Wednesday, April 25

4th Challenge!

Heeeellow everybody!
Today it's time for a new challenge. As we are getting closer to the semi-finals, you should know that the tasks are going to be harder, so give your best to stand out of the crowd. Also, this week we'll crown our first winner of the week, so keep in mind that you could win a little prize.

Now I'll give you the instructions for this week's task. In the last elimination ceremony I told many of you to be more high fashion and editorial. So the theme for this task is "Fly to the Sky", based on the Photoshoot of GNTM Episode 6.
Now you have to create a scenery where you have to wear an high fashion dress (bought or self-made) in beige, mint green, ice blue or soft gold tones. No other colors allowed!! You should do a pose in the photoshoot, the backround can be either a skycraper or a cloudy sky. The scenery should look like the following photos:

Annabelle at the Fly to the sky photoshoot
© Germany's Next Topmodel

Sarah-Anessa at the Fly to the sky photoshoot
© Germany's Next Topmodel

Dominique at the Fly to the sky photoshoot
© Germany's Next Topmodel

© Eccentric Magazine

UPDATE: Graphic programs are of course allowed to edit some things and details about the pose, but it should not be a graphic, remember that it should be a scenery ;)

This time please ONLY upload it on because tinypic is causing many problems. Write the link in the comments. I wish you good luck for the challenge.


Anubis-Fan1999/Nazli said...

It taked a lot of time ;)
But i hope you like it..i like it :-)


She.♥La said...

It's my first try to do a pose, so i hope it's good enough (:
//♥ SchnuffiPups

Lisa // lisididi1 :) said...
Hoffe dir gefällts :)

19Sara99 said...


Anna♥ said...

I Hope you like it ^.^

xoxo Anna

Catherine Cérise said...

I hope you like it :) I used a graphic programm for the pose and some details.

Anonymous said...

here´s my link:
hope you like it

Dreamiiiii said...

this is my task
I hope you like it :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This is silly-millie here... sorry it's late!! took me all day so hope u like it judges :)