Sunday, May 20

6th Elimination!

Oh my, the time has passed so quickly. I can't believe it that 14 weeks have passed. The semi-finals are about to begin, but only 5 of you may reach it. One of you has to leave us...
By the way, Maria couldn't judge this week, so she'll be our guest judge next week! :)

SchnuffiPups: Sheyla, you cannot imagine how much you've surprised us! You've really improved a lot. The hair, the roses and the pose were awesome. Well, the left arm look a little weird, but that's okay. All in one, your photo looked very sexy, sensual but also a little innocent. Jasmin said your task looked average, but Marie and I were amazed when we saw your photo the first time! Sheyla, you can be really proud of you. I mean I've never ever thought that you would make it that far. And I'm very happy to tell you that you are the first person who is in the semi-finals! Congratulations!!
MaryChristmas11: Dear Anna, we were a little disappointed when we saw your photo. I mean the pose was quite good... well, the idea was good. But the whole picture looked liked your body is sinking into the roses and you only can see parts of the body, which made your doll look very skinny. Anna, I'm sorry but right now I can't tell if you are in the next round or not. You'll have to wait...
Dreamiiiii: Wow, Alina you've done such a stunning task! The pose, the hair, the rose petals... awesome! I just didn't like the right hand because I only could see the fingers, the rest of the hand was "burried" in the rose petals. Marie and Jasmin said your picture was perfect. And I can just say that you've done an amazing job, you looked very sexy and sensual. In fact, you were on of the best this week. Maybe also the best? I can't tell you now, but at this moment I'd like to tell you that you are the second person who is in the semi-finals! Congratulations!! ;)
darleen..: Ooof... Darleen, we all were a little disappointed. You told me that this task should be something special, something unique. Yeah, it was unique, but more in a negative way. I mean, I loved your idea, covering the boobs with your long hair, but the pose looked so strange, and the quality wasn't good either. Marie said it was very average, but Jasy and I thought it was even worse. And I feel very sorry for that because last week you have been the best. Oh dear. You weren't the worst of all, but at first I didn't know if it still will be enough for the semi-finals. Me and the other judges discussed quite long, until we came to the following decision................ This wasn't your week, that's true, but we truly see a lot of potential in you. We believe that you can do better than that, and you've always given your best and you have always been so good .Therefore we'll give you the chance to fight for the title. Welcome in the semi-finals!!!!
19Sara99: What can I say... this was definitely not your best work. I understand that you had a rush, but the task is just so ... I don't even know how to describe it. All the rose petals were falling down and so we could see your underwear. Okay, when you look closer at the picture of Sara Nuru which I gave as an example, you can also see a part of her underwear because the petals fell off, too. But in your case there were just very few petals, I mean really very few petals. But comparing to Darleen, the quality was much better, the pose was okay. Sara, I can't tell you the decision right now, this means you'll also have to wait.
mathildamath: Oh my gosh, Cathy you are brilliant! We were sooooo amazed by your breath-taking photo. The pose was great, you looked sensual, edgy and very sexy. In my opinion it was a little too sexy because there were only 2 (!!!) rose petals on your right breast. Nevertheless it was one of the best tasks. Especially Jasmin liked it very much. Cathy, you are improving very much the last time and I'm very happy to tell you that you are in the semi-finals! Congrats!! :D

Bottom 2:
Sara vs. Anna - who will get a ticket for the semi-finals?!
It was a very hard decision, and after a long time of dicussing we've made a decision. The last ticket for the semi-finals goes to.....

19Sara99! Congratulations!
Anna, I'm sorry but you are eliminated. Thank you so much for being here. All the best for your future!

Before I close the elimination ceremony, I'd like to announce the winner of the week. This will be mathildamath. Congratulations, I'll post your prizes tomorrow.
The next task is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael


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