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7th Elimination - Who will be a finalist?!

Hey guys! Sorry, I'm a bit late but I've been busily doing the commercials, the spoiler  and some other graphics. And I want to let you know that BellaCullen4210 couldn't judge this week. Anyway, this is it, we've reached the moment where we'll chose our finalists! Exciting, huh? ;)
So let's start right away, there's a lot to say...
First I will write a few words to you in general, then I'll give you the feed-back (what the judges said as well as the results of the voting) and then I'll tell you if you are a finalist or not...
By the way, 56 persons votet for our 5 contestants!

SchnuffiPups: Wow, I'm really impressed! When you applied at RNTM I thought "Yeah, she looks nice, but she's too commercial, she won't stay for long." And now look at you. You've improved so much. Although you aren't the most talented girl of all you've always given your best. You've changed into a versatilely pretty girl!
Out of 56 votes, you received 11%. That's not very much, but it's okay...
Your mermaid shoot was very nice. I liked the way you tried to bend the fish tail. The fin looks a too little and a bit weird, it reminds me of Nemo's fin (from Finding Nemo). But the colors and the quality of the photo are very good!

Let's talk about your commercial - The make-up was amazing! The colors, the blush, everything was well done. I also liked the hair very much although Maria said that she didn't like the hair at all because it didn't fit the look. The slogan was also a nice idea. Let's have a look at your advertising spot...

I think you look pretty gorgeous, don't you think? The Victoria's Secret Walk was like "OMG! Ist that her!?"
Sheyla, the wings couldn't have been bigger, and the lingerie was very sexy. What we didn't like so much were the legs. To me it looked like you couldn't really do the catwalk because the shoes didn't fit or the wings were too big.

What can I say? Have you improved that much to become a finalist? Sheyla, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait. You'll find out the final decision at the end of the post. ;)

19Sara99: Oh Sara, you look so pretty. Jasmin always tells me this when she talks about you. And it's true - you are very beautiful, versatilely and talented. At the beginning you always were one of the best. And getting closer to the finale you've become better and better and better and ... then it stopped. The improvement stopped at the 6th Challenge. It was a big disappointement to see that you were one of the worst!
Like Sheyla, you've received 11% of all votes. Isn't that much, is it?
Sara, now I can that you got very strong again. That mermaid task was sooooooo amazing! It was one of the best. Marie and I loved the way you tried to make it look different. The doll was swimming through dark cold water - as it really is in the deep sea! The pose was good and your doll really looked very stunnning. I mean look at that fish tail! It makes me wanna say "Holy mama, this is hot!". Oh, I just did it. :D

Your commercial was quite okay, but not that good. Comparing to your mermaid photo it was really average. Let's have a look at the video...

At the beginning of the video it says You look too plain? You don't know how to stand out of the crowd? STOP! It's time to set a statement.
This really didn't set a statement because the make-up looked too plain. At least that's my mind. Maria und Marie liked your make-up.
Your Victoria's Secret Walk was also quite disappointing. There was no proper catwalk, you didn't use a pose and the outfit was too simple. The wings were quite okay, but we all just didn't get the Wow-it's-lingerie-from-Victoria's-Secret-feeling, you know?

I'm sorry but you also have to wait for the final decision...

Dreamiiiii: Wow, Alina I'm very proud of you. After Sheyla you've made one of the biggest transformations here at RNTM. At first we all didn't really notice you. You were too average and you blent into the crowd. When you reached the Top 13 you also wanted to give up and drop out of competition. But then you decided right, you didn't leave and you got better in every task, in every week. Climbing up to the top - will you reach it???
Out of 56 votes you got 25% which is quite a lot!!
The mermaid photoshoot was very good. You looked like one of the beautiful GNTM models, the color of the fish tail was very pretty and the hair looked gorgeous. Maria said that the tail looked too stiff (Oh god this sounds so perverted) and I must agree. I personally didn't like the right hand, it looked very weird. Nevertheless it's a great photo although it isn't the best.

The commercial was done very well! The make-up looked colorful and daring and the hair looked edgy. Although the whole look is very extravagant it's still commercial, which perfectly fits the advertising spot...

Without doubt, you look very good in these kinds of commercials. Jasmin said that you were the best at the make-up task!
Your catwalk à la Victoria's Secret was so amazing. I recognized that bra, it was modeled by Miranda Kerr and it costs about 1 million dollars!

