorry but you are eliminated.
Nazli, this means you are in the next round, but this is your last chance. Please improve and use your chance!!!

Alright, the next task will be posted tomorrow. I'm also going to announce the winner of the week tomorrow (sorry but you'll have to wait about that). Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael