Monday, May 14

6th Challenge

The new week started, so it's time for a new challenge. Before I give you the instructions for the task, here are the prizes for Darleen, our current "winner of the week":
- A modeling feature + a little article in the RNTM Backstage Magazine
- A pillow designed by Stardoll-Lotto

This week's task will be a photoshoot inspired by American Beauty. You'll have to do a scenery, your doll needs to lie on a sea of red roses, wearing nothing but rose petals.  This means your doll will be (nearly) completely naked, only the breast and the hips - the parts you certainly want to keep hidden - will be covered with rose petals. The picture should be sensual and esthetic. Take the following pictures as inspiration...

There was also a similar photoshoot in Cycle 4 of Germany's Next Topmodel. So you can also take their photos as an inspiration!

Sarina Nowak at the American Beauty photoshoot

Sara Nuru at the American Beauty photoshoot

Mandy Bork at the American Beauty photoshoot

Graphic programs are allowed, of course. (But please only use them if you are practiced enough...)
This task might be a little tricky, but please give your best! Remember, this is the 14th week, the finale is just around the corner and we'll choose 5 girls for the semi-finals this weekend!
Upload your task, as always, on and write the link in a comment.

Deadline: Saturday, May 19th!

By the way, Topmodel Maria (winner of Cycle 3) will be a co-judge for this week!!!
Best of luck to all of you for this week. Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael


She.♥La said...

I gave my best (:
//♥ SchnuffiPups

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I hope you like it..

Kiss and Hugs MaryChristmas/Anna

Dreamiiiii said...

Heres my entry. I did my best :)

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Anonymous said...

19Sara99 ^^

Catherine Cérise said...

I've really had problems uploading it... And it's definitely the best thing I've ever done *sarcasm off*

xoxo Cathy

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