Sunday, May 13

5th Elimination

Hey guys! It's time for the elimination ceremony of the week. And you know what? We are really getting closer to the finale. Next weekend we will already choose the contestants for the semi-finals!
I'll start with the feed-back and at the end of the post I will announce the "winner of the week".
So let's start off...

So first of all I want to tell you that Anubis-Fan1999 is eliminated as she didn't do the task. We wish her all the best for her future.

darleen..: Your DIY outfit was simple, but very impressing. At first I thought it was a dress you bought in the starplaza, but then I realized those were table-clothes and carpets. It looked very very good. Your photo also looked quite amazing - it was cool, edgy and tough. We all were a fan of your stunning photo, especially me and Jasmin! Darleen, you have very good chances to become the winner of the week. But for now, I wanna tell you that you are in the next round. Congratulations!
MaryChristmas11: The DIY task was pretty great, I loved that Victoria's-Secret-inspired outfit (I've also seen it at GNTM). It looked very gorgeous. The photoshoot was also very good. Jasmin said it was okay, but it still looked very edgy. Well, Anna, you did a great job. There's nothing I can say else. Welcome in the next round!
SchnuffiPups: Shela, your DIY outfit was quite okay, but the way you presented it on the catwalk looked very strange. When I first saw it, I thought you were a person who sells popcorn at the circus. But don't worry, I also have good news for you: Your photo was very good, it looked like you really are afraid of the fire, but it also looked tough. Shela, please remind to always give 100%  if you want to reach the finale! For this time, you are in the next round. Good luck for the next challenge!
Dreamiiiii: Alina, I really like your outfit. Especially how you managed to do the shoes. I know that it is very difficult to do the shoes on your own, that's why I always allow to use real shoes for DIY outfits. But I'm glad you've tried it, and the result is amazing. Marie was a huge fan of your outfit and the shoes! The photoshoot was also good, Jasmin said it is one of the best. I personally think it was average, though. Nevertheless you had a very good week and I think you deserve a place in the next round! Congratulations ;)
lisididi1: Well, your DIY outfit was quite okay, it wasn't really the best, but it still looked good. What I didn't like was your photoshoot. It was very weak. But Marie means that she knows you can do better. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... what shall we do with you? I gotta tell you that you still have to wait for a little moment before I tell you our decision.
19Sara99: Sara, I understand that your doll has been deleted, and it's okay. You'll stay in the competition. So let's judge your tasks:  The scenery wasn't really a scenery, it was more like a graphic, but maybe it's because of the fire (as I allowed you to use graphic programs for the fire). Anyway, the photo looked very tough, edgy and sexy. Your DIY task(s) was (were) lovely - both of them. We've decided to judge your second outfit as you said you'll pick this as the official entry. I personally liked the first outfit better, but the second one was also very good. I looked so girly and yummy, it actually made me hungry. Sara, your work wasn't the the best, but you still had a good week. Therefore you are in the next round. Congratulations!
mathildamath: We understand why you entered so late this week, real-life goes first. Your photo looked so awesome, it was very sexy, edgy, hot and cool at the same time and tough. All judges were a fan of your photo. And your DIY outfit was so detailed, it looked amazing! But you were very very late, that's true...

Bottom 2:
Lisa and Catherine, you are our last two girls for this elimination ceremony. Cathy, although you were so late, you deserve to get into the next round to fight for the title, because you did an awesome job. And it would be really unfair if you get eliminated. Welcome in the next round! ;D
Lisa, I'm very sorry but this means you are out. This time you were too average, and we think that you've reached your limits. It was great having you here, please don't be sad. Be proud of yourself that you've come so far. All the best for yoru future!

Oh, and now I want to announce the winner of the week. It is...
darleen..!! Congratulations, you've really really really deserved it, in our opinion you had the best week. I'll tell you the prize tomorrow when I post the new task. Stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael

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