Thursday, May 3

4th Elimination!

Hey girls!
Today is another elimination ceremony, and two contestants are going to be eliminated. So let's see who has made onto the next level. We'll start with the critic and the advice and then we'll tell you who is in the next round.

Anubis-Fan1999: Nazli... I really don't want to start this elimination ceremony with a bad critic. I must say I was a little disappointed because I gave you a new chance, a new try, and you really didn't use this chance. Alright, your task wasn't sooo bad. When we judges were discussing you were neither named as one of the best nor as one of the worst. Your task looked a little messed up, and it wasn't a scenery, it was a graphic! I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until I tell if you are in the next round or not...
Schnuffi-Pups: Your also looked way too much like a graphic, but at least the backround looked like a scenery. You were not bad, but you also weren't one of the best. In fact, you are very average. But I personally really liked about your task is the make-up and your outfit. I just really really hope that you will surprise us and show us another side of you, I hope you'll show us your sexy and editorial side at the next challenge. Welcome in the next round! ;)
lisididi1: Lisa, I really liked your task, it looked very good. You also had a confident attitude and the outfit looked sooo deliciously stunning. But I also have bad news for your... I'm not the only judge in this competition. And Jasmin, one of my two co-judges, didn't like your task at all. She said it looked ridiculous!
Well to my mind your photo didn't look ridiculous at all, although the hair was too girly. Lisa, I hope you can convince Jasmin next time. Welcome in the next round!
19Sara99: Sara, that was an awesome task. You were on of the best and your dress looked gorgeous. In my opinion it was a bit too dark. So, please continue like this and keep the good work. And you got big chances to become winner of the week! Congratulations, you're in the next round.
MaryChristmas11: When I first saw your task, I thought your SD name should have been MaryPoppins11. The outfit was a mix of high fashion and 60's glamour. In fact we all liked it very much, so welcome in the next round. ;)
mathildamath: Oh Catherine, we all liked your task very much and Jasmin said to me you were one of the two best contestants. I personally like your task, but the 'heaven' looked so weird. The outfit wasn't much of high fashion, but it still looked great. Hopefully we'll also see your dark and sexy side next week. Congratulations!
luzy11: What was that? Luzy, your task wasn't high fashion at all! We all wondered what happened. The last weeks you've been quite good, but never one of the best. And now you've been real bad. Luzy, I'm sorry to tell you but you also have to wait for the final decision. You are in the Bottom 2.
Dreamiiiii: WOW! Alina, you really surprised us a lot. Nobody of us expected that, your task was amazing. You just were a little late, nevertheless you've got good chances to become winner of the week. Congratulations you are in the next round!
darleen..: Well your task was okay, it wasn't one of the best but still good. I hope you'll improve at the next task. ;)
silly-millie: Millie, my dear Millie. When I discovered you at that party during the auditions I was really amazed by your strenght, your confidence and your powerful look. You really looked like a real lady to me. But I'm very disappointed because until now you haven't really been able to show us your talent. Your task was one of the worst and you also were too late. I guess you reached your limits. I'm very sorry but you'll have to leave us. We wish you all the best for your future.

Bottom 2:
Anubis-Fan1999 vs. luzy11
Nazli, again you are one of the 2 worst contestants. What's wrong? I mean your task wasn't bad, but it didn't stand out. Luzy, I'm also disappointed. You kind of missed the task, I think you haven't really understood the meaning of the challenge. It should be high fashion, it should be strong and confident. And I really didn't understand why you wrote some song lyrics there. Jasmin, Marie and I made a decision. And the decision is... Luzy, I'm sorry but you are eliminated.
Nazli, this means you are in the next round, but this is your last chance. Please improve and use your chance!!!

Alright, the next task will be posted tomorrow. I'm also going to announce the winner of the week tomorrow (sorry but you'll have to wait about that). Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

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Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@Anonymous: Why am I a meanie? That's just the decision of the judges.