Wow, you really haven't disappointed us. And I guess you really qualified yourself for the finale. I guess there's no way to stop you.
Alina, you are our first finalist! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

darleen..: What can I say? Darleen you were always one of my favorite contestants here. At this you were quite good, but then you really showed us your talent, you got better and better. You also got "winner of the week" until the improvement stopped. Like Sara you got stuck at the 6th Challenge. We were really disappointed, but we gave you another chance. Now the question is: Have you used your chance? Have you made it into the finale?
The audience didn't really vote that much for you - you also got 11% out of all votes!
I must say, this week you disappointed us a bit.. again! The mermaid photoshoot looked very weird although the look of your doll was very nice. Maria actually liked that thing of collage. She said it looks interesting and daringly different, it's just not properly done.

The commercial was quite okay, but it really looked too plain and too average. I liked the slogan, but I guess that's it. Darleen, less sometimes isn't more...

You still look good in this spot. But I really did my best to make you look good. :)
The Victoria's Secret Walk was... oh, what am I talking about?? There was no catwalk, there was no pose, and the outfit was messed up. The quality was bad, too.

I don't know what it is. At the burning-house photoshoot and you really showed us your talent, and when you presented us your DIY outfit on the runway you convinced us that you have modeling qualities. But now something went wrong. I mean you can be tough, edgy and high fashion. But you can't really be commercial or sexy. Maybe you aren't that versatilely as we thought at the beginning?
And we just think that you've reached your limits.......
Darleen.... I'm sorry.... but this is the end of your journey. You are eliminated. I'm very sorry, but don't be sad, you really can be proud of yourself that you've come to far. You've reached the 5th place out of 40 applications! I wish you all the best for your modeling career and your future. Bye ;*

mathildamath: Cathy, you are a mystery to me. Somehow I didn't really notice you at the beginning. How could I ever not notice you?! Through the weeks you've improved a lot and you got better and better. The last 3 weeks you've always been one of the best. Last week you also got "winner of the week". Will you become it again? Or will you become the winner of the whole cycle?
Who knows, but now I can tell you that you've got by far the most of all votes - 42% voted for you! That's pretty impressing.
The mermaid photo was breath-taking. It was funny, edgy, misterious, sexy, daring, fishy, and so on...
It's amazing, you've done the best mermaid photo of them all. Maria said that you really have big potential for becoming a Topmodel although she would have appreciated if your doll was in the water. I guess we all can agree that you've done a great job!

The commercial was also very impressing. We judged the first entry. The make-up was colorful, detailed and very pretty. I really loooooove your slogan. It's so funny because of the two meanings. "Make-Up, Not War" - On the one hand it means making peace and on the other hand it just means make-up. I love that idea! xD
So let's have a look at your spot...

It would be a great commercial to watch on TV. Now we're coming to your catwalk à la Victoria's Secret...
You looked like a goddess, like a Venus, like a real Topmodel. Maria said it reminded her of the Dessous-Shooting she did for Stardoll Crown Magazine. All judges said that this was the best task of all! It really looks lovely, the only thing you could have done better is the pose. You were standing there at the end of the runway, completely stiff and just fluttering around with your bands. I've never seen a VS model walking down the runway sexily and then standing stiff at the at, smiling into the camera, fluttering a bit with the train or the wings and then walking back sexily. Would be confusing. Anyway, here is your stunning runway task:

I'm very proud of you and I'm glad to tell you that you'll get a ticket for the finale! Congratulations!!
Oh and I have some more good news for you... you'll be again our winner of the week. Congrats, you deserved it. ;)

Bottom 2:
There are still two girls, but I only got ONE ticket for the finale left. One last opportunity, one last place, one last chance...
Sheyla and Sara, you are the last two girls waiting for the decision. And this decision really really has been very hard. Both of you received 11% of the votes.
Sara, you have an international look and a beautiful face. Sheyla, you've improved so much and you made such a big transformation! But we only can take one more girl into the finale. One of you still got the chance to become Rafael's Next Top Model. *sigh*
The decision was very difficult, and it was so hard to decide for one of you. But the decision is made. The last ticket for the finale goes to...............................................................................................
SHEYLA!!! Congratulations!! You really deserved it, you've put so much effort into your work, and we thought we should reward that.
Dear dear Sara, I'm so sorry that it wasn't enough for the finale. Thank you so much for being part of RNTM, you've been an awesome contestant. Best of luck for your future! The following song is for you. ;)

Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael


Catherine Cérise said...

Thank you ^-^

Dreamiiiii said...

thx :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it's fair that Mathildamath is winner of the week again... her task was too late again... her tasks are mostly too late so I don't think that it's fair.

Catherine Cérise said...

@Anonymous: My task was only too late one time due to school. I've posted the images in time, I just send the comment one (!) minute too late since my internet is a little slow.

xoxo Cathy

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: What are you talking about?! She actually has a real life and she always has been in time although she was always late.
And she just did a good job, anyway it's the decision of those 3 judges...