Sunday, May 6

5th Challenge!

[The reason why this post is comming so late is because I had to re-write the post as it got deleted
before I could even post it -.-]

So before I give you the instructions for the new task, I'll announce the winner of the week. And this will be... Dreamiiiii! Congratulations, you've won an interview for the german blog Stardoll Crown as well as a modeling job for an advertisement for Spice Couture (the ad willl appear in June 2012).

Now I also want to tell you that the official Opener for Cycle 4 has been released. Watch it on our Videos site.

For the 5th challenge, you've got to do two tasks. Here are the instructions...
  • The (in-)famous DIY task: You all know "Do-it-yourself" outfits, right? Well, this is your first task. Create a dress by just using random stuff like furniture, plants, ...
    It can be anything exept clothes from the Starplaza or your closet!! Present that dress on the catwalk and try to do a pose. You may use a graphic program for the catwalk, of course. (If you aren't a practiced graphic-designer, I would prefer if you will do it in a scenery.)
    Take the followin pictures as inspiration ;)

Candyfloss_girl (Shayma) from Cycle 2
BellaCullen4210 (Cindy) from Cycle 3
__mariah__ (Maria) from Cycle 3

  •  Your second task is about a photoshoot! We wanna see your sexy and edgy side. So create a scenery where you jump out of a burning house. You have to wear black, sexy and edgy clothes. The scenery has to look dangerous, and please don't forget a pose! At this task, graphic programs are ONLY allowed for adding some fire!!!
    This task is inspired by Episode 9 of the recent season of Germany's next Topmodel (Cycle 7). It should look like this:


Laura at the Burning Hut  photoshoot.

Upload both tasks on (please only on imgur!!!) and write the link in a comment.
Deadline: Saturday, May 12th
Good luck and stay tuned!!
xoxo Rafael 


Anonymous said...

i think that´s really not fair.
dreamiiiii made her task too late and then gets model of the week?
that´s just unfair.

MaryChristmas11 said...

for the second task..

We can do a pose,can`t we?

( I mean not the normal pose..)

Anonymous said...
i use red carpets and white tableclothes for the outfit.

i hope you like it.


Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@MaryChristmas: Well you SHOULD do a pose ;)

MaryChristmas11 said...


Here are my tasks!

The DIY- Task:

I saw the example from mariah and than ..I thougt OMG I´ve got the perfect idea.. A walk from the Germanys Nex topmodel cycle 7... watch the picture and than I hope you know what I mean..

My second Task:

Kiss Anna

Lisa // lisididi1 :) said...

My first szenery is finished. You can find it at my szeneries, it is called Fächer-Mode because of the ´Fächer´ ( don´t know the english word^^) I think its a new idea an i thik its ok. Hope you like it! 2nd szenery comes at an other time :D

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I think I know why Dreamiiiiii is the winner of the week: Because 19Sara99's doll got deleted!
Oh, Rafi, will Sara leave the competition now?? :OO

She.♥La said...

//♥ SchnuffiPups

Dreamiiiii said...

Here are my 2 tasks:

Lisa // lisididi1 :) said...
Hope you like it ;)

Catherine Cérise said...

Since I have been chosen to participate in USD Survivor-Fashion Edition 2 I sadly didn't have time for the task. During the week I had been busy with school exams, yesterday I worked the whole day on the USD graphic and today I went to the university for an information day. I am sorry for that but unfortunately, I can't send in my entries for this week's challenge. If it means that I am eliminated, it was fun to be in the competition although there were some long breaks between the tasks.

xoxo Cathy

Anonymous said...

da ich erst eben bemerkt habe,dass lisididi1 auch fächer für ihr outfit genommen hat (und ich ihr nicht nachmachen wollte ;) ) habe ich ein zweites outfit aus zuckerwatten kreiert. ^^


Catherine Cérise said...

Thank you for the possibility to do it :)

here's my second task. I concentrated on looking edgy and sexy and on the fire. In my opinion, the scenery looked even more dangerous with a black background so that the flames are visible. And I absolutely had no interior to create a house from :D
Here's the link:

xoxo Cathy

Catherine Cérise said...

And here's my first task: